Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 The End

It's been an interesting year with lots doing once again, we saw in the new year at Butlins in Skegness, doing a leap of faith with my sister; that was different... This year we're back at home again, folks coming round to see in the new year.
2012 saw us have the Jubilee and the Olympics putting Britain firmly on the map. Happy times celebrating our heritage when so much was changing around us. Times of austerity and a changing benefits system.
I started an new job the beginning of the year, I say new it was actually a return to a job I once did. It's been a successful year in the position however, I'm not sure it's for keeps. Politics at work isn't something I enjoy, let's just get on and do what we need, go home and relax. Maybe some change ahead on that one.
The year has seen the return of the beAt, I'm actually doing talks and working hard to help our new leader. All is going well on this front, more to do next year to get more youngsters in. I started at scouts as a helper too, this I know will become more when I'm asked to do more with the new troop. Interesting, I never saw myself as a scout type. It's always been a middle class, well off type folk that do that. How judgemental eh. Times have changed, I don't judge anymore, We're all in this one together, rich, poor and everything in between.
Summer was a bit wet but we had a good few days on the Island, I've really not been there too much this year. Seems strange.
The festival was a wash out but probably the best one yet, we had Bert the VW to keep us warm and dry. Happy days, a VW camper what better fun can you have. Caroline the T2 came back too. Needs some work but will come good for the year I'm sure.
Anyways, I may add more to this later, I'm being pressured to cook for the family so I better get on...
New year resolution ... s
Pray every day, read my bible and get back with The Lord. He's waiting for me... Still!
Do new cycle rides and get fit doing them.
That'll do, I don't want to overdo it... Top tip, don't set too many, they won't last.
It's a happy life and great time to be alive. The future is good... If you make that way. The only way I can do that is with some help...
Dear God, you with me? I know you always are... Amen
Happy new year, off to cook...

Location:The Haywards,Thatcham,United Kingdom

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Look who's come home

Almost a year to do the day

Long drive back from the Midlands today after collecting Caroline my Camper Van. Looking very good indeed, Tony really pulled off a top job and made the van shine once again. It took me and Josh about three hours to do the journey home, Costa break included. Top speed 70 down a big old hill, averaged a happy 60 mph. She's not too happy about going up those big old hills though, next job is to get an interior fitted. Still thinking about what to put in, folks want the kitchen sink, I reckon a bed, a kettle and a kick ass stereo. Happy days ... Can't wait to get her finished off...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 15 Sep 2012 14:05:43

Finished Mountain Bike: 15 Sep 2012 15:54:19
Route: Saturday Bimble
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 1:42:41
Stopped Time: 5:49
Distance: 17.45 miles
Average: 10.20 mph
Fastest Speed: 40.17 mph
Behind Best Ride: 14:56
Ascent: 1547 feet
Descent: 1554 feet
Calories: 1708

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hills Killer 2012

Signed up to the Hills Killer event on the Isle of Wight tonight. This will be the Seventh year I've entered, never very fast but always enjoy riding it with Terence. We were considering doing the long version of the ride - fourteen hills but settled fo rthe usual Seven. After a disasterous South Downs this year and a disasterous Tipton to Thatcham I'm not sure me and cycling are meant to continue. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy it and love going out. I just don't seem to be able to get fit enough to what I need. I have something to blame, in my mind I'm telling myself it's my meds and heart issues that have happened recently. I've had two cardioversions since December and new meds to keep my heart rythm. After each one I kept off the bike for about a month, the new meds are making me tired.
So... With all this going on I'm sitting here typing this thinking I'm a right LameAss, blaming my poor fitness on all this. Reality is probably the fact I don't do enough exercise. I need a rocket up my ass to get me going. There! I've told myself get a grip and move on you pleb. I'm getting in around 20 miles a week at the moment, to get fit I should be doing around hundred like a used to.
Anyways, it will all come good, another weekend on the Island, Cycle on Sunday in the Hills Killer, then finish off the day with a swim in the sea and that other pass time food and a couple of drinks. I'l pray for success on the event, I've not completed my last three. Check out the ride here, maybe sign up. It's great place to cycle. The Hills are Killers though. Nice play on words, they're supposed to be.

The ride in brief - 3 Hills Killer is about 15 miles. 7 Hills around 26 and 14 is the 7 Hills and return, so 52 miles. Orienteering, not a race. Very funny, although I don't race many folks do :-)

Isle of Wight Cycling Festival

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cycle (Mountain) 4 Sep 2012

Finished Mountain Bike: 4 Sep 2012 20:23:09
Route: Weekday
Ride Time: 1:01:30
Stopped Time: 9:37
Distance: 11.26 miles
Average: 10.98 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.42 mph
Behind Median Ride: 14:47
Ascent: 329 feet
Descent: 337 feet
Calories: 984

Greenham Sky

If you look close you can see the alien spacecraft that land there. But sshhhh, don't tell anyone because they won't believe you - will they Michelle? There are a few strange buildings in the woods, stairs going into the ground. What's down there? I wonder :-)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Cycle Sunday 2 Sep 2012

Finished Mountain Bike: 2 Sep 2012 18:26:06
Route: Sunday
Import URL:
Ride Time: 1:15:44
Stopped Time: 18:13
Distance: 11.29 miles
Average: 8.94 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.67 mph
Behind Best Ride: 10:34
Ascent: 819 feet
Descent: 827 feet
Calories: 1104

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

From Rust to Lust - Caroline

The Camper, lovingly known as Caroline is finally having Paint. It's been a long time coming, she's had her fair share of problems along the way. New arches, sills, battery tray, floor panels, mounts, joints, brake lines, the list goes on. Anyway, she's coming together now and it will soon be time for me to sort out the interior. I'll get some more updates and pics on here as soon as. I have loads, from rust to lust..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day one on leave

Setting sale for the Island from Portsmouth, gotta say this is the worst port to use to get to the Island. Traffic is always a killer, lots of delays and stopping in the mid noon heat. Yes, heat! It's unusual to have that stuff in a British summer :-) I know I always mention the weather, always have. It's all good though, loving this year, rain and all. Pleased to be getting on my holiday though. Looking forward to cycling, messing around on the beach and of course a trip to the pier. How very exciting, I hear you say. Well, not really the pier has been the same for about seven years. There's still a dirty den fruit machine.

I was gonna bring my Windsurfer but poor Callum looked so sad with all that stuff on his roof, maybe next time. Tonight I'm off to see Cowes week fire works and of course have a few beers. Tomorrow a swim and look to do something I've never done or go somewhere I've never been.

Good news as well today, Caroline, my Vdub is going into paint next week. A couple of weeks she'll be home and ready for kitting out for many Camper Van adventures. Camper Van crisis nearly over, I can't wait to get her back. I've lost the summer of this year, not a problem though there's plenty more time and next year of course. It should get me away from the Discovery channel. I do love a bit of auction wars...

Anyways that's it for now, more updates from IOW to come :-)
Location:Isle Of Wight

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 8 Aug 2012 20:04:33

Finished Mountain Bike: 8 Aug 2012 20:45:06
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 39:18
Stopped Time: 1:13
Distance: 5.63 miles
Average: 8.60 mph
Fastest Speed: 16.09 mph
Ahead of Best Ride: 4:59
Ascent: 480 feet
Descent: 484 feet
Calories: 603

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 2 Aug 2012 19:49:46

Finished Mountain Bike: 2 Aug 2012 20:39:52
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 46:43
Stopped Time: 3:14
Distance: 8.08 miles
Average: 10.37 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.53 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 1:32
Ascent: 420 feet
Descent: 404 feet
Calories: 720

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mountain Bike Return

Back on the bike after Saturdays Disaster on the South Downs ride for the BHF. Went quite well, didn't get too tired, I suppose the 35 miles on Saturday set me up quite well, I just need to stay on top and get some bigger distances under my belt. I'll try to do the Goring run on Thursday, that's a huge hill in the middle and roughly 20 miles.
I need do something, my miles have been so low this year and Saturday saw my second fail on the Mountain bike this year. I was unable to complete Wayfarer and then South Downs. Last time I did the downs I felt fine after some sleep, I handled it really well. My fitness is suffering, I reckon it's down to not doing the training I need, I'll have to watch less Discovery Channel:= :-)
Well tonight's ride was Good, Buckleberry then a different way back through the Black Woods by St Mathews. All is good, I'll keep on keeping on. I'm doing the 14 Hills Killer this year as a punishment for being such a sop and not completing the rides I should be. Oxford Last year, Wayfarer and South Downs this.. So very disappointed in the way I'm cycling.

If Michelle bought me a Cotic I could cycle to work ... LOL

Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

South Downs 2012

Didn't complete. Must try harder to avoid disappointment in what I do.

Route: South Downs 2012
Google Maps URL:

Ride Time: 4:14:41
Distance: 33.22 miles
Average: 7.83 mph
Fastest Speed: 49.34 mph
Ascent: 3867 feet
Descent: 3672 feet
Calories: 3439

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Forgotten how to fit the Wheel!

Well really, took the nut off pulled out the pin then removed all the small fiddly bits, took the wheel to get a new tyre then forget how to put it back on. What a doof. A few washers some brakes and a chain. Simples. Only if you remember the order they came off in :-)
The wheel will go back on, that I'm sure of. Knuckles took a beating, the slider hold the calliper on type thing wouldn't go back in, I finally pushed the bar through and the washers fell out. All this just to change a tyre. Push bikes are soo much easier than motorbikes. Oh well, that's it. New tyre fitted, suppose I'll have to sell it now. Don't really want to but it's in the way and costing money and never being used. Boys toys... They come and they go :-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 13 Jul 2012 20:31:12

Finished Mountain Bike: 13 Jul 2012 21:19:06
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Ride Time: 44:16
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 8.23 miles
Average: 11.15 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.98 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 4:29
Ascent: 360 feet
Descent: 325 feet
Calories: 744

Monday, July 09, 2012

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 9 Jul 2012 21:00:07

Finished Mountain Bike: 9 Jul 2012 21:46:59
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 45:39
Stopped Time: 1:03
Distance: 8.26 miles
Average: 10.86 mph
Fastest Speed: 31.28 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 3:06
Ascent: 411 feet
Descent: 408 feet
Calories: 700

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 4 Jul 2012 20:33:06

Finished Mountain Bike: 4 Jul 2012 21:21:28
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 48:15
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 8.26 miles
Average: 10.27 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.34 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 3:13
Ascent: 224 feet
Descent: 190 feet
Calories: 693

Monday, July 02, 2012

Late to begin training

I have the BHF South Downs ride coming up in July. I've done nothing to get ready for the ride, I did a token gesture of eight miles tonight. Not sure it's enough to get me ready for the sixty five miler on the downs. Let this be the beginning of some extensive cycling to come over the next few weeks. I'll be doing none tomorrow but will try the same route faster on Wednesday. Then Friday do a twenty miler to Goring. This is a vain attempt to get ready for the big ride, I hope to keep up with the cycling after this, keeps you fit you know.

I couldn't believe tonight though, I got the bike out the garage and leaned it on the wall whilst I locked up. The back tyre blew out while it was sitting there. Like the bike was telling me he didn't want to go out. Come on number 4, get a grip! happy times in the mud this year. The rain just never stops falling. Here's to many miles in readiness for the downs. :-)


Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 2 Jul 2012 20:40:25

Finished Mountain Bike: 2 Jul 2012 22:39:07
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 48:45
Stopped Time: 1:45
Distance: 8.28 miles
Average: 10.20 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.73 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 2:44
Ascent: 573 feet
Descent: 586 feet
Calories: 778

Sunday, July 01, 2012

RIP Bert. VW Camper

Leave is short.. Just too short

The first annual leave for a long time and it's over. I don't really want to return to work after having such a great and varied time. All has been good the past two weeks, I've not been cycling which is a downer but that will change in the weeks ahead. Last week I fixed up Bert the camper van for the festival. We travelled to the Isle of Wight on the Thursday. Arrived in Cowes at 8pm. It took some eight hours to get the festival grounds due to the traffic chaos the weather had caused. We were parked up out side the entrance to go sleep in the van, we woke to police, tractors amd hundreds of revellers walking around the festival grounds. It was a good atmosphere, the mud making it that much more fun watching folks wheel spin around the fields covering everything in mud. The festival was great, probably the best one yet. No fading about driving and travelling in and and out, we lived on site and got to experience the whole thing for a change. We even chose different places to stand instead of the same safe distant places of years past. Sunday we found ourselves in the VIP to watch England go out of the Euro and Bruce Springsteen rock the festival to a close with an epic three hour set. Brilliant! Arrived home on Tuesday and travelled up to the midlands Wednesday to tile my brother in laws bathroom. I took the opportunity to go see the family and check in on Caroline my T2 camper, she's really coming together. Terry bought maccy d round for lunch and Friday bought extra special orange chips :-) I know I'm a saddo always having to have orange chips from the Black Country. Saturday bought the General Auctions were Bert was sold. Sad time really, got some real good memories with him. Late night cooking before sleeping, fighting his wayward gear box into submission and filling him with a pint of oil every fifty miles. He got me to the festival and back in good time, only the Lord knows how. He really was in a state. Loosing power when he got warm, burning and losing oil, constantly cutting out and stalling. Sounds wonderfull eh? VW campers highly recommended fun times. Can't wait for Caroline to come home :-) This last weekend before going back to work has been great, spending time with Michelle catching up. We had food and drinks at the Jazz cafe in Reading, whilst we were there Cilla Black and John Madejski came in for a drink. I woke this morning in the hotel to Breakfast from room service. The rest of the day I've spent fixing cars and driving around in the sunshine with the roof down. That's it now, holiday is over. I wonder if I can return to work and do things a little different to stay stress free. The job is taking its toll at the moment, I need to get a grip I think and do some praying. In fact that's what's missing in my life at the moment. Prayer and time with God, I need to make myself less busy and spend time with him... So here's trying... Gob bless us all....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st annual for in two years

What did I do with my first day of Annual leave ? Painted and prepped a van, worked hard all day then shopping. Not much of an holiday eh. Michelle's been giving me a hard time for not doing owt in the house. I started the day with the best of intentions but didn't get anywhere. I'm now knackered and aching but that doesn't make up for it - crap person. Shes in one of them 'I hate you, we need to divorce moods' now, I've seen it before many times. I'm just waiting now and biding my time for it all to begin, it won't be for a while. Maybe a few weeks but it's coming, I suppose I should do more to make up for being so poor and distracted.
Yeh, that's it I'll do more not sure what yet but more,,, all will be good.
Iow festival tomorrow in Bert the T3... He's ready I think, only time will tell just how ready... I'm off,, night night..... D is for Donnies. Translation - Hands.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Monday

It's been so long since writing a blog entry, what to do, so much to write about but so little time and inclination to do some thing. Well here goes a nice short one to draw a line in the sand. It's Easter bank holiday and I've not really done anything with it. I put in an order for a mini clubman that will be coming soon, but really that's it. I wanted to cycle but never got around to it the weather had been awful.
I'm feeling lost this Easter, not sure whether I'm coming or going. I may put this down right here and try to get some sleep. Maybe some motivation tomorrow to do something worth blogging.

That's it I'm out, going to get some sleep, I may be back at some point :-) God bless, God willing..

Blood pressure not right, I'm so tired.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent is nearly upon us

Time to focus on God. I've written before lent is really about more than giving up something. For me it's about doing or not doing something that each time my mind and attention drifts toward that thing I can focus on God and draw from his strength to see me through. Lent really is about building relationships that bring us closer to God. Me especially, my mind is such a mess, I realised today after watching a video I'm not alone in having a wondering mind I can never silence. I should try to strengthen my life with God, I know though he loves me no matter. If I treated my friends the same way I treat the Lord, not talking or communicating with them, they wouldn't be friends for long. Sorry God for the times I never speak and don't listen.
Ash Wednesday can be the start of me talking your head off...

Of course, pancakes first.... With Chocolate.... Wilderness can wait

Amen :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend rescue

Out cycling Saturday, from the west of Ink Pen to Sydmonton. The route was meant to be a twenty five miler to get me back home. I didn't quite make it though, only after about three hundred yards from my drop off I realised I couldn't get the bike to move through all the mud, it was awful. Mud caked so thick it stopped the wheels, when I did get going it was like I was ploughing up a field. I did ten miles of it across Wayfarer Walk, a bridle way running through Wiltshire and Hampshire. I really chose the wrong time for it, it's a great ride when the conditions are good. After about 15 miles and 2400 calories I decided I'll never make it home before night fall. I did the right thing and called in Michelle to get me home. She collected me in Eccinswell and got me home.
I was so cold and tired, it was probably one of the worst times out on the bike I've ever had. The mud sapped all my energy, a lesson has been learned though, when these conditions are here try more familiar stuff that's well trodden... Laps of Greenham Common would have been better that's for sure,,,
I tracked the ride on cyclometer, averaged 4 miles per hour, absolutely shocking:-) eh, oh ...


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Re: Ben's Training

Another reply....

Is this just lip service from you and your work? I suspect that's the case. If this was my company and I offered self improvement to staff and they refused. Well, Dave C has a queue called the unemployed, full of folks wanting to self improve, I would certainly be looking at swopping some. On the other hand, someone asking to self improve but not giving the opportunity that was promised, seems a little odd. Or are you thinking you have the easy life now? Yes, that may be the case I suspect.

In life if you want to do something then you just do it. People say no, do it anyway. Not continuing your education right now will be the biggest mistake you could make. (you've had the laziest education known to man) The rut that is life gets deeper the longer you stay on the same course.

When it's deep it's hard to get out...

Your mums life is an example, training and learning gave her a level playing field to go anywhere doing what she wanted to do. i.e. no ruts, she's now found were she's at and wants to be, she's in a rut and in a few years will have no way out; things move on. Your mum is in a happy place so all is good, she is very happy doing what she does. You see, Good ruts and bad ruts. Question is, have you found a happy rut?

Your aspirations are very low at times. To progress you need to self improve, courses are not everything, but in a life working with evolving technology all around, to stay ahead you need to learn. Do you have the staying and learning power to do it?

A change in your life pattern can only be good. Work/Girlfriend balance... Lol....

Should be Work/ Girlfriend/ friends/ Education/ Fun/ God?.. In your trade, you learn now and get good now, if you don't you'll stay where you are and get left behind. So many movies out there, captain of the football team, everything going for him, lets it slide and is in a dead end job by the time he's 40. Friends and education go hand in hand, so you don't learn on your own, class mates help and support each other. It's great to be part of.

Time to man up lad...

Where do you want to be in 5 years? Doing what? For what purpose?

Decide what YOU want to do. If its plod on then do that. If it's succeed and improve and get good and technical then do it.

OU do degrees, so do other uni's, they're not easy peasy though. A lot of hard work. There is NOTHING stopping you. You have a massive slush fund, yes MASSIVE. Your insurance payment finishes in February, there's the money for CCNA, Microsoft, degree, mcp, TCP, BA, MA, ba ha..

The thing stopping you may just be fear, get a hold on it. Get yourself on a course and pay for it or learn the CCNA at home in three months, use my books, packet tracer and online resource, no excuse. For crying out, that's all the course is. Trust me, I've done it. First though decide what you want to do, is this course the right one?

3rd line at 35, pmsl. Manager of 3rd line, HOD of third line, yes, that's aspiration, may not be yours, but you could have a better one, I don't know. How many calls answered in 16 years? My bet is after one year you'll be bored rigid.

So, Now, get on the rocket that's firmly up your arse and do something!

Quote of someone going nowhere "I dun my lernin, I ave".

Don't let this be you! ......Anymore!

Anyways, time to go....




You on yet?



Blast off..... We have lift off, the rocket and all futures have the left building.

Me: whilst looking skyward says. "I do hope he's on there" Out!

Sent from iPad. The choice of a doer not a sit and do nothinger. They have Samsung.

On 20 Jan 2012, at 13:23, Ben wrote

> Hello,
> I'm afraid I wont be doing my CCNA Certification nor my MCSE Certification this year.
> There are not enough people who have applied to do it, therefore they are not willing to spend the money. I think there was just me who applied for the MCSE Certifcation and x5 of us who applied to do the CCNA.
> Heather states that she hadnt replied to my emails, as she was chasing up the people who applied, to see if they were still willing to participate in the training. Many people just couldnt be arsed.. and now I have taken the fall. My only option now is too buy the Books, pay for the exam and do them myself.
> From what I have heard.. the MCSE Certification costs around £500 and the CCNA costs around £1000+. *** Dad, do you have to pass x3 exams to gain a CCNA Cert ? ***
> I'm a bit gutted.. but life's life :)
> See you when you get home :)
> Ben xx

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Facebook asks

What's on your mind? What kind of a question is that? It could take a lifetime to answer, when you think you have the answer you kinda realise you haven't. There's always something else. Lucy lolly pop was really awful, not very funtertaining if I do say so. Ah! Who is Lucy Lolly pop? Like you're bothered. Then stop and think. What's on your mind? Lucy Lolly pop! I doubt it, why's she called that? Why is he writing about Lucy? Am I really interested in Lucy? You see as soon as you answer the only question Facebook asks, you realise there's no point. There is always something else on your mind. Why bother putting it on. Can you see I'm distracted? I always have something there, no inner silence. I should update my life status every four seconds.
Why am I writing this again. Always something on my mind and always a gadget in my hand or pocket. Is having electronics ever present the reason I can't silence my mind? If someone finds the answer please tell; anyways enough rambling, real ramblings tonight. Weekend away to empty my mind and relax. Argh, how?
Busy mind..... It goes on :-)

Reading toy run

Well it’s been a while since I last made an entry, I’ve been so busy and travelling too much for my liking. I tried to get online to blog about an event I did just before Christmas. The event was the Reading toy run in aid of Barnardos. What a great day, I was left feeling very inspired and happy with myself and the thousands of others that joined in.
A friend of mine invited me, he asked if I wanted to do a ride out on the motorbike. I sometimes pass on these because I’d rather have a point to riding my motorbike other than aimlessly going somewhere anywhere. Anyways I agreed and he told me to bring a toy to give to the charity. Every year bikers come together in Reading just off junction 11 and take a slow ride to Banardos in Wokingham. Every rider takes a toy along that’s later given out to kids in their care.

I was amazed by the effort some of these guys had made to make the day so special, decorated bikes, multiple gifts and a general sense of fun. Hundreds of people turned out to line the route to cheer us on. The Police had closed the roads and made sure it all went without a hitch. The younger members of the crowd were sticking their hands out to give us a high five as we went by. Everyone I spoke to was so upbeat. I don’t think it was to do with the ride out but more to do with giving gifts.
The best thing for me was giving these toys over totally anonymous knowing that come Christmas, youngsters would get a gift and really know that people care. It wasn’t a cheap ride out for anyone, it just goes to show that giving happiness is something us humans love to do. Long may it continue, I’ll be on the ride next year for sure. I know that mountain of toys built by all those bikers would have made lots of kiddies happy. With all the other things folks give to at Christmas, there’s lots of happiness around. We all know we could do with more and maybe keep it going through the year not just Christmas...

Anyways – Happy New Year and Happy January, just wanted to share it.. Out!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 The End

A different ending for me this year, the year of 'things I've not done before' and what a great old year it's been. Lots of newness happening and lots of oldness left in the back ground. I'm writing this from Butlins in Skegness, that's a new one, away from home and not having to host a new year party. Time to sit back and relax, well at least I thought. Today started with a Kart Race between eight of us and of course we all won. From there a stroll along the beach following that we watched a young girl make a leap of faith off a fifty foot platform. I dont understand how what followed happened, I opened my eyes after a thirty minute blur and I'm standing at the top of this pillar with people shouting up for me to jump. I stopped, shook and looked around - why am I here? What am I doing? ... Of course I jumped.. Aarrrgggghhhhh!!!! Awesome fun. I then had to change my trousers.

Grand National 2019