Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Wonderland Talking Tree

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"Talking Tree"
(taken at Hyde Park)

A polar bear walked into a bar and asked for a Gin....
.... and Tonic.
The bear tender replies, that's fine but why the big paws.... Bum Bum

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Third time cardio version

Well here I am in Hospital again. Admitted last night having a reoccurrence of the heart complaint; Dilated cardiomyopathy, erratic heart beat and enlargement of the heart. An age old problem that keeps coming back to haunt me. Makes me feel I'll, really ill....
... Just signed 10:09am...
That's it, I'm signing off, all is good. I'm going down to have the cardio version, shock to the heart to give it back it's rhythm. See you on the other side, sorry I should have wrote more, there's just not enough time.
Out! :-)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011


Earlier this year I sat two interviews for a Team Leader Job and was
successful in being selected for the role. It turned out that it wasn't the
right thing for me to be doing and before time and effort on both sides was
wasted we parted company. I gained some more friends and experience and the
company believe it or not found an opportunity to re-model; happy days all
around. I was disappointed that the job hadn't worked out, but was able to
return to contracting to maintain my work life and income. A fortunate
position to be in!

Well, a few months on and I am feeling the need to return to work as an
employee. The security and sense of belonging is what I'm really looking for
so I applied last week for a position as Manager. It's a position I have
experience in, if only in an acting role and I believe it's what I need to
make me happy in my career once again. The problem I'm experiencing this
time around is confidence, or a lack of, I have the experience and skills
but feel so nervous and apprehensive going forward for the interview. That's
this Wednesday; I think I want the job so much that this is what's making me
worry. I try not to but can't help it.

Maybe it's a good thing and will help me keep things in perspective. I am
taught to take my troubles to the foot of the cross and hand them over to
Jesus. I do but as soon as I turn around, they're back. Questions in my mind
-" what will they ask? What if I can't answer? " You know, the usual things
one worries about before an important interview. As I'm writing this I'm
asking myself... What's your boggle? Get over it! I think I will, letting it
out here seems to help. Maybe that's good therapy for anyone feeling they
have a mountain to climb. Write it down and share it with others. You may
bore them to tears but eh oh!

I think I'm prepared enough, all the stuff I learned a few months back is
still in there bursting to get out. In the interview, talk 'I' not 'We',
sell to them my achievements and successes, or at least my part in them. I
have a story of when I dealt with two difficult employees, who at one point
really hated me. I think it was because of my age. Six months of constant
abuse from them but me never giving up on making a working relationship
possible really paid off. I gave them opportunity after opportunity, every
time they attempted to make me fail was always greeted with a smile and a
solution to the problem they perceived. When I think back I realise times
were hard but now count these guys as friends... Lets hope my experience
and tenacity will bring me through so I can announce a new job at the end of
it all...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Back from Tipton to the PCC

Just a quick entry.... The ride went well from The Midlands, I caught the flu, or should I say I caught man flu. The final leg from Oxford I did on the train, the riding was getting a bit too much and I just wasn't enjoying it. I cycled eighty miles on Friday and I think it took it's toll. A great few days with my pal Terry - we've cycled many miles together hopefully a few more very soon. 
I'll be back out on the bike Wednesday on Greenham common, night riding in the woods, if you're about on your mountain bike look me up... :-)
Attended the quarterly PCC meeting of St Marys church in Thatcham tonight and must say I left feeling like we're heading into an exciting new era for our Church. We're invited to have input into how we can make what's already good even better. Some changes and some continuations in what we do. Hopefully getting the church into the community much more and sharing the love of God. All ideas are welcome in making the church central to the lives of the folks of Thatcham...
Drop by if you can, take a look around, there's lots happening this week as part of Thatchams festival of Arts and Leisure..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sun, Sea & Cycling and some Hills Killer!

Back from a great weekend cycling at the Isle of Wight. Every year I take part in an event called the ‘Hills Killer with a mate from the Midlands. The event itself happens on a Sunday, usually the last in September, it’s really tough on the old bones, hence the name Killer. Twenty six miles off road biking, across seven of the largest hills on the island. This year was no different to any other; it took us ages to complete. Keep on talking, chatting and admiring the scenery, more like tourists than competitors. All was good in the end, you can see the route here.
Friday night was a night out in Sandown. Looked at a couple of places to go, all of them great if you’re about a thousand years old and can remember the crusades but not for me. Found a pub down a side street, it all went quiet when we walked in, folks don’t like strangers - like Thatcham on that score. As it was getting late and we were walking home I got to thinking it’s quite a warm evening. Looking across at the sea it started calling out to me in a soft sea like voice… saying “Paul, it’s so warm, come in”. Honest! It really did talk to me, or at least that’s my excuse. I walked across the sand to the water edge, took my kit off and went for a swim. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never done this before. In this here year of 2011 though, I made a new years resolution to do things I’ve never done before, well, this was certainly one of them. Whilst in the water there were parts of me getting very closely re-acquainted. It was Fr fr freezing. Highly recommended and very liberating though... Not sure if it’s legal.
Saturday was exploring day, I saw a picture of a beach on a website and thought it would be quite cool to visit. The picture showed a coast line at the bottom of a hill with a back drop of cliffs and a guy using a rope to edge down the slope on the way there. Rocken End, was the name of the place, looked Jurassic surrounded by huge cliffs and wooded areas.
We eventually found the place and discovered a path from the top of the hill going down through the trees, over streams and around rocks, so off we went to find this beach. After a while of following the path you could begin to hear the sea rolling onto the beach, there was a smell of breakfast being cooked too. A few more steps and there it was. Wow… I’ll say that again, Wow. It was awesome, a picture perfect beach stretching into the distance, well worth the long trek to get there.
There were a few people scattered about, surfers, guys fishing and some just sitting watching. We walked down past the others and found a spot to sit. A guy came by casting for fish from the beach; I’d never seen anyone catch from the beach until then when he landed a few mackerel. Five minutes later I was debating whether to swim, looking up at some cloud the sun finally broke through in all its glory. That’s when it happened! Folks started to take their tops off for sunbathing - I took mine off to go for a swim. I jumped in the water and swam out, on looking back I realised that the other folks on the beach didn’t stop at just their tops… they were naked… aaaargh, I was on a nudist beach. What are the odds?
Well, you should be getting to know me by now. When in Rome… do what the Romans do. Happy days with another first for the year…

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hand is back

Trip to the West Berks Hospital today to get the hand checked. As requested the bones were healed in three weeks not six. I believe the power of prayer and the Lord was at work there. Three X Rays bones back as they should be in record time. My wrist however still has a sprain, this I didn't know was going on under the cast. I've bought a weight lifter strap so I can give it some support now the cast is off. I'm desperate to get back on the bikes so I need it strong.
Got the Wolves marathon cycle then the the Hills Killer all followed by the Tipton to Thatcham ride. I gotta get back to it. I'm off up North to Newcastle for a couple of days now so will be without the bike, will have to step up the miles on my return to get ready, or my mate Mr T will be pushing me... With his boot!

That be the fixed hand... We'll not talk about the sprained wrist. In Jesus name it's days are numbered. Anyways, out. Good to be back at the blog.

Note to self. Thank God always. Remember you have a place for emptied thoughts. Amen ;-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Of all places to be again ...

Back in hospital, this time to get my arm fixed. After the bike crash on Sunday I've got to get my broken hand straightened and plastered. Not looking forward to it. Will teach me I suppose - to be a little more careful. I need someone to come help me fix the bike.. Any volunteers?
I sprained my wrist and broke my hand, folks tell me it will take six weeks to mend. That's not good I need to get that down to less time, prayer and old wives remedies I think. If you know what can help fix bones other than time and rest please let me know ... I'll be searching the internet later. I bet there are loads of things for sale but getting the one that works is the challenge.
I tried washing up last night but failed miserably, in the end I got Dominik round to help. You see he's a good lad when you give him opportunity to show it. We'll forget about the gang with golf clubs that came after him. :-(
I've not seen the this place this quiet for a while... Blood tests don't have a queue, can you believe :-) great little hospital though, just hope they're very gentle in the "we can fix your broken" department. That's it for now, I'll try to get pictures ... What you mean, why? I don't know, isn't that what we do in this modern age of electronic gadgetry ... Happy days - amen

Location:West Berks Community Hospital

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Time stops still...

Waiting for a plane from Brussels back to Heathrow. It's now 7:30 and the plane leaves at 9:30. What to do in an airport, I've looked at the shops, had food and a beer, even got the RayBans I was thinking on. Right now I'm stuck, two hours to go. I tried sitting here and talking to God, I just can't get with it. If I dedicate this blog to praying... Will it count? Time has stopped, I know it's not really but that's how it feels, I suppose I'm missing home and family. The boy has been on my mind today. I need to hand over the future for him and us to the Lord. I can't control it, I can't fix it. Sitting here all your thoughts race by. Time stops still, you see I keep saying it. Two minutes has passed since I began writing. The Belgian beer I bought better last the two hours.
What about this time with God, Lord do you hear, I'm sure you do. I know you're in my life, with me all the time, putting me right. I should listen more, read more, maybe that way I wouldn't keep messing up.
Wow, this time thing really does stay still. Seven minutes... I've been writing for yonks, well that's how it feels. I bet I'm boring you if you read to hear, I doubt you will though- the ramblings from me aren't that interesting.
One fact though, time stands still when you're stuck with nothing to do but wait.
Belgian beer tastes like Wherry home brew. Happy Dayz, peace be with you, thanks for the company Lord, love ya, out!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Too busy

Ok then what an interesting week this has been (so far). If I go back to Saturday and jumping out of the plane first. What can I say about that, what an experience. The drop as you get out the plane is so intense, I thought it was going wrong, the fall feels amazing, the ground doesn't seem to get any closer. I was supposed to do a solo from about 3000 feet, the folks didn't have a course available though. So I did a tandem jump from 10000 feet. Took about twenty minutes to fly high enough and about six minutes to come down. What great fun, it's addictive though, I want to go up again... A bit on the expensive side though....
Monday I caught a plane to work instead of driving, was picked up by a cab, delivered to the airport and arrived at a Sofitel hotel in Warsaw, Poland three hours later. I didn't see too much of the city but did get out there to see a little and try out a Sphinx restaurant. Yum... Worked hard all week and am now on a plane as I write this to go home to the UK. I've been asked to go to Brussels next week on Wednesday, working til Friday. I feel it's too much too soon, I don't know how Michelle feels but she's left to deal with life at home whilst I'm not around. I'll have to be extra special nice.
The new job is intense, I feel like a new trainee, thing is though I've gone in at a more senior level, I do hope I get my act together and learn this stuff before it gets too much. So much to take on board, wifi, tv, VoD, networks, sensiq, genesis, sip, the list goes on... I woke this morning to a work load way too big for what I have time for... I was told three days, I feel more like two weeks... Surveying every room for wifi, all four hundred of them. Place an access point and then measure penetration on the floor your at and the one above and below...
That's enough about work...
This blog should upload when I land.. Not like anyone reads them anyway...
I think I'll write to God next.... I'm really struggling to pay him the attention he so richly deserves from me. He should be first but my mind doesn't let that happen. I just need to chill and find him within. Time on the hill I think... Culver...


Location:Warsaw, Poland. Sofitel Victoria Hotel.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mid May already...

Another strange today, a whole week since Stuart from next door passed away. I remembered how I was speaking to him after church last week, we talked our usual nonsense about the weather but he also went on to tell me about things he got up in his younger days. I didn't realise how he played a bit part in my life. I saw him virtually every day - I'd leave the house and usually be around the drive or garden to say hi. He will be missed. His family are taking care of his wife until the funeral on Thursday. I cleaned up their garden to make it look good for the funeral, Gilda kept insisting she paid for the plants. I felt a little insulted so I told her my reasons and to hang on to any money. My reasons were to do something for her, my little bit to help out in all of this.
Dominik still not home, but at least he has a roof over his head now and some money to get him by. The word from the guys who spoke with him is that he will be doing his exams too. That is really good news, the kid will ace them. And he knows it. Good luck to him on that.
Last night I introduced Ben to the world of wrestling up at the Catholic club. They had a service in their church next door, a load of guys in the club having a beer and a load of guys in the wrestling. I was thinking what a complex, with so much happening. Ben liked the wrestling as much as Josh does. It a good laugh and folks make a bit fun heckling the wrestlers. Ben thought it was real I'm sure. Basically though these guys are just good sportsmen and performers... A great time had by all. The chicken place advertised in the wrestling and in the dropped leaflets, we were going to get chicken afterwards anyway and thought we would get there to beat the rush. What a laugh, the rush was six people - including us :-)
I know why folks stay away from there though, the food is shocking... You get either bone dry or dripping in fat food.. The coke they sell is from the continent so tastes naff. It's probably good in azerbygan, but not here on Thatcham High St. Get a grip SFC, your food is pants... They'll probably never read this anyway and they'll never get any of us back in there so all is good.
We've had so far this year virtually no rain, the lawn needs the water but nones coming... What will happen in the summer eh? Never mind that though we're loving the weather, a little less wind would be good ...
Finally, I start my new Job tomorrow. A long time coming but its here. My prayer was answered as they often are on Gods timing and his way. Thanks be to God. The job is in Theale just down the road, about eight miles away.. Quite local really after the travelling of the past year or so. Network team lead is my title, I've got a lot to learn in the next few months and some new skills to develop. Exciting times, back into the fold of employment direct instead of contract. I'm very pleased and excited although a little apprehensive too. Well that's it for now. God Bless us all....

I need to get on the bike... My legs are jelly... Need someone to shout at me if I don't...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Late night doing computer stuff

Not like me to be on a computer until this time in the morning, well not at least a real one with a mouse and all that. I've been writing up the promises for the auction on Saturday. It looks like it could be really good. I'm looking forward to it, some flash promises out there. Fast cars, bikes, boats and cakes . Yes cakes, you know there is always room for cake - especially of the home made variety. I'm offering me for the auction. Kinda being someone's slave, do some chores, DIY and all that, I need to make sure the winner has a good kettle to make the copious amount of tea I drink. Anyways, if you can come please do.. Cash raised is going to help with outreach youth work... The good stuff we should all be trying to help with.. :-) in my humble opinion. Oh well, goodnight. Yeh... The auction is at Thatcham Park School, Park Avenue... Saturday 4:30 ;-)

- Posted from my iPhone...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday.

What a strange week this has been, with work taking me back into engineering and away from home. 
I attended a service on Tuesday listening to the stations of the cross, the Lords journey to the cross. Thursdays mourn day service was very special, there really was something happening in that room. I can't explain it, but I felt so close to God, really was a great service, communion, singing, worship... 
Today the churches together met up on the Broadway, I arrived late so missed the hot cross buns.. doh! Never mind, this meant more to be shared with guys in the Parish. Sounds like they were hungry too, 200 buns gone in 30 minutes. Great! This afternoon before the final hour service, I got the big issue and found out the guy who normally sells the Issue was this sellers brother. That makes brothers both selling the Issue. I never realized, but families are affected by homelessness not just individuals. 
Makes me think.. Dominik has made himself homeless. He's not been home for over a week... Don't get me wrong, he can come home as soon as he wants, so he's not homeless as in needs to sell the Issue. (If you know what I mean) This time he's away for reasons unknown to us, we think he thinks he'll be grounded for staying out with friends with no permission. Hmmm, "why make it this bad though"? I ask. Never mind, I don't pretend to know everything about the teenage mind, although I can remember being a teenager. I had a lot to deal with, just like him. Except my parents were simply not there to run away from. I had no controls but was more in control of my own life, if that makes sense. 
Anyways, back to today. Before the service I spent half hour in the Broadway having a sandwich with Colin. We just sat and talked, was great. I said I talk more than a woman. Well, except a woman on a phone, this I can't compete. Colin said, there's a lot to be said for talking.... You don't say eh! ;-)
Well I've checked into my blog. another token gesture. I really should write more - it may help with my punctuation.. Hope to see you over the Easter weekend celebrating and worshipping the Lord.

For Sunday - "He Has Risen Indeed"


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introducing No5

By now, if you know me you'll know how much I love life on two wheels... Well...

Say hello to Number Five- No5. Suzuki GSX-R 750. What a bike - was getting to the point of being fed up with driving and getting caught up in traffic all the time. I was thinking of going back to a motorbike for a few months, this time I did a bit of looking into what bikers say. The GSXR is one of the best all round sports bikes, being great at handling a comfortable too. It's so far living up to everything I wanted, its quick and handles perfect. I feel if I'm looking ahead the bike goes right where I'm looking. I don't have to fight it as much as the Bandit.

It's an 08 model in black, a few extras on there already too. Sports exhaust ( not too loud ), double bubble, crash bobbins and tail tidy. I got a Shoei helmet - it's good, but a bit noisy on the motorway. It's got double glazing to stop it fogging up on the cold mornings. In my opinion it's good but a wee bit on the expensive side. Josh likes the bike, I've got to get him a jacket if I'm going to be taking him out regular.
Anyways, here's to more two wheel adventures, a bit faster though me thinks... :-)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fairtrade Fortnight - Cakes

Believe! Saturday for a bit of fun I entered a cake baking contest at St Mary's church. It's held every year for Fair Trade fort night. With Thatcham being a fair-trade town and the guys running the campaign doing such a great job there are a number of events scheduled for all to take part in. Friday night I finished helping at the Youth Club, and got home about 10pm. I started putting my ingredients together and planning the cake…

Butter – English
Vanilla Sugar – Fairtrade
Icing Sugar – Fairtrade
Flour – Fairtrade
Coconut bits
Eggs – Free Range

This was the recipe, with a bit of elbow grease, love, care and careful measuring and blending I put together a four layer sponge with jam and cream inside. Covered with butter cream and coated with the coconut bits. Topped with a few cherries… It was a master piece  Well, kind of – when it had baked I thought the sponge was a bit heavy, it tasted good but was just not light and fluffy. I had no time to make changes it was past midnight… After it had cooled off, I put it together and went to bed, it was 1:30am.

Saturday morning came so I took it along to the contest. I’ve not got a clue who the competition were, I’m betting it was folks like me just having a go at baking to support the Fair Trade fortnight and Big Brew event…

Anyways – I won… The best overall cake, can you believe it? A great part of my new years resolution to do things I’ve never done before. So far, I did the talk at youth club – albeit with some help from Pete. Entered a cake bake, whatever will come next. Parachute, canoe, cycle rides are all on the horizon.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cystoscopy.. West Berks Day 2

I thought deserved a mention, a punishment invented by some bright spark... A cystoscopy was the procedure I had yesterday. The thing itself is not bad but the aftermath was oh so painful.. All went well, I saw this camera thing that was eventually fed down my penis, yeh.... Ouch.... On the screen I saw the tubes and then inside the bladder, it was uncomfortable at worse and not painful - too much. After all was done I had an overwhelming urge to go pee... I got to the toilet and it started. The pain was intense as the saline solution comes out, then it felt like someone had set it on fire... I stumbled to the door and quickly fastened my trousers, I felt like using the loo again, and the urge was huge. I got back to the toilet and it was 'game over'... Pain......
I stepped out into the corridor and stumbled toward a nurse, I was about to pass out. The pain was so intense. They lay me down and slowly it subsided. I was told it will wear off, it did very slowly. Finally I got up and left, said thanks for the care and I was on my way.
I got home and slept, it had took everything from me.. I was so tired... Today the pain is only very slight and I was given the all clear, no stones... That's the good thing. Some powerful praying took care of that.
Tip for the future, if I'm asked to have another one of those - insist on a general...

All in all though, two appointments at the West Berks this week, and both have been great, felt like I was treated the best possible by the staff. Such a shame about the bandits in the car park charging £1.50 an hour.
That's it, no more investigations of the water works I hope. I do hope the kidney pains never return... Cos aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh...... Hope this doesn't scare anyone with a similar problem, my advice is get put to sleep at every point if you're a wuss who can't take pain.... That'll be me then :-)


Back to the bike, 350 miles by the end of February... Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Feeling apprehensive

It's all wrong today, I'm not where I should be mentally or spiritually. This day is going wrong.
To top that I'm in the urology department waiting for a procedure..

.... Oh no, got to go. Time to change, no computer today just the phone so will leave it there...

I'm so scared...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Royal Berks IVU

After the torture that is parking at this place (should have caught the bus like a good citizen)I'm here waiting for an IVU... What's that? I ask, I'm not too sure only read the letter as I sat down to wait. I'm near rooms that say XRay so am thinking that may have something to do with it. We shall see...

...... The wait continues, I'm still smiling although a little apprehensive, this thing has injections involved. Doh!

..... Oh my days!! in the words of Dominik. I am nearly naked waiting in a corridor covered in those gowns that hospitals have, an injection coming and they're going to fill my bladder some how. You see I have kidney stones and this is the start of the investigations to find and fix them. Hope it goes well eh. I'm still smiling I know who's got my back. All will be good. Lol

... Just used the toilet under instruction to empty my bladder, they're going to fill it, I wonder if they serve tea to do that. ... The wait continues.

Watching the world go by, well at least the cleaner. Not much entertainment in this corridor - just me and God.

....... Well that was not too bad. Had loads of X-rays on my abdomen, the injection was to show my kidneys on X-ray, didn't realize I've had one of these before though. These will go off to the doctor I suppose to be checked.

Back in the corridor waiting again... Ultrasound next. Sitting here writing this blog thinking about my parking ticket. Note to self, read the letters before you go so you have an idea of how long all this takes, no worries about parking that way. Hope I have enough ticket left. Otherwise this will be expensive.

Oh well back to waiting, thinking, contemplating.When's the weather going to warm up, I need to get outside, I tell you, the winter has been really cold for me. I never used to feel it like this, I suppose I must be getting old eh! No. You're only as old as you feel. When I get on track with plans I'll be building a room at the end of the garden, some where to chill.... I'll come back to that later... Time to finish this entry...

.... Back at work, the ultra sound took seconds, I had 3 minutes left on the parking... All worked out great, like I knew it would. A good experience today of the NHS and royal Berks hospital.

Another procedure tomorrow.... Aaaarrrghhhh come back to find out more... Out.


Location:Reading,United Kingdom

Surprises me how

Surprises me how time flies by. It's February already and I'm thinking I wanted to have done more by now. Cycle training not done! Weight loss for the jump not done, new job, interviews not done. Come on lad get a grip and get it together.
Hope I have more to report by the end of February anyways. Lent begins soon, a much needed time for me to focus on relationships and my relationship with the LORD. Folks ask, what you giving up? I was asked this Sunday by a lady from church, I wanted to scream at her. You see lent is more than just giving up some insignificant thing like chocolate or alcohol for a few weeks. It's about choosing to not do, eat or have something that you really want, in order to bring you to the Lord in need of his help.... This way when the want or need arises you can turn to God and ask for the strength to not have. Like Jesus when he was in the wilderness. Some folks don't eat at all, I couldn't do that personally. But whatever I choose to not do or have it will bring me closer to the Lord, so that I can spend some much needed time pressing into him to hear what he wants me to. I may even give up sitting down chilling out - procrastinating and replace it with prayer time. That sounds just the ticket, I should do this anyway but always busy myself up with being busy, not realising time is flying by. And there we go, back to where we started.... It's February already you know. Anyhow I'll be back - soon I hope but you know how it is don't you?

Love from the master of procrastination...

Location:Thatcham,United Kingdom

The Last Hill

The year has started well, a visit to London for lunch and a show. Saw 'Wicked' at the Apollo in Victoria. A really good show about the witches in Oz. They are quite nice really, in love and not evil at all... If you believe what the new story is about :-) after we took in Regent Street and Hamleys for Joshua before getting back to the trains... He's now the proud owner of a Harry Potter wand. I very nearly purchased some new boots until I realised they were three hundred pounds... Whaaaat!

Thursday bought some comedy, in the shape of Lenny Henry. He was visiting Newbury to perform his new show 'Cradle to Rave'. The story of how music impacted his life and the love he's always had for music. It was great hearing him talk of the places he grew up with and the memories that bought back for me. Turning to Michelle all the time asking "do you remember that"? I was probably annoying to some folks...

This weekend has been quite cool, Michelle gave me a surprise trip to the Island, she booked us a place in Ventnor to stay. It had a nice pool and was in a great location. I took the bike and gave it a go on Saturday morning.
The hills in Ventnor are real hard work. I set off from the hotel and got straight into a climb, I felt soo tired, I tell you, I am so unfit it's unreal. Christmas pud is lingering and I'm suffering for it. When I got to the top of the road climb I turned a corner to discover I knew where I was. You see I had been here before, it was hill seven from the killers.... Oh no.... The real big one that has lots of turns and up hilly bits. This was the test, in September last year I did this hill in one after already riding 18 miles. This time I needed to stop - about five times.... Not good!

I've since decided that some training is in order and a plan to stay winter fit for the end of the year, maybe a sport, kick boxing or something...

I'm contemplating things I've never done before for this year, things for me and things for the family and things for the wife... A tattoo seems to be at the front of my mind... Hope it goes away eh...

Out til later...


Wednesday, January 05, 2011


A strange day yesterday.
Things took a positive route - I read that When God gives you a vision to follow you as an individual should peruse it and doors will start to open for you. I don't mean that in some way things will drop in your lap from the sky. What I'm thinking is that God will make clear where you should be at - and tell you that too.
Anyways I've been chasing jobs and positions lately and have chosen ones suitable but to no avail. Until, today. . . I was approached by an old colleague and friend who has put my name forward for a new position. (did weeks back without telling me) One that fits with where I want to be. I'm thinking this could be the one, a new opportunity. Not me chasing it but it chasing me. Made me feel quite special, today I woke up expecting to get to work to submit my CV. Expecting problems with getting it right I set off in the car... The weather was glorious, I told a friend I felt quite blessed by it. When submitting the CV the words just rolled out straight into the mail. Being myself and leaving the pomp out of the letter, I felt confident. I do hope this will be the one, get my life back on track with a new position doing what I do and continuing in the career I started all those years ago.
I feel this is my God given vision, let's hope so.
Jesus is Lord.

Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 The End

I usually write an entry to sign off the year but this year seems a bit different. I suppose it's because I signed off a while back. I just didn't enjoy 2010, I managed to fill it with plans and dreams totally unsupported. I suppose my nievety made me come up with plans that now seem like a pipe dream, the money lost is not the issue but the time not doing what I should have been is. That's being with people and spending quality time in the presence of God, Some of my best time spent building the kingdom this past year has been with the young people under the leadership of Guy, Peter and Tom, Long I hope this shall last.
2011 is already a more positive year even at two days old, I'll be setting out to find my God given vision whilst spending time with my Church family - hopefully building long lasting relationships and experiencing Gods kingdom once again. 2010 had it's God given great times, after all every morning I woke up breathing and witnessed friends having great times. All this I'm more than grateful for, sunshine, rain, plants, growth and natural beauty along with the love of my family and my amazing wife has given me more than I deserve. I should be more appreciative and less grumpy, that's just me though.

Here's to a Fantastic 2011.. Seeking Gods vision for my life and the lives of my family and friends...


Oh yeh... And may the cycling miles be plentiful :-)

Grand National 2019