Saturday, May 31, 2008

There comes a point..

.. in every ones life when things start to happen.
I've not done an entry for a while now, and feel I should pick up again with all the great things going on for me. From moving house to the South and being ill and depressed to; oh well... being happy.. I'm cycling as much as I can! despite number 2 being poorly constantly.. new tyres, bottom bracket, rear mech, cables, inner tubes and soon a new wheel... It's all worth it though..
The reason I decided to get on the blog for this short one is to record some of the brill, (WKD) things happening over the next few weeks.
Here in order
Isle of Wight Festival.... What can I say?.. cost a fortune but is gonna be great. Quality time with my mate Terry and my sister Kay.
This is the one that surprises some... You just need to know me I guess... My Baptism, 17th June, St Mary's in Shaw, when I'll declare my fellowship with the LORD Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit. Give thanks and praise for what he did will do and is doing my life...
Next.. June 28th I hope to complete the South Downs Randonee for the BHF, 65 miles with number 2, off road of course!
I wrote in my Blog at the end of 2007 how things were changing, I never realised how much. I've been through some real lows and a couple of highs. I hope my expectations for the rest of the year will be fulfilled.
It was my anniversary today, 5 Years.... We have been through so much, it's really cool.. 11Years over the brush and 5years married... Who'd of thought?.

I think I must be blessed..

That's it, for now.. God Bless.

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