Saturday, April 25, 2009

Posts before this one...

They're all from my mobile so a wee bit pants. I need to get mail or MMS sorted on my phone so I can blog my events from the event. Next thing I do this year I'll have this sorted so, God willing my blog will be good... for once..

The previous blogs are from 'The Thatcham to Tipton' ride. Completed yesterday.... Another entry to follow with the real trip.... Thatcham to errrrr... Redditch, via Stratford, Banbury and Oxford.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Banana Stop

Day two, we're off to a really slow start. Too many gates and poor path ways making life hard, tow paths that are just lumps of grass mixed in with more lumps of something. :-) Not to worry though, soon on the national routes with flat surfaces.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day one complete

Oh well, we finally made it to the room. After a couple of detours in Oxford we put in the long hard slog to make up the last 20 miles. Its been a great day; the ride along the Thames is really tough though its on grass and dirt tracks that's really hard going. Tomorrow we have about 10 miles on
canal and the last 55 is on the national route no5 in to Redditch town and Terrys house for the finish.. Thats it I'm off to eat.

Half way lunch break

We're 32 miles into it, just ahead of Oxford on the Thames bank near RAF Benson; so have stopped off to eat. Egg mayo sandwitches, cereal bars and bananas. 25 miles to go until we get to the hotel. Happy days...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Updated the blog template so I can see if I get any followers. It's been about two years since I looked at what you can do with these blogs.. wow, how things have come along! When I started all this it was all in Beta version. Now you can all sorts of gadgets and gizmo's on here with editing the HTML like before. Cool. Bring on the good stuff, I might even add some pictures and colour in there.
What a day today has been, I've been to three church services.. One at St Barnabas with Josh, sticking, cutting and gluing, making all sorts of things. Then over to St Mary's to help out the ladies setting up for lunch, then to the Broadway with 'Churches together people' and finally back to St Mary's after lunch for the final hour.
I love Easter... It has new meaning to me. As part of life now it's the best celebration in the year.. dare I say it.. more so than Christmas... Today is a strange day remembering the Lords death and why the day is called good. That's because he died for us all, for our sins, if you didn't already know. Good Friday though, should be a day were we stop and take time for ourselves and get close to God. Tomorrow night brings the vigil, waiting for the Lord. all followed by Easter Sunday when we celebrate loudly and joyfully Christ being risen from the dead and overcoming death.
Sunday lunch will bring wine, coffee, meat, chocolate and all those things given up for lent.
I'll continue doing new things I have done this Lent.. Helping out at church mainly with welcoming and the Pathfinder teenage group.
Happy days.. All is good..

Notice I got a follower already? I didn't make him do it you know!

Out... Happy Easter..

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