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South Downs Randonee - Broke Me

The story of how, why, when and where.

British Heart Foundation’s RandonnĂ©e challenge, billed as the toughest one day bike ride across the South Downs Way, suitable for experienced off-road riders! The 28 June 2008 hosted the three challenges of 100 miles, 65 miles and 35 miles. South Downs Way, the longest continuous bridleway in the country, Start at Winchester in Hampshire and finish at Brighton in East Sussex. I chose the 65 mile event. After not being able to do the event last year after Heart troubles it was important to take part this year and do it. It was the hardest cycle I've ever done, ever! It all started with a bowl of corn flakes, a banana and a coffee then a drive in the morning sun from Newbury to Winchester. I signed in at 6:20 and by 6:30 I was on my way. Cycling along a farm track to get to the Downs I was thinking this feels cool, maintaining about 13 - 14mph should be done in about 7hrs.... Dream on pop eye... Before I started I said a prayer for a success…

South Downs Randonee 2008

It's here this weekend.

Errr... I'm having nightmares with my bike.... The steering, the gears, the brakes... arrggghhhhh..

I'm off to the bike shop now.. to get a new rear wheel, bearings and all that... Then tomorrow I'm doing my ride to work run... 17 miles in each direction. I may update my blog with progress.. I'm dreading the ride, not the distance but the fact I can't rely on my bike... I'm sure the LORD can help...

Baptism 17th June 2008

My Baptism took place at St Mary's Church, Shaw near Newbury. It was fantastic. A few select friends and family were amongst the congregation. Michelle, Dominik and Josh. Terence, Kay and Danny were all there to watch the Baptism with other members of my church. It was brilliant, I've already said that haven't I? I arrived to be greeted by Bishop Steven of Reading. He took me through what we will be doing. There were about another 20 people being Baptised, confirmed and welcomed. This made it all the more special having lots of folks on the same Christian journey as me. I asked the clergy at my church if I could have a full immersion baptism instead of a sprinkling. They told me yes initially but costs were about to put the whole thing off.
I prayed to the LORD to make the Baptism special and told him my wishes for the full immersion, wow, this prayer was answered better than I ever imagined. We sang a few songs, said a few prayers and then all gathered at the Baptism pool,…