Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cycling Saturday

Out on my bike at Cannock Chase Forest.

Weather was great albeit a bit cold though, have to keep moving to stop yourself freezing.
In true style I fell off, got that little bit too confident, had a wobble and fell. I'm Ok though if you were wondering.... just a dent on my knee, (As if you care) had a good laugh at myself after though. Its a good route to ride, loads of downhill runs but of course you have to go up before you can come down so its not so easy. Gives you good workout and gets you nackered. A fantastic place to see, the route takes you off the beaten track through the forest for about 7 miles.
I'm trying to get out on my bike as much as possible, practice makes perfect you see and when you are as unstable and wobbley as me you need all the practice you can get.
Took some pictures with my mobile phone for the blog, so not the best quality..

Left: This is where I fell. Came off the middle plank, My wheel hit the log and I went over the handlebars and landed in the mud at the front of the picture. I know you don't have to say it... Next time go round, or walk..

Right: Let me introduce my friend and next door neighbour Chris, he's the one that didn't fall off.
Left: This is Haydn, Chris's son. As you can see from the picture it was icey.
Don't know why he's lying down though.

Right: This is me, I seem to have lost my bike, I have got one, honest! Taking a snack break and watching the other riders fall on the ice.
Left: One of the hills the track runs along the top in the tree line. You can just about make out the route up to the top. And believe it or not Haydn is in there somewhere riding up to the tree line. Next time I'll take a better camera. Thats it for this outing. I'm sure there will be more..

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