Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thought I would write about the way things went. Started the project for the cafe a while back, thought of ways of getting the community on board and went along some strange avenues to make it happen. Eventually a meeting was held, all kinds of folks were there discussing what to do for the youth of the town. My suggestion of a community based, managed and run coffee shop and Internet cafe went down very well. Over the next few months plans and ideas were put forward along with a suggestion that an old building in town be used for the venture - The Old Blue Coat School.
That was it, it was decided the venue would be great and funding for renovation could be found. Another meeting - all the ideas were pooled together, I had the task of finding info for the business plan and was asked to put together a document of what the vision for the place was.... This I did.. A point came in the meeting were attentions were turned and I was asked what my intentions were.. Are you doing this to make money? What's the deal? Why would you do it? I felt let down, as if the folks in the meet were singling me out to get shot of me and take the idea away as there own. OK, I thought, at least the plan and idea will move on and get somewhere. I explained to the folks in the meet that this was something I wanted to do and was making changes in my life to accommodate it. The plan did move on and I stepped aside making some suggestions about getting a real professional on board. Basically I was weighing them up to see what the reality was for the plan, of making this old listed building an Internet cafe and coffee shop. Faced with the reality of the site being developed for use as the cafe quickly made plans fall apart. At least that's how I saw it, from the bottom of the pile of expectations placed upon me. 
The plan fell apart and it was decided that the building should still be developed but have the cafe plan as a part time thing, a visit to a similar venue kind of decided that for the whole idea. What a shame, the vibrant fun filled place with great coffee and stuff to do would be turned into instant coffee served with WI fairy cakes... Needless to say we parted company.
The Cafe
 Caffe Connect as it was going to be was a concept to unite community. A meeting place with a vibe for fun and relaxation. I believe it was a God given vision of something I was to do or at least be a part of. I tried it but failed. It wasn't meant to be, not by me at least. The plan will come back soon but I've made a decision, (Just now) that I'll not be a part of it. Saying that, If I can help someone else to do it then I will. It's time for me to rebuild my life back to what I can call normal. 

I chased this dream, vision, plan.... idea, what ever, through out this year..

From visiting the Isle of Wight to see premises, visiting businesses in Reading, Newport and Newbury, looking at shops and seeing planning authorities to buying equipment for the place. A fortune later, a lot of time later, through ups and downs good times and bad... The plan was finally happening, a premises in the Broadway right in the centre of town was the place, it was all done, planning approved, legals covered and ready to sign. That day... the wheels fell off. Richard, the landlord sent me an email saying he had decided to work with someone else. Good bye Bullock - Game over... That was the lot.

The plan had come to an end. The equipment I purchased has all but gone and the plans have been deleted and shredded. I need to find my way back. I gave up a job that was on the up, along with the security it offered to chase the dream. Don't let anyone say I didn't try. I did try, I just wasn't good enough. That doesn't mean I'll never be good enough. I'm sure I will, I have some divine help :-)
After all of this though I look back and realise that maybe it wasn't right for me. What did I know about coffee and leases and business? Enough I think, I did my homework, seminars, books and countless hours researching and visiting places. Maybe I was a little naive to think it could work, I still had so much to do. Work I was going to do when I had a premises. I also had a healthy dose of fear and doubt.....
           ..... That's were the realisation of the failure comes to me. Fear and doubt are not things I should consider, not if I have faith. I know I do have faith and am very blessed to have what I have. There begins the lesson, handle day to day life differently - spending time with the Lord, listening for his guidance. I've filled my life up with so much stuff - useless stuff..  Time for it go and to return to what I know best.
It's coming up to that time when the year ends and the new one begins. This year has seen a whole load of beginnings and endings. All will have their impact in changing the way we live around here. The search for that new beginning is underway, a new job maybe and some new things to do, charities to support and things to achieve... I'm ending here because I'm rambling... In my head and on the blog....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reading Arts : Felix Dexter - Multiple Personalities in Person

Reading Arts : Felix Dexter - Multiple Personalities in Person: "Concert Hall
Felix Dexter - Multiple Personalities in Person

Wednesday 13 October, 8pm
Part of Reading Comedy Festival 2010
Critically acclaimed for his characters and performance on BBC 2's ‘Bellamy's People’ and the star of Radio 4’s ‘Down The Line’ Felix Dexter returns to Reading with his new stand-up and character show.
'...the audience doubled over with tears in their eyes' - Observer
'Excellent explosive and exhilarating performer' - Guardian"

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday, October 01, 2010

Caffé Connect Over

Plans for an internet cafe in the Broadway at Thatcham have been thwarted at
the final hurdle

THATCHAM'S chances of having an internet cafe in the town centre have been
thwarted at the final hurdle.
Paul Bullock, of Park Avenue, was given planning approval just this month
for an internet cafe which was going to be located in the Broadway at the
redundant Samson and George estate agents building which closed down several
years ago.
However, just before renovation works were due to take place, the landlord
of the building pulled out saying he was going to proceed with another
company which was purely retail use.
Now, Mr Bullock, who was hoping to have the internet cafe up and running by
early November, has said that his dream of turning the building into
community project was over.
He said: "I feel quite let down.
"I have wasted money on the application and fees on other things as well
such as a consultant.
"Maybe I should have signed the lease without planning permission but that
is risky and my solicitor said that same thing."
The aim of the internet cafe was to provide a place where young people could
meet with friends and use the technology which was available to them.
Mr Bullock had also hoped that the walls would be used to display and sell
art work by local artists and that the building would include a Thatcham
Vision Community Connect office, to give charities and local services an
outreach centre for organisations to publicise themselves and display
information leaflets.
Mr Bullock said: "It's upsetting news for us, we thought this venture had so
much to offer the town and community as a whole and it's something I have
wanted to do for a long while.
"I have been talking to a lot of people in the town about it - there were so
many people behind it.
"I have been looking around Thatcham but there is no where else and I don't
think I will be able to go through the whole planning process again.
"At this moment in time I can't see a way forward - it's a real shame."
When approached by the Newbury Weekly News, Richard Fearn of Langley Estates
in Slough declined to disclose the name of the company he is currently in
talks with to take over the lease.
He said: "We have just started the legal process.
"It's fairly early days and it will become apparent quite soon."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hills Killer

The results are in, 4:56:14. 2010 Hills Killer Challenge. It was windy up on them there hills this year. A great ride out and a great weekend once again with my mate Terry. The fifth year of the doing the ride. The sun always shines.
We tried Zorbing.. I feel sick thinking of it. Great fun even though you feel sick whilst doing it. I was sick! apparently the first and only to be sick since they had began. I doubt that though. Nothing to do with drinking a few pints the night before either. The game of scrabble is still a bone of contention between me and my sister. We play once a year on the 23rd December on a Gin night. Called Gin night because of the copious amounts of the stuff we drink in one night. Usually I never touch the stuff. Anyways, Scrabble! We thought we would give it a go with Terry playing too, I was way out there in the lead... :-) At least I was until Kay won with a sneaky score I helped her get. Doh! Why did I open my mouth. Next year on Killers weekend we shall not be playing scrabble, Terry id simply no help in making me beat Kay.
Yet another great weekend though, avoided the sea and everything... That water was cold...

Results from the Killers of yesteryear...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unconditional Love

That's what the 'Hebron Dragon Slayer' gave us all. A hole has been left by our Sher Pei, Charlie. Rest in peace Charlie Boy. He died from lymphoma, cancer this morning. Eight years old, he would have been on 29th September - a great friend. Snored like a trooper and always sneezed boogers at me. He will be sadly missed by us all...
He had a difficult life, setting records for pet insurance claims at his first vets. He had breathing problems, eye problems, ear problems and all sorts of allergies. After we had got him we found out that the Sher Pei bread have had recommendations from vets to be out bred. They are born deformed, some more than others but all a man made batch of animal cruelty. Don't get me wrong, Charlie was a great dog. It was such a shame for him - his ears were sewn up, two face lifts and his eye lids were removed. Made him snore, snort you with snot and cover you in slobber, lovely. Enough of the bad things about his breed. There are lots of good things too - it's probably less cruel to let these dogs die out naturally though, most Sher Pei breeders I've met wouldn't agree. There is a lot of money involved after all. We have so many good memories of him... Every year our little boy made us buy him a birthday cake and candles, then sing happy birthday... He liked cake :-) Our neighbour would cook him joints and all sorts of food. The dog ate better than us, quales, pidgeon, veal, beef, the list goes on.
Rest now boy, the suffering is over. x

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost Prophets

It's began, Reading Fest - soooo cool...

Difficult day

Woke up feeling ill, interview at 10.30 on the Island. Didn't do too well, missing some core skills. We shall see the outcome next week. Good side though, Reading Music festival next. Guns N Roses tonight :-)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

South Downs Done 2010

Was a rainy start making things a little damp... Oh no, is it gonna rain all day? of course not :-) Morning was mild, little bit of rain at lunch then glorious sunshine. It was ace. We had an early start, 5:30ish to get on our bikes at about half six. It was knackering - had Terry with me this year, someone to chat to on the way round.. Happy Days
Next year we'll be back, raised a bit for the heart foundation and burnt out our legs for a few days. I've made a promise to myself to maintain the cycling through the winter this year, it's been a hard slog to get over this years winter. I put weight on that I can't get shot of.. Oh well keep on plodding on... The Hills Killer is September. Bring it on!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Job application online today. Return to work Monday after a slow time on the contract.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camp 102 new tent

Well nearly new tent, finally got it put up after trying it inside out, doh!
Good ride here, a few mistakes on the final leg where we went into a private prep school instead of down a bridle way. Weather is good. No noise after 10, you have been told...
Time for me to chill out, I've been so wound up the past few days- constantly having to say sorry to the folks I upset, that's everyone. I don't know what's up with me. I should pray, stillness may be the way to find the answer... God bless

Friday, July 02, 2010

Thought I would share this website with you...


Hope you're enjoying the sun, rain, sun, sun, rain, sun today J

I've been using this site for a while and today they clocked 2 billion
minutes with reading the bible.

I find it really great - maybe you will too... It's all free and you can
load it on your phone too (that's me)


happy days... Paul.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Downs - Ride to fix broken hearts...

It's here, I'm in not so tip top condition, but I'm gonna do it anyway. 65 miles on the South Downs to raise money for the British Heart Foundation..

Please sponsor me!

That's because it's a really good cause and the clever research blokes are
going to make a real difference to the lives of those living with heart
problems. Folks who have lost a loved one from heart attack, stroke and all
those other heart problem thingies... I once knew a boy who lost his Dad
from an unexpected heart attack... His life took a long time to get good
again... He lost friends, family, respect and made some pretty bad
decisions... He needed his Dad to be with him...

I feel a bit naughty.... that's my entire address book ;-)

Lots of Love, 
God Bless Paul

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Good morning at Camp 101

Well, that was not too bad after all. A bit damp this morning from the condensation of three of us. Was good, we all slept well and woke at 9, so we even got a lie in. After wash and toilet time, coffee, lots of it. Josh needs to do his water run. ;-) The sun is shining and warming us up. Breakfast is Pot Noodle and the remains of the bread, we'll pack after that and go for a ride, the long way home. Shhh don't tell the boys. Missing church this morning, looks like the Lord is here right now, the sun is glorious. Amen
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Teatime done at Camp 101

Well that was good, sausage, bacon and boiled eggs followed by Tiramasu or Trifle or Yoghurt. I had the Tiramasu option, yum. Sitting back now relaxing with home made indian pale ale. Ben is chilling and Josh is playing with the kids down the field - the neighbours. I must say, the caravan folks up the field all fence them selves away from us in tents - each other too though. I don't get that! It's still a good way to spend some time. Very happy and relaxed. Shame Michelle didn't come!
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Camp site

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Base Camp 101

Our first camping trip with the bikes. Josh has never camped, let's see how this goes, so far so good. He's towing the trailer for the water run and has already made the tea, he's cooking on the BBQ next. Looking forward to this, weather is great, it's quiet and beautiful. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I'll let you know how the night goes.
Father, son's and the great outdoors. Off exploring ... Ben is building something ... Err what the .....
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Getting Married

It's happening.. I need to sit back and tell myself that.. Sitting here at VM DMC being at the beck and call of a manager, I 'm waiting for some good working instructions on what he wants me to do.. All he need do is say and I'll get on. I'm quite capable at this Cable TV stuff. Anyways, killing some time while I'm waiting I'll drop some thoughts into the blog. A lot is happening and things are getting a little scary but, very exciting. Really - Very exciting... pBullox Ltd is setup and is embarking on it's first venture. An internet cafe and coffee shop, (see many previous posts) The premises is found and the lease is being sorted by the solicitors, I really want to get the keys by my Birthday. It's a big ask - who cares, waiting is a waste. We have some equipment and bags of ideas, the legal stuff will be got through and by the end of July we should be feeding, drinking and connecting... wow a slogan has just been born.
The name of the internet cafe and coffe shop is 'Caffe Connect'. The word Caffe being the Italian spelling - a friend of mine owns a cafe using this spelling so it will remind me of him, a great guy who spent time with me giving his insight. The connect part in the name should explain itself really, the place is all about connections, people, friends, computers, mail, chat - you name it we'll try to connect it.Funds are limited but I'm not gonna let that scare me off, I think with the right attitude this can be a success. If I keep the purpose at the front of my mind and keep God in the picture I'm sure he'll help and this will be better than I could ever do alone :-)
The contract work I have for Cotswold has been extended so I'm keeping my finger in at the Cable company to pay the bills. It's a good job to have with a lot of really great people, managers are ok too..
Michelle just called me and told me my sister has got engaged to be married.. Spooky, I asked her only the other day if she would ever get wed.. here she is engaged. Awesome news, she deserves a good bloke to be happy with. Her boys are growing up and going there own ways so now she can have a life sharing things with someone else. Happy days. God bless her and her family. Michelle said reaction from her friends has been that she is mad,silly, stupid. I think not, they don't want to share my sister with anyone - she's a really amazing person.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Belfast day...

Ferry across the Mersey... On my way to Belfast.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goodbye number 3

The day had to come I suppose. A sad day, my motorbike had to go. I just didn't use it as much I should. The pedals call me more than the revs. A nice guy bought it- I think he'll have fun. I'll wait til my mid life crisis to happen before I get another. Then again, I think I had my crisis when I bought no3.
Happy days, life goes on so, Goodbye number 3...
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Midlands, but more important Telford.

Pictures from our weekend in the Midlands seeing friends. Had a good ride out around Telford and down to the Ironbridge. It's been a long time since I'd been there. Last time was with Toby hiding away from the work at the Cafe near the bridge. Happy days... Was good to see Jo, Chris and the family.. looking forward to July... Did you know the sun always shines in Telford? I'd write more but have been told to "Come Here" by her in doors.. Out :-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not sure if this is the right decision but I think I owe it to all to give it a go. The boy has done a runner again – he was grounded for not eating his vegetables at tea time, or so he says. Actually he was treating folks in the house with contempt and rudeness. So, he was grounded. That’s neither here or there though. He didn’t come home last night and refuses to do so. The Police were called as usual and they did there thing. Today (Saturday) they spoke to him and called Michelle. They said to her maybe she reconsiders the grounding and maybe he will come home, right now he’s not returning. This is the seventh or eighth time this has happened and things have gone too far.

The last time this happened I spoke to him and asked him to make a decision to stay and live by the house rules or leave. I have reminded him of the agreement and it has worked until now. It appears when he can’t have his own way he rebels and, pardon the French... gives us a good slagging. This time it’s different, I see this attempt as his decision to leave home – with the cops telling us he is safe and we should back down I feel we have done all we can - time to cut him loose to be and do what he wants. My gut feeling is he will create problems for people and they will resent him and us as parents. What are we to do? It seems out of control.

The decision I mentioned above is this, after spouting off and getting over my anger and frustration I am going to ask him to pick up his clothes and what possessions he wants, then I will give him some money to be getting on with. I know this is not right but I really do feel it will help give him some comforts and help to get by for a little while. After this I’ll tell him I love him and that the way home is for him to open the negotiations. I am closing off all other avenues for him to return. This time he will have to deal with it all. Now I know this will be huge for him to do and will probably never happen. He needs to learn that the family he is part of are all equal and should all respect and love one another. This takes commitment... He will have some hard lessons over the next few days.

Lord I pray to you to forgive us both and help us to help each other, in Jesus name. Amen.

Monday, February 22, 2010

South Downs 2010

It's back, I'm back...
For yet another South Downs challenge.
This will be my third year attempting the ride. The past two have had their own set of problems. Back in 2007 I couldn't compete because of my heart condition was giving me problems. 2008 bought pain, suffering because someone didn't train enough... ! doh! Finally 2009 was good, I made it - Just about. Crashed on the hill down into Queen Elizabeth park.. Ouch! The bike was smashed - crank smashed, Me smashed... Never mind.
This Year I have a new bike, a new drive to get this done faster and more efficient. I mean no crashes. I'm soo looking forward to it. It's one of the best weekends in the year. My beautiful wife becomes my roady... A real team effort.
Partners in crime will not go a miss. If you fancy it come on, sign up... It's a great place and a great ride. Plus you get the added bonus of raising money for the (IMHO) number one charity in the uk.

Back to the blurb....
Come On! Sponsor me !

God Bless and thanks for reading and of course sponsoring... Love ya ;-)

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page.
Donating through Justgiving is quick, easy and totally secure. It’s also the most efficient way to sponsor me: British Heart Foundation gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.
So please sponsor me now!

Offer accepted

I sent my offer for a business on Sunday night. It was accepted today. Cafe Piazza in a new build are of Reading. An up and coming community centered Coffee and Sandwich shop. Over the next few weeks I will get the legals signed off and things put together. This place has potential to build and become great. I'm thinking of a charity to support and going fair trade.
Plans, plans, plans - now I'll be in a position of more knowledge to help out with the internet cafe project in Thatcham.
Defining moments are like intersections in our lives - they give us an opportunity to turn, change direction, and seek a new destination. They present options and opportunities. In these moments, we must choose. And the choice we make will define us! " (UCB Word for today 22nd Feb 2010)

Monday, February 15, 2010

On my Travels 4

I made it. (430 miles from home) Scotland is a very beautiful place. Hills and Mountains with snow on top. Ace. I'm in the premier lodge over looking some water. It's connected to the sea, not sure which sea though! :-) probably the North Sea. I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of Edinburgh.
Work tonight at 12:00. Get that over and done with as quick as me thinks...
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On my Travels 3

And then there be men is skirts. I'm in Scotland! KFC has smaller portions... What the !?! :-) 88 miles to go..
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On my Travels 2

Ten miles past Blackpool turning. The Lake and it's raining ;-)
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On my Travels

I'm going past Wolverhampton. Ay iy, gooin to Scotland. Heading for Edinburgh.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Look at the Island

Here I am once again going to the island to look for business opportunities. Not too sure it's right for the plan but what the heck. Give it a go with nothing to lose. I may check in later. Just killing boring ferry time.
I was asked if I could prove finance today. Would cash do? ;-)

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Meet No 4

Trek 8000
First hardtail I've owned. What a bike! Weighs 21Lb and absolutley flies. Up hills is so much easier than the Giant, not too sure about the light weight inner tubes though, punctured at 3 miles.

Happy Days... South Downs here we come... :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cafe Latte

Hi me dear,
The Lord has spoken!
Cafe Latte is going to be sold. Not yet - they are dealing with paper work. However, this means I can't take the place on.
Brenda has signed it over to her daughter and she will be selling up... A mortgage was never part of the plan - it may be in the future but not yet.
The search will continue... The cake stand will find a home. Will the Island be part of them... I don't know. I'd like to think so.
Chin up.. (I'm talking to myself now can you tell?)
See you soon...
Love, Paul

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi, I'm home

What a welcome! Back from a week working away waiting for 'er in doors to get back. The door opens, in runs the boy... "hello daddy, how are you?" and gives me a big hug. Behind him I hear " hello, WHERE ARE THE DOGS". "Outside" I say. I put them outside because they're suffering with stinking mut sindrome. When I walked in today the hall was the first room stinking, then I open the kitchen door and 'oh Boy' minging! What else can you do to get shut of the stink. I put the dogs out with their carpets to run in the fresh air, then mopped the floor and cleaned up with some nice smelling stuff.
Now, I don't know what I did wrong. I go in the kitchen and there she is loving the dogs... I should know where I stand eh! What a great home coming, I had such big ideas of happiness and all that soppy stuff, I thought I had got my head clear after some time away. Maybe I have. I've not kicked off even though I've been treated with such contempt. I only got rid of a smell that was making me feel sick. She's a smoker so possibly can't smell it like me. Maybe I just need ..... 'to be'
These blogs are not visited that often by her so it will be a while before se knows how she made me feel. Pretty crap to say the least... At least she has the stinking dogs... I just have the stink.

:-) Moan over... back to happy days, I'm home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Trying to plan the next steps is proving somewhat difficult. I made the leap to leave the cable company – the only thing I really know. Now, I am faced with decisions for the future that are the right ones for the plan. The life plan that is. I suppose I'm writing this to do the usual and empty my head of thoughts. Thing is, this is really a prayer. I'm looking for help with some decisions because I'm really struggling. It's all very exciting but scary at the same time. I have these moments of clarity within the mess that is my brain but, straight away these fill with doubts and worries. 
Father, put me right? I know I shouldn't worry, you have got my back. I know I should walk through this with you and listen to what you tell me. It's all so hard though. I need my mind to quiet and to have some real direction. I know you'll help me make the right decisions for us all.

Café Latte has been on the phone, I reckon she was thinking on her feet to maximise a deal, that's understandable. I need to get back to her on Thursday with a decision on the way forward and if we can work together. The place would be expensive and would mean the move to the Island. It's so appealing but so daunting at the same time. After this, the lady from the shop in Newbury has been in touch – I see her this Sunday to go over things and work out if that place could be a good way into business. The work I'm doing now is soul destroying. At the moment there is company and people to talk to. This will change and the repetitiveness of the job will bite. I'm also now in touch with a guy offering work doing stuff more interesting. Thing is didn't I make this leap to do the vision? The café with the community at its heart… I'm sure that's the direction I should be following.
Is this time away from home, so I can get my head straight? I'll write this and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day. The choices I'm faced with all have their "what if" value.

Please help me make the right choice?

In Jesus' name… Amen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting on with the year...

Well that's my first week of unemployment over and done with. Woke up this morning wanting to go out to town - with no buses and only having a motorbike or broken push bike to choose from, I felt quite stuck.
The car has gone back to the fleet people and the job has just, well, gone. What to do? How do folks get on with unemployment? I'm bored. Have just cleared the snow on the drive, the neighbours drive, the footpaths and the road. It gave me something to do for an hour. I've been waiting to hear from some guys about doing some contract work down in Reading. This has been delayed, whilst that's delayed I have been offered more work to get me going. I took it whilst the chance was there.
So, unemployment has ended. I've now got the work to keep me going whilst I sort the plans for the cafe. I'm still undecided on where, what and when. It should come clear this week after a steering group meeting. The venture will either fit my ideals or will fit and not be in my control and therefore not suit. I'm going keep looking and at some point see the bank about possible extra financing or the venture. There is a place in Newbury that intrigues me, somewhere to cut my teeth in business - maybe an opportunity to lay future foundations.
Anyways, the cycle events for this year should now begin to come together. I feel fat and unfit. It's been two months since I got on the bike, I want so much for it to become part of every day life for me. The way I get to work and the way I have fun. It should help me lose the extra stone I've gained. If the business opportunity in Newbury came off I could begin to fulfill the need by cycling there and back each day, maybe build a link with the bike shop and get cyclists interested in doing stuff.
South Downs is a must for the year, this is the hardest ride I've ever done. When the sun is hot and the sky's are clear the place is just alive. The Downs are one of the most beautiful places you could visit. There are so many great folks to say Hi to when you're out and about too. The ride on behalf of the British Heart Foundation is well planned and marshaled by some really friendly folks. You need train hard (much harder than I ever do) the hills and terrain along with the heat (yes, it's been hot both years I've done it) really wears you down. That's one ride I'm really looking forward to - I'm gonna get that booked now....

British Heart Foundation - View Event

British Heart Foundation - View Event:
"65 miles off-road demanding rideKnown to many as the toughest off-road bike ride in the UK, the South Downs Way Randonnée is not to be missed in 2010!What’s the route?
The 65 miles starts at Winchester and finishes at Devil's Dyke Brighton. On finishing all bikers will receive a medal and a free t-shirt.Anybody that loves off-road biking and wants to push themselves and achieve that feeling of triumph, has to apply for this year’s ride! Perhaps you’ve done the 65 miles before and want to beat your personal challenge or you did the 35 miles in 2009 and want to step up in 2010, whatever your reasons don’t miss out on this superb tough ride.Anything else I need to know?
• This ride is only suitable for experienced off-road bikers.
• There will be opportunities on route to fill water bottles and to buy food and drink.
• Numbers are restricted so we strongly recommend you pre-register before the event to save disappointment.
• Minimum age 18.
• We strongly suggest all riders wear helmets.
• Option to buy new for 2010, a BHF specific cycle top via the website. Coming soon!!!
• We strongly advise you train for this event.Do I have to raise sponsorship?
We ask all bikers to raise a minimum of £50 in sponsorship please.
However to help the BHF save lives we urge you to raise as much sponsorship money as possible. The BHF is the nation’s heart charity, dedicated to saving lives through pioneering research, patient care, campaigning for change and by providing vital equipment and information. We rely on donations of time and money to continue our life-saving work.Don't forget to set up your online sponsorship page now by visiting w"

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