Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook asks

What's on your mind? What kind of a question is that? It could take a lifetime to answer, when you think you have the answer you kinda realise you haven't. There's always something else. Lucy lolly pop was really awful, not very funtertaining if I do say so. Ah! Who is Lucy Lolly pop? Like you're bothered. Then stop and think. What's on your mind? Lucy Lolly pop! I doubt it, why's she called that? Why is he writing about Lucy? Am I really interested in Lucy? You see as soon as you answer the only question Facebook asks, you realise there's no point. There is always something else on your mind. Why bother putting it on. Can you see I'm distracted? I always have something there, no inner silence. I should update my life status every four seconds.
Why am I writing this again. Always something on my mind and always a gadget in my hand or pocket. Is having electronics ever present the reason I can't silence my mind? If someone finds the answer please tell; anyways enough rambling, real ramblings tonight. Weekend away to empty my mind and relax. Argh, how?
Busy mind..... It goes on :-)

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