Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I recommend BT

Here is a funny one to look back on.

BT have just connected my new phone line, it took 12hrs from ordering to be active. Cool.
The cable co have told me that they have checked on two occasions and my house cannot and will not be connected. Well from this point forward they will be known as shite, poo, pants, crap whatever.

You work for these tossers, your concession for all services and set top boxes will cost 40 per month. BT costs 11. Walk away Bullock and do what you do... Leave it alone...

That's it, a point in History... There will be no going back...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday of week Two

Oh well have spent some time now building the bathroom. Have just stopped and had a Jack and coke. Me and Dominik knocked out walls and rebuilt new ones to get the bathroom to come together. The new toilet is fitted and the bath works but still needs some fixing doing. We took our first bath for two days as soon as it was working. I tell ya I was mingin. As the week as gone on I have got slower and slower, I am so tired. It's nine o clock now and I'm off to bed. Got an early start tomorrow, got to go to Warfarin clinic in the Midlands. Might call Terry for a brekky.

New shed delivered, skip nearly full, bath and toilet fitted, plastering to do the weekend...
Happy days............. Outa here

The family are back tomorrow......

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm Back

After what seems like forever I'm finally reconnected. So much has happened. I asked the cable company for a move but they gave me a disconnect, Wankers.... that's that I won't mention it again. I have moved house from the Midlands to Thatcham. Still not sure if it is the right thing, will have to give it a go to find out. The house is a complete shit hole, so far this past week I have rewired it, moved radiators, stripped 25 years of nicotine and removed all traces of old stuff.
It's now a shell, tomorrow I am knocking down walls to enlarge the bathroom straight after that I've got to fit the new bathroom suite. Then plaster the bathroom and hallway. I'm betting it'll be a long day..... The new shed arrives tomorrow, I'll have to put that up the weekend after I've cleared the garden. Sounds like fun... I'm just writing crap now because I'm tired and need sleep.
Note to Self: Try to keep the Blog up to date so when the house is done and you are riding again you can say, Why the fuck did you do that and not stay put. The up hill battle is only just beginning.
10 Days until the family move down.

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