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Hills Killer 2012

Signed up to the Hills Killer event on the Isle of Wight tonight. This will be the Seventh year I've entered, never very fast but always enjoy riding it with Terence. We were considering doing the long version of the ride - fourteen hills but settled fo rthe usual Seven. After a disasterous South Downs this year and a disasterous Tipton to Thatcham I'm not sure me and cycling are meant to continue. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy it and love going out. I just don't seem to be able to get fit enough to what I need. I have something to blame, in my mind I'm telling myself it's my meds and heart issues that have happened recently. I've had two cardioversions since December and new meds to keep my heart rythm. After each one I kept off the bike for about a month, the new meds are making me tired.
So... With all this going on I'm sitting here typing this thinking I'm a right LameAss, blaming my poor fitness on all this. Reality is probably the fact I don't do enough exercise. I need a rocket up my ass to get me going. There! I've told myself get a grip and move on you pleb. I'm getting in around 20 miles a week at the moment, to get fit I should be doing around hundred like a used to.
Anyways, it will all come good, another weekend on the Island, Cycle on Sunday in the Hills Killer, then finish off the day with a swim in the sea and that other pass time food and a couple of drinks. I'l pray for success on the event, I've not completed my last three. Check out the ride here, maybe sign up. It's great place to cycle. The Hills are Killers though. Nice play on words, they're supposed to be.

The ride in brief - 3 Hills Killer is about 15 miles. 7 Hills around 26 and 14 is the 7 Hills and return, so 52 miles. Orienteering, not a race. Very funny, although I don't race many folks do :-)

Isle of Wight Cycling Festival


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