Sunday, February 22, 2009


23.5 miles on Saturday. From Thatcham to Highclere, cycled to the limits of the map.. Saw how the other half lived, started in a small village called Sandham, poshness measured by seeing two Ferraris. From there onward and upward seeing signs saying strictley private on the fences in the middle of the woods. By my reckoning a back garden 2 miles wide... cool!
Some pics of the trek.... Just so you can see what you're missing... :-) yeh, I know; Whatever!

The thingy most southern on the map.... The Temple on Highclere Park

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Changes. The job changing, I think it needs putting on here for reflection when it changes some more. I don't quite know what's going on. It's a bit of a whirlwind. In January I agreed to help out with another team. It would mean I would be working with two teams organising and helping out. I had just put the first team meet together with the new boys and started putting a new direction in place when it all changed once more. The meet was ended by the boss at 1pm, by 1:15 I was the Acting Regional Manager of South London. Where is Acton? :-)
How did that happen? I think the plan was for me to work with the two teams during the new transitional period and another guy in the same role as me to take the manager job. He refused so they asked me. Second choice but why should I let that bother me?
It all starts Monday. Twelve guys spread across the area, loads of projects and loads of maintenance. I am told there are some tough times ahead with difficult decision to make and inform the teams. I'm a bit apprehensive but what the hey..
I think it's all part of the plan... The real plan... I'll let blogdom know as soon as I do, because I'm sure not driving this. People usually have to work hard at getting into these positions. I seem to have just walked into it. It's only acting but who knows, temporary or permanent it will have a purpose. Maybe it's a stop gap and I'm being used until the post is made redundant. Hmmm; interesting times ahead.
The Coffee shop idea is still taking shape. I read a proposal for the towns vision on the council website and the ideas I have written down fit the ideas of the towns people. Looks like there is a need ....
............. Now, how to make it work?............

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This will work

An idea I've been thinking over for some time.
My work situation at the moment is one of liking what I do, the people I work with and the company I work for. Something is missing though. I moved to Thatcham two years ago this month; 16th February. Since then life has got better, so many things have happened for the better. I have done the things I can afford and have wanted to do. One thing missing though, and that brings me back to my point.... I always seem to digress.
I have an idea for a business; a coffee shop. A place for the community to meet. I have this idea of a place with areas all wrapped into one for people of all ages. An Internet and computer area, a soft play area, a chill out area with nice comfy seats all tied together with tables and chairs of different kinds to make you feel 'togetherness' when you're sitting drinking your drink. There is a place in the High Street near me that has the room to do this and is vacant. There are local groups that I'm sure would appreciate the place to do there things and maybe get others involved. What I'm thinking of is the hub of the community. I go to Church and mix with Christians, I go to the School and mix with Parents, I go to the supermarket and mix with the folks getting on with their shopping. All these people never mix it up so there are all sorts of divisions around. I know you get this in most walks of life but I feel a place like I'm thinking of can do the job of bringing them together.
Imagine... A guy sitting at home feeling a bit bored. He decides to go for a walk. He gets home and thinks, oh well. Back here again still bored. Now Imagine... The same guy sitting at home thinking I'm bored... He now decides to go out for a walk and stop off at the Coffee Shop and has a slice of cake... The guy there has a chat with him, a bit of a laugh; and sells him some cake to take home to 'her in doors'... Everyone's happy, he has something to talk about, his wife gets some cake so she's happy and he has the story of the visit to the coffee shop. ..... Bear with me..... There is a point....... Now imagine the same thing, but there are fifty people..... That's a lot of cake.
I hope you get my point. A place to meet, chat, drink and eat cake.... Nights set aside for groups, afternoons for youngsters, mornings for mums, evenings for teens, parties for kids, company for the lonely, food for the hungry and nights for Dads... So much potential, all are welcome.

It could work.......... couldn't it?

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