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2013 The End

The end of another year, and it's time for the mandatory entry to see it out before going out for the annual New Year drinks and food. 

To be honest, (aha, not that I'm not or lie or anything. That's one of those figure of speech things I need to lose) this year has had its ups and downs and quite frankly I'll be happy to see the back of it. Roll on next year, a year I've gotta make changes in what I'm doing and find a balance. Going from a year of nothing to a year of, well, everything. I'm fast becoming jack of all trades master of none. Cop this list, Youth Leader, Scout Leader, Trustee, Church Warden, Father, Manager, Sunday School Teacher and Food bank General assistant. Forget home, I'm never there, the place is falling apart and I'm way to busy to give it the attention it deserves. I counted the Calendar appointments for the year, over 7000! Get a grip Bullock, how can you sustain that! (Stats are more of a feeling than fact:-)

That's why t…

Hello No6

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"Hello No6! Not much off roading on this one... Just looking Good!"

Lantern Hunt

Josh on the Kennet

Day on the river Kennet with Joshua using our new Kayak. Going upstream was quite difficult in places. The downstream route the next day was easier, however you needed to be careful with the shallow parts, watch out for Angry Swans :-| 15° Partly Cloudy Burys Bank Road, England, United Kingdom

Cyclemeter Cycle

Finished Mountain Bike: 17 Mar 2013 05:47:59 PM
Route: Sunday
Ride Link:
Import Link:
Ride Time: 35:46
Stopped Time: 2:56
Distance: 6.82 miles
Average: 11.45 mph
Fastest Speed: 18.48 mph
Ahead of Best Ride: 9:43
Ascent: 312 feet
Descent: 336 feet
Calories: 577

Much to do

I've learned a lot this week. God is working in my life - he's answering my prayers in ways I never expected. For new year I asked what he wanted me to do, "how can I show you I'm here", I said. The opportunities that have fallen at my feet are so many. Each one has a total different set of commitments. Scouts, Youth Club, Older Youth - Open Minds, Church Warden, Father SonDay, family, Buildings and Camper Vans. Then there's work, I'm in a great company with a fantastic team around me. All I need do now is prioritise my time, delegate and organise. You see that's what I asked, my 2012 was full of doing nothing. I've done more in 2013 than the whole of last year and it's only March! My next dilemma is when is enough, enough? My heads spinning with the things to do, how will I fit it all in? 'Well God', I pray. "There is only so much time I have, you better spend it wisely and don't forget my Wife". Thanks be to God. Amen

Father SonDay #2

Makes your feet ache, like their faces :-) you can only do this for an hour before your feet die.
Suffer or buy your own skates ...

Going Home

On the train heading home. It's been a great weekend in London, I wanted to post more pictures and entries, but didn't get the chance. We had a great dinner last night and worked our way through two bottles of red and a couple of pints. Needless to say I had a bit of a thick head this morning. Woke for breakfast at 10:00 and found the restaurant still packed. Everyone lying in in London- happy days. The Hotel Russell where we stayed was quite nice, brekky not so good though. I felt quite chilled and had a great stop over. The highlight of the day was seeing the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, now that was cool. Not cheap but really great to see.

So on that I'll say Akunamatada. It means no worries for the rest of your days...

Now we've traversed the Capital by tube wait to leave on the slow train to Bedwyn, via Thatcham of course. Looking forward to seeing my Rock Star boy who performed with the guys from Rock School today. By all accounts he was Brilliant. Boy wonder…

London Break Home

Hotel Russell, Russell Square London.
Home for the nexty two days, Lion King Weekend.

Very nice Hotel good food confy bed, peace and quiet.

London Today

So, drop off Josh at Rock School then catch the train to London. A couple of days in our lovely Capital City. Today we're having a look around and staying in a nice hotel. Dinner is booked, hope it's not too posh, I hate faffing with food. Just gimme the food! Looking forward to it, tomorrow we have the Theatre booked to go see the Lion King in the West End. Looking forward to a great weekend. I may even try to blog a little...

FoodBank Collection

Me and Josh helped out at Foodbank collections today. We had boxes and boxes of food donated and sent up to the Foodstore at Greenham. Looks like there is real need for food parcels with folks living in our locality. We distribute to Newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford with more places waiting to sign up... Make sure you do your bit guys... We're needed to help...

VW Camper Hub Caps

Test entry, do these pictures actually publish when I email them to the blog? Here goes.... So, that's a yes. My Sexy hub caps for Caroline the VW Camper.  
'Not Dead Yet' Art Work. Tony Trowbridge from Isle of Wight. Like having a tattoo, I want more; painted things not tattoos that is.

Father SonDay

The first of many to come, we don't often make a point of doing stuff all together, so nows the time to start with a new year resolution to last a life time. We're gonna call it Father Son day, a day for us to do something together. This one was Bens turn in the driving seat, no pun intended. He organised an outing Karting at Reading.
All started terribly for me, I lost the first, second, third and errr last race... Well, you see I had to give em a chance. My buddy wrote on twitter something about me being a fat boy and power to weight and all that... I'll go for that, those pip squeaks only won cos I'm a man and big! Lol...

Dominik 17, Josh 11 & Ben 20. Me behind the camera 37

In Time order, Dominik....


and Ben....

The times, lots of other names nothing to do with us in there too....
Location:Reading Karting

Man Trifles

Wood work

Trip out to the DIY store today. Caroline taking on board the wood to line the walls and the floor. Not been started for over a month but fired up straight away. Only cut out once so I'm very happy. She's proving to be a reliable old girl, will soon look as good inside as she does outside. Liner first then think about interior in some bright lairy colours ....

VW Hub Caps

Look at these, VW - Not Dead Yet hub cap paint job... rat look, eat your heart out. So very cool, more paint for Caroline on the horizon as soon as I can get it past Michelle...

Location:Isle of Wight

Happy New year

Start as you mean to go on. Happy New Year people, it's been a strange night ending slightly abruptly with yoofs who can't and shouldn't drink being sick, never mind eh, all is good....