Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 The End

It's been an interesting year with lots doing once again, we saw in the new year at Butlins in Skegness, doing a leap of faith with my sister; that was different... This year we're back at home again, folks coming round to see in the new year.
2012 saw us have the Jubilee and the Olympics putting Britain firmly on the map. Happy times celebrating our heritage when so much was changing around us. Times of austerity and a changing benefits system.
I started an new job the beginning of the year, I say new it was actually a return to a job I once did. It's been a successful year in the position however, I'm not sure it's for keeps. Politics at work isn't something I enjoy, let's just get on and do what we need, go home and relax. Maybe some change ahead on that one.
The year has seen the return of the beAt, I'm actually doing talks and working hard to help our new leader. All is going well on this front, more to do next year to get more youngsters in. I started at scouts as a helper too, this I know will become more when I'm asked to do more with the new troop. Interesting, I never saw myself as a scout type. It's always been a middle class, well off type folk that do that. How judgemental eh. Times have changed, I don't judge anymore, We're all in this one together, rich, poor and everything in between.
Summer was a bit wet but we had a good few days on the Island, I've really not been there too much this year. Seems strange.
The festival was a wash out but probably the best one yet, we had Bert the VW to keep us warm and dry. Happy days, a VW camper what better fun can you have. Caroline the T2 came back too. Needs some work but will come good for the year I'm sure.
Anyways, I may add more to this later, I'm being pressured to cook for the family so I better get on...
New year resolution ... s
Pray every day, read my bible and get back with The Lord. He's waiting for me... Still!
Do new cycle rides and get fit doing them.
That'll do, I don't want to overdo it... Top tip, don't set too many, they won't last.
It's a happy life and great time to be alive. The future is good... If you make that way. The only way I can do that is with some help...
Dear God, you with me? I know you always are... Amen
Happy new year, off to cook...

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