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Sun, Sea & Cycling and some Hills Killer!

Back from a great weekend cycling at the Isle of Wight. Every year I take part in an event called the ‘Hills Killer with a mate from the Midlands. The event itself happens on a Sunday, usually the last in September, it’s really tough on the old bones, hence the name Killer. Twenty six miles off road biking, across seven of the largest hills on the island. This year was no different to any other; it took us ages to complete. Keep on talking, chatting and admiring the scenery, more like tourists than competitors. All was good in the end, you can see the route here.
Friday night was a night out in Sandown. Looked at a couple of places to go, all of them great if you’re about a thousand years old and can remember the crusades but not for me. Found a pub down a side street, it all went quiet when we walked in, folks don’t like strangers - like Thatcham on that score. As it was getting late and we were walking home I got to thinking it’s quite a warm evening. Looking across at the sea it st…