Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Started

Oh well, week two of the new job.
I did three days last week and got to see the new sites I'm working at. They look ok and there is a lot of new stuff to learn. Friday I payed a visit to Sky TV in London and was expecting to see glamourous offices and TV presenters, nothing special though. I still don't know where they park the space ship used to fix the satellite. I stayed at a hotel last week near Reading town centre, it advertised free wireless broadband, it was free but absolutely shite. The connection dropped out more than it was on, I couldn't even check email.

This week I am stopping at different place, it seems on first impression to be better albeit a bit more expensive. The wireless broadband works well as you can see from this entry. The owner gave me his password so I can use his connection, thanks Nabeel, just incase you're looking. I didn't need it though I switched on my PC and found four other networks all of them unsecure.

I need to find a house now quicker than ever. Staying in hotels is already driving me mad. I get real homesick and miss the family and my creature comforts. It's a lonely existance living in hotel rooms and I can't stand using toilets and showers that are not my own. Yes, I know a bit weird, or not. I will have a look around Newbury tomorrow after work to see if I can find a house I like. So Michelle, if you look in I'm not wasting all my time down here.. that's it I'm off. instant message is calling .... Chow .. mein.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Its all happening, changes that is. We decided earlier this year that life needs some changes to spice it all up again. Move house maybe, change of job, location and even my hair doo, well maybe not my hair doo but everything else.
So Friday was my last day working here in the Midlands, my new terms and conditions were signed off by the boss man and I accepted a new position as a Senior Headend Engineer working in the Thames Valley. It took a while to get to this stage because of the department being at risk of redundancy and lots of moves happening. I first applied for the position in Southampton but just lost out at interview. A few weeks later it was suggested I apply again for the role in the Thames Valley, so I did and got the job. After a couple of weeks of negotiating I got the terms I wanted and accepted the role.
We have decided to move to Newbury so the house will be on the market as of tomorrow (Monday) and the house hunt will begin. I'm thinking I should be a bit stressed but I don't feel like that Yet...... Her in doors is doing all the stressing for me. Work for me now will be in Hayes London, Oxford and Reading, quite a big area I think. I looked at Oxford a couple of weeks ago and would really like to live there but the cost is like WOW too much. Newbury is near to Reading and access to the motorway is good plus it looks like a nice place with loads of green areas and open spaces. I finished work at Wolverhampton on Friday and it all felt a bit weird because it wasn't common knowledge I was leaving. I walked out just like any other day and won't be going back. A bit sad really after seven years I left like that. All is not lost though I shall be asking folks if they would like to indulge in drinking to excess before I move south, happy days. Friday was a good last day though, pizza for lunch, lots of it followed by a couple of beers after work with my mate Terry. It was the end of an era and the begining of a new one. I'm sure me and Terry will still meet up to cycle. Deffo..... See ya Tuesday dude...
Well thats it for this entry I will be back when I find more time, here is a picture of fond memories from my friend Terry, cheers mate its Sublime!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


As a Believer you believe the world has almost infinite possibilities. You believe people should be pursuing their passions and not be caught up by what others say they should desire. Your entire life involves continuously having new experiences and learning from them. It is the challenge, the risk, the prospect of what you can achieve that drives you, rather than simply making money. You're a self-motivated individual driven by your passion and so need a job and environment with loose boundaries and maximum freedom.

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