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South Downs - Ride to fix broken hearts...

It's here, I'm in not so tip top condition, but I'm gonna do it anyway. 65 miles on the South Downs to raise money for the British Heart Foundation..

Please sponsor me!

That's because it's a really good cause and the clever research blokes are
going to make a real difference to the lives of those living with heart
problems. Folks who have lost a loved one from heart attack, stroke and all
those other heart problem thingies... I once knew a boy who lost his Dad
from an unexpected heart attack... His life took a long time to get good
again... He lost friends, family, respect and made some pretty bad
decisions... He needed his Dad to be with him...

I feel a bit naughty.... that's my entire address book ;-)

Lots of Love, 
God Bless Paul


Please, please girl no new stuff... You're good as you are...


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Crowded House

It's only natural. It's bow time ...
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Festival Day 2

Paloma Faith... Wow they're loud.

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New York

Inspire you ...
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What's uup???
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Still florence..

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Florence and the machine intro

Who are they? I dunno, tell you later.... Happy bow time :-)
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oh yes, it's here.

On the way to the festival on The Isle of Wight. Here goes for a third year... Happy days....

Good morning at Camp 101

Well, that was not too bad after all. A bit damp this morning from the condensation of three of us. Was good, we all slept well and woke at 9, so we even got a lie in. After wash and toilet time, coffee, lots of it. Josh needs to do his water run. ;-) The sun is shining and warming us up. Breakfast is Pot Noodle and the remains of the bread, we'll pack after that and go for a ride, the long way home. Shhh don't tell the boys. Missing church this morning, looks like the Lord is here right now, the sun is glorious. Amen
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Teatime done at Camp 101

Well that was good, sausage, bacon and boiled eggs followed by Tiramasu or Trifle or Yoghurt. I had the Tiramasu option, yum. Sitting back now relaxing with home made indian pale ale. Ben is chilling and Josh is playing with the kids down the field - the neighbours. I must say, the caravan folks up the field all fence them selves away from us in tents - each other too though. I don't get that! It's still a good way to spend some time. Very happy and relaxed. Shame Michelle didn't come!
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Camp site

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Base Camp 101

Our first camping trip with the bikes. Josh has never camped, let's see how this goes, so far so good. He's towing the trailer for the water run and has already made the tea, he's cooking on the BBQ next. Looking forward to this, weather is great, it's quiet and beautiful. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I'll let you know how the night goes.
Father, son's and the great outdoors. Off exploring ... Ben is building something ... Err what the .....
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Getting Married

It's happening.. I need to sit back and tell myself that.. Sitting here at VM DMC being at the beck and call of a manager, I 'm waiting for some good working instructions on what he wants me to do.. All he need do is say and I'll get on. I'm quite capable at this Cable TV stuff. Anyways, killing some time while I'm waiting I'll drop some thoughts into the blog. A lot is happening and things are getting a little scary but, very exciting. Really - Very exciting... pBullox Ltd is setup and is embarking on it's first venture. An internet cafe and coffee shop, (see many previous posts) The premises is found and the lease is being sorted by the solicitors, I really want to get the keys by my Birthday. It's a big ask - who cares, waiting is a waste. We have some equipment and bags of ideas, the legal stuff will be got through and by the end of July we should be feeding, drinking and connecting... wow a slogan has just been born. The name of the internet cafe a…