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Mr Bump. Classic Mini.

From Hell when it Rained, just wouldn't start, I think he was trying to tell me to park him in a garage..Can cars talk? or is it telepathy. After his new Paint Job. 1.0L Automatic. He did 0 to 60 in 3 days if the wind was behindhim going down a 1 in 10 hill.The best fun on four wheels.

Pictured here alongside the Grand Union Canal, Netherton Tunnel Branch, Tipton


I started studying CCNA September 2005. The course is running until May this year.

It is broken down into 4 terms Numbered 1 to 4. Each term is broken up into modules, at the end of each module you must complete the module exam. I did well in CCNA1 maintaining a 92% average throughout and in CCNA2 I managed more or less the same. I have been studying CCNA 3 for the past 5 weeks and am not doing so well.

I can't get to grips with the teaching material, although it is presented in the same style as the previous terms it just seems to be so much harder to digest. My grade average is at 79% which is still a passable rate, its just not as good as my previous scores. After I have completed the 4 CCNA class exams to be an Industry Standard CCNA I have to sit the Recognised exams.
There are two options, Intro plus ICND, or the CCNA exam. I will be sitting the CCNA this summer hopfully

So far on the end of term exams I have had good scores.
CCNA 1 was 93% 1st attempt. CCNA 2 was 76% first attem…

Some Things Never Change.

A walk along the Canal in Coseley. Took the dog out for a walk, my two boys came along. I have lots of memories of canals from when I was growing up. Most of them good, fishing, swimming, dredging, catching newts and sticklebacks.
Nowadays walking and cycling...

From all the memories I have, one stuck with me in particular. My first time to see a canal...
The reputation of canals was not a good one, dead dogs, shopping trolleys and loads of old crap was what I was expecting.. What I saw on my first ever peak over the side into a canal when I was ten years old was the burnt corpse of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier floating over a sunken shopping trolley. So you see it was true.

Walking along mindind my own business, what was in the canal amongst the rubbish and shopping trolleys? You guessed a dead dog. As I was saying some things don't change. I ask myself how did this dog end up dead in the canal. Its not the first and won't be the last I'm sure.
Here is how, mindless dead bea…

The Three Little Rare Bears

The boys, my three sons. As you can see the sulky teenager and his two brothers. They love having their picture taken........ NOT.

Cycling Saturday

Out on my bike at Cannock Chase Forest.

Weather was great albeit a bit cold though, have to keep moving to stop yourself freezing. In true style I fell off, got that little bit too confident, had a wobble and fell. I'm Ok though if you were wondering.... just a dent on my knee, (As if you care) had a good laugh at myself after though. Its a good route to ride, loads of downhill runs but of course you have to go up before you can come down so its not so easy. Gives you good workout and gets you nackered. A fantastic place to see, the route takes you off the beaten track through the forest for about 7 miles. I'm trying to get out on my bike as much as possible, practice makes perfect you see and when you are as unstable and wobbley as me you need all the practice you can get. Took some pictures with my mobile phone for the blog, so not the best quality..

Left: This is where I fell. Came off the middle plank, My wheel hit the log and I went over the handlebars and landed in the mud…