Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Royal Berks IVU

After the torture that is parking at this place (should have caught the bus like a good citizen)I'm here waiting for an IVU... What's that? I ask, I'm not too sure only read the letter as I sat down to wait. I'm near rooms that say XRay so am thinking that may have something to do with it. We shall see...

...... The wait continues, I'm still smiling although a little apprehensive, this thing has injections involved. Doh!

..... Oh my days!! in the words of Dominik. I am nearly naked waiting in a corridor covered in those gowns that hospitals have, an injection coming and they're going to fill my bladder some how. You see I have kidney stones and this is the start of the investigations to find and fix them. Hope it goes well eh. I'm still smiling I know who's got my back. All will be good. Lol

... Just used the toilet under instruction to empty my bladder, they're going to fill it, I wonder if they serve tea to do that. ... The wait continues.

Watching the world go by, well at least the cleaner. Not much entertainment in this corridor - just me and God.

....... Well that was not too bad. Had loads of X-rays on my abdomen, the injection was to show my kidneys on X-ray, didn't realize I've had one of these before though. These will go off to the doctor I suppose to be checked.

Back in the corridor waiting again... Ultrasound next. Sitting here writing this blog thinking about my parking ticket. Note to self, read the letters before you go so you have an idea of how long all this takes, no worries about parking that way. Hope I have enough ticket left. Otherwise this will be expensive.

Oh well back to waiting, thinking, contemplating.When's the weather going to warm up, I need to get outside, I tell you, the winter has been really cold for me. I never used to feel it like this, I suppose I must be getting old eh! No. You're only as old as you feel. When I get on track with plans I'll be building a room at the end of the garden, some where to chill.... I'll come back to that later... Time to finish this entry...

.... Back at work, the ultra sound took seconds, I had 3 minutes left on the parking... All worked out great, like I knew it would. A good experience today of the NHS and royal Berks hospital.

Another procedure tomorrow.... Aaaarrrghhhh come back to find out more... Out.


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