Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Cardio Version

So two or three days knowing I'm in AF, if I pushed it any more then I'm risking heart damage again. I need to get a grip on this. Last year i had three cardio versions that lead me to have an ablation on October.
After a few months healing my heart function and rhythm stayed solid. Can't work out why it's changed today though.
Went in for an Echo, standard procedure but that quickly showed my hearts not doing well. Stayed back and waited for a doctor to come through to confirm I could have the procedure to put it right.
Another day on the hospital, been put under for the shock came out feeling tired but I think the hearts back. No pulpitations or unsteady heart.
That's it, time again to Persue a Heart fix. I don't wanna go on like this, I may have to and live with what God has given me. I do know I'm not supposed to give up. He doesn't want me right now.
I wish I knew what I'm supposed to do, these are warnings for some reason. Am I supposed to stop?
Maybe stopping right now and having time to listen will do me good.
Over to God, he'll show me what.

Location:Reading - Royal Berks

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