Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 The End

Where did that one go… Wow, it’s coming to an end as they always do. What a great year this has been. Started out a bit cold but always clear to take the bike out. Back in January I cycled by night. Thinking one night I was heading into the dark unknown considering if God could really be out there. I cycled around a corner in the pitch black a bit apprehensive of thing around the corner. Asking God to take care of me if he was around. Then it seemed as if the sky cleared from it’s cloudiness and the path in front of me lit up by a full moon. Someone switched on the light. It was ace, I cycled four miles along the canal without the spot light. This was were I came up into town and saw the Church and thought I’ll drop by on Sunday.
The first church day came and went with me thinking I don’t know what to do. It so happened a friend of Michelle's was part of this church and got one of the clergy to get in touch. It went from there… I gave my life to Jesus. Believe me; it’s not an easy thing to do. The path is great albeit a bit hard at times. Even so, I now have a Friend with me in life who’s always there when I need him.
So, I found faith in the Lord. That’s the biggy for the year. After this though, things went from good to better. Better than I could have imagined. Cycling was great, getting out spending time with new church friends and being part of a community. Coming up to the Summer all sorts of great things were going on. It started with the Isle of Wight festival weekend with my pal Terry. That was so good, God willing we’ll be doing it again in 2009. Coming from the Island after the fest with Terry and Kay was good, I was so nervous heading home for my baptism. This went really well with Michelle, Dominik and Joshua there to see it with Kay, Terry and Danny.
July, Michelle helped me do one of the most important events of the year. The South Downs Randonee. This was so important for me to do after not being able to take part because of heart problems in 2007. I’m not sure Michelle really understood how much I appreciated her help, there was no I could have done it without her.
August bought the V festival in Staffordshire, there representing Virgin as a Festival Angel, that was cool.. A real once in a lifetime experience getting muddy, wet, fat on crap food and seeing some terrific bands.
September bought the Isle of Wight Killers challenge. Another weekend on the Isle of Wight with my mate Terry. This year it was a bit different, we did the seven hills and the course was backward. You get to see some really awesome sites tearing up the hills on the Island. Thanks to my sister for being the host.. again!
During October we had a break at Butlins in Minehead. This was a great weekend being together having fun. We saw the Sugababes who as always were ace! Bring on the Girls. This weekend was so good we’re going to have to make it a tradition.
Throughout the year house work, DIY, gardening and all that other usual mundane stuff has been pushed to the back burner and I’ve got on with just getting on. It has been amazing. It’s all happened because my long putting up with, persevering wife has let it and made it happen. And to her I am truly gratful and honoured she is my missus. I know my good times have sometimes put you on the side lines. I do love you and dedicate this Blog, the most important of the year to you.

This year has been great, I've not noticed the bad weather everyone keeps talking about. The weather's been in my favour and life just keeps getting better. I'm learning to be tolerant and peaceful. Theres still a long way go though.

2008 was Great, 2009 will be sublime... (sublimeeeeeeee - is good enough for you)
Happy new year... God Bless. Out!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

pBullox`: Earth Hour

pBullox`: Earth Hour

Earth Hour

Earth Hour. 28th March 2009

I had this sent to me today from Richard at the Thatcham Good Life. Looks like something that's getting big for all the right reasons. Take a look at the video; the website is at the bottom also. Let's see if we can make the change for the right reasons. Awareness of the issue is the first step in geting people to make the difference.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Triggers tribute

A place in history where I can bring Ben back to every now and again.
Ben is my eldest son; a good lad, hard working doing well at school and is blessed with a great personality. I'm sure he should have been a blond though. What he lacks in common sense I suppose he tries to make up in good looks. When he was younger on occasions when he would go to the shop or chip shop he would always get the order wrong; either not enough or the wrong type of whatever he was buying. We got used to it and started to really lay down what he needed to buy and sometimes wrote a list for him. As he got to the age of fifteen he started to get it right because he would ask questions and fear me giving him a hard time at my pleasure and his expense ( Healthy Banter ) as a friend of mine used to say 'character building'.

This all changed tonight.... Michelle and Dominik are away to see the family so that leaves me, Ben and Joshua to look after ourselves. It was getting late and after a cool TV marathon today; a healthy dose of 'On the Buses' we were getting hungry. I asked Ben if he wanted food so we discussed Chinese for the three of us. I told him the order.. Like this.. Sweet and sour chicken balls, egg fried rice, curry sauce and chips, we can share this, Joshua will have some chicken and just chips. Is that OK Ben? Err yes Dad, I think you better write it down! OK Ben. Here goes ask for it like this, Quite simple, Sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice, curry source and chips,in that order you won't go wrong. The list looked like this-

1. Sweet and sour chicken
2. Egg fried rice
3. Curry sauce
4. Chips..

And away he went to the shop with his friend Michael. I asked Mike "Have you eaten?" "Yes" he replied. That's it Ben just the three of us eating, I'll see you in about ten minutes. This is where the new name and well earned name of Trigger comes from. He walked in the house and we all went into the kitchen to serve up and eat. Have you guessed what he bought back? .... hmmmm...
Yes, it was. One portion of Sweet and Sour Chicken. Two portions of egg fried rice, three pots of curry sauce and four bags of chips. It was a case of how stupid are you? there is enough food to feed us for week. He said well how was I to know!
You may be aware that Jesus is in my life and I often talk about him. I didn't realise Ben was trying to become like him and try copying his miracles and feed the five thousand.

So here it is my Tribute to Number 1. Benjamin Bullock Aged 16. Likes to be known as 'The KMX Kid' now known as Trigger.
"I've had the same brush 15 years! It's had 3 new heads and 4 new handles."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Finished

Decorating the Kitchen this week. Hmmm, why put that here...? I can finally have my life back from renovation. Never never again will I take on a wreck to fix up....

Thatcham to Tipton

Hopefully the first big ride of the year Thatcham to Tipton. Planning this for next year. Thatcham canal the Kennet and Avon into Reading and then cross onto the The Thames path upto Oxford. From Oxford join the Grand Union to Tipton. Should be over 2 days with a stop off at a B&B along the way. I've been thinking of doing the ride for a cause; maybe the for awareness of environmental issues. I'll need to discuss this with Terry. He's coming along for the experience. It should be good, pretty easy too because it's all flat work.
I've been looking around for maps for Memory Map to plan the route and a stop off. I have most of the South but the middle bit through Oxford and Worcestershire are all missing. If anyone has them available that would be great to get a copy :-)
That's it for this entry. I'll try to start blogging more. I've done so much this year that would make good reading; for me anyways. Well here's to the future and next years riding getting up to 100 miles a week.....

Grand National 2019