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Wednesday after I cycled around Greenham common I started to feel a bit rough. I was sweating, had palpation's, fast heart rate, dizziness and light headed. Oh shit it's back. Through Thursday I was at work fitting some kit, every time I stood up I felt dizzy. I booked myself in to see the consultant on Friday night. He confirmed my fears, the AF has come back. That's it I've been told to start more medication and take it easy and de-stress. I've another appointment Wednesday to see a new cardiologist about my problem. I've asked for a permanent fix, it comes in the guise of Catheter Ablation. The treatment is to burn away the problem areas in the heart using a Catheter inserted from the groin. There are risks that the wrong parts can be damaged meaning you may need to have a pace maker fitter. I didn't realise but this was already on the cards for me. The doc said after my heart was fixed my heart rate was at 44bpm, caused by the being enlarged. All sounds …

Kennet Canal

12 Miles. Took this picture when I remembered I had my phone. This is where the canal splits, one side goes to the house boats the other through to Thatcham. The canal works a lot different down here in comparison to back home. There are two rivers that run in and out of the canal. The tow paths are shite, you really do need a mountain bike. It's very rural though.

Bike Delivered

After the problems the shop finally come good and gave me a bike. I collected on Saturday afternoon. It's not too bad, will do for me to practice for my bike licence. This weekend I have a speed awareness course after being photographed doing 35 in a 30 zone. It was offered as an alternative to points on my licence. I need to keep my licence clean now to keep the insurance charges down, I know I should have kept it clean anyway... To do my bike test I've got to take a few lessons and pass a hazard perception test, happy days. A picture of the new bike, a proper old mans bike... it's only temporary, I hope!