Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cystoscopy.. West Berks Day 2

I thought deserved a mention, a punishment invented by some bright spark... A cystoscopy was the procedure I had yesterday. The thing itself is not bad but the aftermath was oh so painful.. All went well, I saw this camera thing that was eventually fed down my penis, yeh.... Ouch.... On the screen I saw the tubes and then inside the bladder, it was uncomfortable at worse and not painful - too much. After all was done I had an overwhelming urge to go pee... I got to the toilet and it started. The pain was intense as the saline solution comes out, then it felt like someone had set it on fire... I stumbled to the door and quickly fastened my trousers, I felt like using the loo again, and the urge was huge. I got back to the toilet and it was 'game over'... Pain......
I stepped out into the corridor and stumbled toward a nurse, I was about to pass out. The pain was so intense. They lay me down and slowly it subsided. I was told it will wear off, it did very slowly. Finally I got up and left, said thanks for the care and I was on my way.
I got home and slept, it had took everything from me.. I was so tired... Today the pain is only very slight and I was given the all clear, no stones... That's the good thing. Some powerful praying took care of that.
Tip for the future, if I'm asked to have another one of those - insist on a general...

All in all though, two appointments at the West Berks this week, and both have been great, felt like I was treated the best possible by the staff. Such a shame about the bandits in the car park charging £1.50 an hour.
That's it, no more investigations of the water works I hope. I do hope the kidney pains never return... Cos aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh...... Hope this doesn't scare anyone with a similar problem, my advice is get put to sleep at every point if you're a wuss who can't take pain.... That'll be me then :-)


Back to the bike, 350 miles by the end of February... Wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Feeling apprehensive

It's all wrong today, I'm not where I should be mentally or spiritually. This day is going wrong.
To top that I'm in the urology department waiting for a procedure..

.... Oh no, got to go. Time to change, no computer today just the phone so will leave it there...

I'm so scared...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Royal Berks IVU

After the torture that is parking at this place (should have caught the bus like a good citizen)I'm here waiting for an IVU... What's that? I ask, I'm not too sure only read the letter as I sat down to wait. I'm near rooms that say XRay so am thinking that may have something to do with it. We shall see...

...... The wait continues, I'm still smiling although a little apprehensive, this thing has injections involved. Doh!

..... Oh my days!! in the words of Dominik. I am nearly naked waiting in a corridor covered in those gowns that hospitals have, an injection coming and they're going to fill my bladder some how. You see I have kidney stones and this is the start of the investigations to find and fix them. Hope it goes well eh. I'm still smiling I know who's got my back. All will be good. Lol

... Just used the toilet under instruction to empty my bladder, they're going to fill it, I wonder if they serve tea to do that. ... The wait continues.

Watching the world go by, well at least the cleaner. Not much entertainment in this corridor - just me and God.

....... Well that was not too bad. Had loads of X-rays on my abdomen, the injection was to show my kidneys on X-ray, didn't realize I've had one of these before though. These will go off to the doctor I suppose to be checked.

Back in the corridor waiting again... Ultrasound next. Sitting here writing this blog thinking about my parking ticket. Note to self, read the letters before you go so you have an idea of how long all this takes, no worries about parking that way. Hope I have enough ticket left. Otherwise this will be expensive.

Oh well back to waiting, thinking, contemplating.When's the weather going to warm up, I need to get outside, I tell you, the winter has been really cold for me. I never used to feel it like this, I suppose I must be getting old eh! No. You're only as old as you feel. When I get on track with plans I'll be building a room at the end of the garden, some where to chill.... I'll come back to that later... Time to finish this entry...

.... Back at work, the ultra sound took seconds, I had 3 minutes left on the parking... All worked out great, like I knew it would. A good experience today of the NHS and royal Berks hospital.

Another procedure tomorrow.... Aaaarrrghhhh come back to find out more... Out.


Location:Reading,United Kingdom

Surprises me how

Surprises me how time flies by. It's February already and I'm thinking I wanted to have done more by now. Cycle training not done! Weight loss for the jump not done, new job, interviews not done. Come on lad get a grip and get it together.
Hope I have more to report by the end of February anyways. Lent begins soon, a much needed time for me to focus on relationships and my relationship with the LORD. Folks ask, what you giving up? I was asked this Sunday by a lady from church, I wanted to scream at her. You see lent is more than just giving up some insignificant thing like chocolate or alcohol for a few weeks. It's about choosing to not do, eat or have something that you really want, in order to bring you to the Lord in need of his help.... This way when the want or need arises you can turn to God and ask for the strength to not have. Like Jesus when he was in the wilderness. Some folks don't eat at all, I couldn't do that personally. But whatever I choose to not do or have it will bring me closer to the Lord, so that I can spend some much needed time pressing into him to hear what he wants me to. I may even give up sitting down chilling out - procrastinating and replace it with prayer time. That sounds just the ticket, I should do this anyway but always busy myself up with being busy, not realising time is flying by. And there we go, back to where we started.... It's February already you know. Anyhow I'll be back - soon I hope but you know how it is don't you?

Love from the master of procrastination...

Location:Thatcham,United Kingdom

The Last Hill

The year has started well, a visit to London for lunch and a show. Saw 'Wicked' at the Apollo in Victoria. A really good show about the witches in Oz. They are quite nice really, in love and not evil at all... If you believe what the new story is about :-) after we took in Regent Street and Hamleys for Joshua before getting back to the trains... He's now the proud owner of a Harry Potter wand. I very nearly purchased some new boots until I realised they were three hundred pounds... Whaaaat!

Thursday bought some comedy, in the shape of Lenny Henry. He was visiting Newbury to perform his new show 'Cradle to Rave'. The story of how music impacted his life and the love he's always had for music. It was great hearing him talk of the places he grew up with and the memories that bought back for me. Turning to Michelle all the time asking "do you remember that"? I was probably annoying to some folks...

This weekend has been quite cool, Michelle gave me a surprise trip to the Island, she booked us a place in Ventnor to stay. It had a nice pool and was in a great location. I took the bike and gave it a go on Saturday morning.
The hills in Ventnor are real hard work. I set off from the hotel and got straight into a climb, I felt soo tired, I tell you, I am so unfit it's unreal. Christmas pud is lingering and I'm suffering for it. When I got to the top of the road climb I turned a corner to discover I knew where I was. You see I had been here before, it was hill seven from the killers.... Oh no.... The real big one that has lots of turns and up hilly bits. This was the test, in September last year I did this hill in one after already riding 18 miles. This time I needed to stop - about five times.... Not good!

I've since decided that some training is in order and a plan to stay winter fit for the end of the year, maybe a sport, kick boxing or something...

I'm contemplating things I've never done before for this year, things for me and things for the family and things for the wife... A tattoo seems to be at the front of my mind... Hope it goes away eh...

Out til later...


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