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Waltham Forest visit today

Waltham Forest visit today
Early start and drive down the m25 to see the site.
Tons of work left to do, just hope the team can do it. Got some concerns with work, the individual having problems with deliveries and the sheer fact they can't or won't stop blaming. She falls short on so many counts but is strong in so many others. She's giving me a real dilemma that I need to think on and possibly something I should be praying in to. Lord I need some help in dealing there, I'll do the bet I can but please give me a nudge if I don't consult the right way.
So it's Wednesday and to moors I'm finally getting the day working from home. I missed cycling tonight withd I have so much  the boy, truth is I was in a lazy ass mood and didn't prioritise for him. Need to get that in check and not let him down, his young years are flying by anto do with him.
He's a good boy and I'll help him along with his mum and brother to make something of himself.. I'll …