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Upto now in June

This is the first entry for a while. There has been lots doing, all is good. Intro exam tomorrow.. I mean today just after lunch. I have been revising hard the past couple of weeks for this so I hope it pays off, if I get the pass today there will be two more weeks until my last exam. Then thats it finished for a while.
My CV is all but done in writing so once that's typed up and edited (Job for Kay) I can put myself out there in new job for the boys land. It was my Birthday on Sunday 31.... wow 31... I'm getting old, you wouldn't think that though if you were around on Sunday, Michelle organised a party for me with a bouncy castle... yeh a bouncy castle how cool is that. Had a great time, lots of BBQ, Cake, Wine cheese and pate. Did I mention I was getting fat too. lol..
Well thats it for now. Exam update tomorrow...

Down the Cut

Bank Holiday cycling around the canals of Tipton. Took some pics for my sister on the Isle of Wight to see. Blast from the past and all that.....

St Martins CofE Primary School.The 'Gulf' not any more though.Brades Lock. Nr Oldbury.Great Bridge Canal, By Total DIY.The entrance to the Netherton Tunnel, this is Tipton Side. I cycled this Saturday, Its still flooded in case you were asking. No Ghosts and the hand rails are not missing and never have been. There; thats the end of that urban legand.

Sun Flowers

Here are the sunflowers, Josh asked me to put up some more pictures. Here it is below with kermit.

Pictured below the flowers before the slug attack. Boy this blog is sad....