Friday, March 14, 2008

Do I look fat in this?

Indeed, you do..
How did this start? Being told my comments are derogatory even though I am usually asked for the very same comments. I look beautiful, I look sexy- you told me... Yes, I think you are beautiful and sexy but, when you tell me you ate all the chocky biscuits, and I say you look like a bonk oss! Doesn't mean you literally do look like a bonk oss, it means you'll get fat if you keep eatin all the biscuits. After all, I should know; I'm guilty of eating anything and everything. Have you seen my waistline of late?
I'm just fed up of being mis-understood. If I say something that offends or upsets you why not just tell me there and then and I'll try to explain. Instead though, you rare up at me and tell me how bad I am and how self-righteous I am. Well phewee... that's not my boggle. I couldn't care about being right over what you say. Keep things in context.
It's true what I say about my blog being an outlet for my thoughts. I feel better already... Most of what I am thinking I have shared and the burden is gone. By forgiving, these burdens are removed and sent to the bin where they belong. Even so.. I never thought that beliefs could be used against you in such a way to leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. It's just a test, I know that and I've past it. My faith remains even though you've tried to shatter it.
To someone who is looking in on this brief moment of life that I've decided to record here it will maybe seem quite bizarre, what I'm typing that is ... Who cares?
I do...
For anyone struggling with the term bonk oss.
A Bonk Oss is a Black Country term for the Horse on the canal bank used to pull the canal boats. To look like one you will need to eat five packs of biscuits in seven days and not give a single one to your husband..........
Keep smiling, it will keep you looking young.
God Bless

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