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Mid May already...

Another strange today, a whole week since Stuart from next door passed away. I remembered how I was speaking to him after church last week, we talked our usual nonsense about the weather but he also went on to tell me about things he got up in his younger days. I didn't realise how he played a bit part in my life. I saw him virtually every day - I'd leave the house and usually be around the drive or garden to say hi. He will be missed. His family are taking care of his wife until the funeral on Thursday. I cleaned up their garden to make it look good for the funeral, Gilda kept insisting she paid for the plants. I felt a little insulted so I told her my reasons and to hang on to any money. My reasons were to do something for her, my little bit to help out in all of this.
Dominik still not home, but at least he has a roof over his head now and some money to get him by. The word from the guys who spoke with him is that he will be doing his exams too. That is really good news, th…

Buckleberry tracks are lookin great

Late night doing computer stuff

Not like me to be on a computer until this time in the morning, well not at least a real one with a mouse and all that. I've been writing up the promises for the auction on Saturday. It looks like it could be really good. I'm looking forward to it, some flash promises out there. Fast cars, bikes, boats and cakes . Yes cakes, you know there is always room for cake - especially of the home made variety. I'm offering me for the auction. Kinda being someone's slave, do some chores, DIY and all that, I need to make sure the winner has a good kettle to make the copious amount of tea I drink. Anyways, if you can come please do.. Cash raised is going to help with outreach youth work... The good stuff we should all be trying to help with.. :-) in my humble opinion. Oh well, goodnight. Yeh... The auction is at Thatcham Park School, Park Avenue... Saturday 4:30 ;-)

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