Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 The End

Here it is once again, the end of another year and this one's been one of the strangest yet. We, moved South to Thatcham in February, the kids had new schools, me and Shell had new jobs. By April I was really needing to go home. Michelle and the kids never want to go home they all seem to have found happiness. The boys like how much there is to do around here and Michelle likes the cafe culture of Newbury and the company of her new found friends at School. Or at least I think that's what it is. Anyways, this is my blog not there's.. Well, where do I begin.
February... We moved to Thatcham after a load of ups and downs with estate agents, solicitors and all that. I remember leaving Sedgley and feeling quite sad, as if I was leaving something big. Thing is I was. Friends, my home, my memories and all that sentimental stuff. Not to worry though these are things we keep if we really want to, inside in your mind that is. I think we have settled now and things have started to calm down. Dominik found himself in trouble for hitting someone so he learned the hard way the error of his ways. Ben found a girlfriend for a few weeks then promptly for Christmas got dumped... Joshua has a new accent and now sounds posh; in comparison to me that is.
Last January though..... last January, my heart thing reoccurred. I was admitted to Russells Hall for a couple of nights. My heart had returned to 'Fast AF', beating too fast, too slow and too irregular... that was it, end of days...
After a few weeks I returned to the hospital to get signed off to a doctor in the South, I saw the NHS guys and to be honest the outlook was, you will be ill for a while so wait until we have time to fix you. No chance.. I finally used my medical insurance and saw a private doctor. First treatment was a cardio version (shock) Second I was admitted to a private hospital in London for a cardio ablation. This worked and fixed the problem. I was left on some quite dangerous meds for a while though but finally got rid of these in October. I'm only writing about the whole heart thing in brief because I get quite upset thinking about it. This was a time when I felt low, so low I often cried over the most simple things, wanting home, wanting my bike of all things. That's it! I'll shut about that now, the screen's gone blurry......
Back now, I got the OK from the doc to get back on the bike and do a bit. This was great. I had already missed a ride across the south downs for the BHF and a ride for the diabetes folks in Dudley. I did the hills killer ride on the Isle of Wight and the Wolverhampton Marathon ride with Terry. There was a visit back to the Midlands to do the Chainbreaker on the Sandwell Valley Park. That was the hardest all year, I puked, got cramp and really really knackered. Happy days.
I've spent a lot of time contemplating starting a business and making some life changes, going from starting a coffee franchise to wind power and back to hybrid coffee and fruit and veg style coffee shops... I know, sounds mad...
I'm gonna draw this entry to a close and just mention some folks who have given me time this year when things got bad. I know folks think I have been a bit lame at times this year but I've tried not to let it all out, things have been quite strange as I said at the start. Michelle has put up with me and helped me every time I've felt a bit sad. She loves me you know! Kay, my sister has took care of me every time I've been to the Island to see her, she makes me feel better too. Last but not least.. my mate Terry, always there to talk to and meet up with in the queue forming capital of the world. We've had some good times this year, visit to Cannock, IOW killers and kiting on the downs... What a laugh, being dragged on the grass by a 5m Beamer.....
Christmas this year I was on call, the first time ever and most deffo the last. I'm going out to Thatcham tonight to the pub, just me and Michelle. This will be the first new years eve as well as Christmas in this place without the usual faces around. For next year the plans are coming together, they include making a business, making happiness, flying my kite and finding God.. Wish me luck.
That's it for 2007. Next year will be better for sure!. I too have a kite that my beautiful wife got me for Christmas. Let the fun begin..
Oh yes, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Location

First outing at Cannock of 2007 and boy have I missed the place, It's still ace. There's some new single track just after the big hill. I was a bit worried about going up the hill but did it, no probs. It nearly killed me once upon a time many moons ago, well not literally.. Went out with Terence, you can see us in the video. There's not much footage because we would rather ride than take pictures. Well that's my excuse for our shit filming, most of what we got was crap. It rained all day Saturday but finally stopped as we set off for the cycling. The initial sections of the ride are closed so there's a small diversion.

Well here it is, the first video to be put on my Blog, as you will see I found Windows Movie maker on my PC.. cool!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jilda's Pizza

Probably the best Pizza in the world. Made by neighbour Jilda to a secret authentic Italian recipe. It has tomatoes, onion, garlic and secret herbs. It's brill. I have tried Pizza from all over the place and have eaten my through a shed load of the stuff. This is what I would call perfect. I'm trying to get the recipe and method so I can sell it in my dream coffee, chillout and eat good food place. :-)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

At the Races.

Cycling today at Greenham with Ben. It's my first time out since the Chainbreaker in October. I tell ya, my ass is killing. I'm just not used to riding. Too much time off the bike I think. That's all about to change though, I've got annual leave from Thursday so I'm going over to The Lookout at Bracknell Forest. From there I should be able to get onto the Queens land to put some miles down. Sounds glam, doesn't it? I suppose it is, it's not everyday you're in the Her Maj's back yard. There are a few pictures on this entry of the ride. Right:Ben after trying to jump the stream. It was wet, muddy and windy today, this played its part on making you knackered. We did 16 miles today, from Thatcham up to to Greenham, around the woods for a while then a visit to Newbury Races. Today was the Hennesay Gold Cup. We got to the gates at the end of the course and there was steward over seeing access. I stopped in front of him and he asked in non too good English if I need to get in, get in? I asked, well of course, I said. So, in we go. We cycled up to the stands where the crowds were and watched the Gold Cup race live for free. Today was jump races, it was quite exciting and we had the best view, track side! Right: Ben standing next to the track by the start with the stands in the background. We were going to venture into Newbury for a while but decided to go back. On the way we crossed the driving range from Newbury Golf Club. Collected a few golf balls for free and had to play avoid the pissed off golfer as he tried to hit us with his balls, golf balls that is. Good day though, blagged our way into the races on mountain bikes and cycled our way across the millionaires golf course. After all this it was time for a drink so we finished the ride in a great way.... At the pub with a pint.. Pictures of the day...

Ouch! Hows that happen...

Banjo, showing off walking over the Lock. I got to the middle and had to climb down to the walk board. It was really really dangerous you know, I could have got wet!

Hi Mom, I'm on the telly.. at least I will be when I get on the right side of the camera

That's a hill you know, and look no sweat....

The Gold Cup Race

And there you go, the perfect way to end a ride.

Grand National 2019