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Tales of the CBT

Did the CBT today. Completed it with no problems. I bought a motorbike a couple of weeks ago in readiness for the training but all that fell through. I paid the man £500 for the bike and he promised to get it delivered to the training ground. He sent a message apologising for not delivering, so I did the CBT on a bike belonging to the school. After I finished the CBT, being keen as mustard I got hold of the bike guy and asked what happened to the bike. He told me it had been stolen so could I make my way to his shop to sort it all out. The guy told me the bike was stolen from the driveway of his partner who was going to be delivering it, he apologised and said he will try to make it right. This is were the plot started to thicken.... I asked if it had been reported to the cops and if so what was the crime number so I could claim on the insurance. This was me playing the situation a bit cool. I can't really find all the words to explain the whole thing but, these guys are trying it…


Training miles on No2...
Kennet and Avon Canal Thatcham to Newbury Park.

27th April - 6.5 Miles
25th April - 6.5 Miles
24th April - 8.5 Miles
23rd April - 5.5 Miles
18th April - 6.5 Miles

It's Back

End of Day one. Heart rythem is good. I think its fixed. Got home from the hospital yesterday and slept for a while but thought I'll give the whole thing a day before making up my mind. That's it, I feel loads better. My heart rate seems steady, so tomorrow I'll give it a test and take my bike out. Happy Days....

Cardioversion second time Lucky

Off to the Hospital tomorrow to get my heart fixed. I had a cardioversion or electric shock around four years ago, it worked a treat and set me on my way. When my symptoms returned around Christmas time my life was pretty much put on hold so I'm hoping this one works so I can get back to it. I stopped cycling and going to the gym, I just feel like crap when I do anything. I am putting an entry down in my blog to mark the last day of illness and the first day back to it. I've got an event at the end of June, a cycle from Eastbourne to Brighton. I can't wait. It's a 35 mile cycle across the South Downs, if all goes well with the cardioversion I'll be on my way. I added the picture in to show what it looks like when they shock you. I don't have the same man boobs though. I was told the heart stops for a short time and then the shock sets it's new rythem. We'll see. Well that's it hopfully all will go well. I'll be able to start training for the even…