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2007 The End

Here it is once again, the end of another year and this one's been one of the strangest yet. We, moved South to Thatcham in February, the kids had new schools, me and Shell had new jobs. By April I was really needing to go home. Michelle and the kids never want to go home they all seem to have found happiness. The boys like how much there is to do around here and Michelle likes the cafe culture of Newbury and the company of her new found friends at School. Or at least I think that's what it is. Anyways, this is my blog not there's.. Well, where do I begin. February... We moved to Thatcham after a load of ups and downs with estate agents, solicitors and all that. I remember leaving Sedgley and feeling quite sad, as if I was leaving something big. Thing is I was. Friends, my home, my memories and all that sentimental stuff. Not to worry though these are things we keep if we really want to, inside in your mind that is. I think we have settled now and things have started to cal…

On Location

First outing at Cannock of 2007 and boy have I missed the place, It's still ace. There's some new single track just after the big hill. I was a bit worried about going up the hill but did it, no probs. It nearly killed me once upon a time many moons ago, well not literally.. Went out with Terence, you can see us in the video. There's not much footage because we would rather ride than take pictures. Well that's my excuse for our shit filming, most of what we got was crap. It rained all day Saturday but finally stopped as we set off for the cycling. The initial sections of the ride are closed so there's a small diversion. Well here it is, the first video to be put on my Blog, as you will see I found Windows Movie maker on my PC.. cool!

Jilda's Pizza

Probably the best Pizza in the world. Made by neighbour Jilda to a secret authentic Italian recipe. It has tomatoes, onion, garlic and secret herbs. It's brill. I have tried Pizza from all over the place and have eaten my through a shed load of the stuff. This is what I would call perfect. I'm trying to get the recipe and method so I can sell it in my dream coffee, chillout and eat good food place. :-)

At the Races.

Cycling today at Greenham with Ben. It's my first time out since the Chainbreaker in October. I tell ya, my ass is killing. I'm just not used to riding. Too much time off the bike I think. That's all about to change though, I've got annual leave from Thursday so I'm going over to The Lookout at Bracknell Forest. From there I should be able to get onto the Queens land to put some miles down. Sounds glam, doesn't it? I suppose it is, it's not everyday you're in the Her Maj's back yard. There are a few pictures on this entry of the ride. Right:Ben after trying to jump the stream. It was wet, muddy and windy today, this played its part on making you knackered. We did 16 miles today, from Thatcham up to to Greenham, around the woods for a while then a visit to Newbury Races. Today was the Hennesay Gold Cup. We got to the gates at the end of the course and there was steward over seeing access. I stopped in front of him and he asked in non too good English…

The Application

Well, that's it. The application has gone in today. I have applied for a new job with work as a Principal Data Network Engineer. It's quite an advanced job being at third line, I've put down the willing to learn stuff on the app, I just hope they're willing to teach. I've had some very very surprising reviews from the bosses. My manager wrote about how I love being challenged and how I excel under pressure. I'm not sure what's going on with all that but he used some of my recent work as examples for other guys to follow... What's that all about? I've had a reply saying my app has gone forward for consideration and decisions on the next stage will be made on December 10th. So until then.... Keep em crossed... fingers that is!

Can you believe it, Biggins eating cock roaches on the TV...
Good lad....

An Entry

I've not wrote for a while so decided to put this small entry on. I've ran out of stuff to write at the moment, got loads of thoughts all too big to sit and put on here though... I got this joke from the intranet at work. It's really funny..
Q. How do you catch a unique rabbit?
A. Unique up on him!
Q. How do you catch a Tame rabbit?
A. Tame way unique up on him. Well....... I thought it was funny!

Hearts First

Started out this year wanting to do a ride for the BHF. I think I tempted fate because no sooner had I signed up to the South Downs ride, my own heart problems returned to get me. After treatment I had to get back on the bike, it was getting to me not being able to cycle. Soon as my problems were fixed it was time to get back on the bike.... So

The Chain Breaker. Sunday 14th, 4 hour endurance race around Sandwell Valley in the Midlands. It was going great, I got there early to sign in and have the rider brief then they told us it was a running start.... Your having a laugh I thought. From the start we had to run a lap around the showground so the competitors were spread out at the start. It was miles... actually about a quarter of a mile but it seemed like miles. Felt like my lungs were gonna explode. I got on the bike and made a start, about 4 miles into the first 9 mile lap I started slowing down, I was feeling sick.. the drinks I had before the start weren't the best thing to hav…


"Si non confectus, reficiat" If it ain't broke, fix it anyway, seems to be fairly accurate ... The done thing, Someone moved the cheese, will we ever find it again? Ramble ramble...

Hills Killer

Upon us once again, Sunday 23rd September The Hills Killer on the Isle of Wight. This is where sister lives with her boys. The event is an off road orienteering cycle ride over the hills on the island. There are three events in all, the 3, the 7 and the 14, 14 Hills is a return journey over the seven, never mind that. I did the 3 Hills with Terry, it was a good day no rain and a bit of sunshine. We did the ride last year and with absolutley no experience of the area we took probabley the worst route possible. This year though we learned from the mistakes and took an easier route, at times we used the direction that others were using to minimise map reading. This seemed to work. At one stage of the route a guy asked if he could tag along with us, he didn't even have a map on an orienteering event, in fact I don't think many people did, they just used landmarks and there local knowledge.
The ride seemed a bit easier from the one last year although the hills are killer at times. …


Monday 16th October 2006, the day it all began. Sitting here tonight thinking about the way things are going. It's nearly been a year since I started the new job, who would have thought that one year in I would be thinking why the hell did you do that. The move, the new schools, the new house and new area are all OK, it's the job that's the problem. I started out thinking this should be good lots of new stuff to learn people to meet and things to be getting on with, boy, how wrong was I. What I've got is a job that's the same as my old one with a shit load more admin. Report this, track that, read this, present that.... What's that all about, I've never been too hot with admin but now I've got shed loads more. I've got all sorts of thoughts running around my head about the reasons I'm not enjoying the new job. There are quite a few small things that have been said and done that just get me. Wow, you don't realise where an entry like this wil…

Marathon Day 2

Did the cycle event with Terry, all the way round he just couldn't keep up. It was really quite frustrating, here he is this runner bloke who races trains left in my smoke. Ha! Not really... I said at the start if I slow you down just carry on ahead and I'll see you at the finish. Do you know what? he left me behind! We got about two thirds the way round and he was gone. I know why though... I was nackered and started to get slower, ol Terry kept on going... although he didn't say it, I reckon he could have gone around again. I felt sick half way cos I was so nackered.
Good day though, I enjoyed it, even getting up at stupid O'clock 7:00am. Had a blast from the past and stopped for a breakfast at MGs, hasn't changed.. I even got chance to go to Decathlon. First event of the year, done at last. It should have been the third. I'm gonna stop talking crap now, so til next year for Marathon day 3..
Oh yes, Terry, thanks for having me... See ya at the Killers....

Guess where I've been?

London today with the family. Great place lots to see and absolutely no English (Jokin) so can't be bad. It's probabley the most multicultural place I have ever been, I now know why the word in government is that Britain has embraced being multicultural. All they need to do now is sort out the rest of country outside the 10 mile zone around Westminster. I visited London about ten years back and was given the impression that it was unsafe. To be honest it's quite cool.
Lots of taxis and buses if that's what you need, the Underground is great, the longest I waited today was 30 seconds. Did the tour thing on one of the tour buses, although I wouldn't go on one again. It's so much better on foot and using the tube. We saw brief glimpses of most places on the tour bus but saw loads more up close on foot.
I'd go back and most probably will, it took 45 mins on the train to get to Paddington, from there jumped on the tube, it's quite busy but if you're not in…


I couldn't wait any longer.. After passing my bike test the other week, the 125 just isn't cutting it. It's too small and lacks any real power for overtaking. So, I went out Saturday and got me a Suzuki GSF 600 S Bandit... don't worry about the letters and that, I can never remember them anyway. It's a bigger bike, I couldn't afford a new one so this will do the deed for a while whilst I get used to riding regular. Should be ready for collection Saturday hopefully.
This isn't the actual bike.... but it's as close as...

Catch Up!

Michelle told me to update my Blog cos sooo much has happened and I've not got it down.
June 18th I went into hospital for treatment for my heart problem. The irregular heart beat returned and I started feeling shit, I went back to the doc who recommended some medication but that didn't really appeal to me. In hospital I had a Cardio Ablation, this is were areas within the heart are isolated by using a catheter to burn certain areas and isolate cells causing the random electrical pulses causing the irregular heart beat. phew come up for air!...
The op was successful, I was left with bruises, aches and pains for a few days that I was told was normal. The ablation should have fixed the problem alone but the doc did another Cardio Version to sort the AF. Then the twat put me on the drug Amiodorone, the one I didn't want. There are side affects with it, you can't go in direct sun shine, liver and gland problems and they affect blood clotting. I should be taken off these in O…

What is the Black Country ?

The Black Country is the industrial region to the west of, and separate from, Birmingham in the Midlands of England. It gained its name in the mid nineteenth century due to the smoke from the many thousands of ironworking foundries and forges and the nature of the countryside which had been covered by dark spoil from the working of shallow and relatively thick (30ft) coal seams.
The region was described as 'Black by day and red by night' by Elihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham in 1862 and other authors, from Dickens to Shenstone, refer to the intensity of manufacturing in the Black Country and its effect on the landscape and its people. Today the Black Country is made up of most of the four Metropolitan District Council areas of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton and the collections and displays are derived from throughout these areas.

The industries included:-
coal & coke iron & steel locks & keys nails chains ships anchors glassware beer & s…

Theory Test. Picsh!

Did the theory test this morning ready to attempt the bike test. I looked for the official DSA books and CD's the other week and soon realised they cost a few quid. Even on ebay each item gets about £10. Instead, I borrowed the books from the library and soon realised the only book you need to do any of these tests is the Highway Code. The Highway Code costs £2.00 and is free online. I got 34 from 35 on the questions and 49 from 75 on Hazard perception. The Hazard Perception part is pants, it asks you to click when you see a hazard begin and click some more as it develops, thing is you spot the hazards but there is no guide as to how many clicks to do through out its development. I reckon this is why a lot of folks fail on the hazard perception part. That aside I passed the test. It was easy, I suppose after 15 years of driving it should be. One flick through the highway code and you're away.


Keep off the tracks

I thought the new Tyres deserved a mention, Bloody £60.00 they cost.... They are good though.


That's it, he's off. I told him there are animals on the common so off he goes to find em..

Look Dad, a Cow..

And another one..

Non there... no toilet either!

Bucklebury Common

Took the bike out today, managed to have a day off so put some miles down. My new Garmin is quite cool, a present from Michelle. I fixed my speedo as well. Going through the settings today I noticed I've done just under 500 miles on Number 2. Cool!.. I took some pics when I was out and about. Woods, it's been yonks since I cycled in the woods. This is Bucklebury Copse it is restricted to the public... or at least the signs say that. The Map says its part of the common and the maps don't lie. ay?..
Hmmmm Mud. I took this picture after getting all excited about the mud... It is possible to have too much mud you know, further down the track it changed from bridleway to swamp. Time to push.
So which way now, good job I've got a map. That's it for today..

What! No Pants?

Got caught out at the Hospital today. You need to remove all metal objects when you have the MRi scan, this includes buttons on your trousers. The doctor asked me to put on one of those gowns that fasten at the back. You know, the ones with the cloth ties to fasten them. She said "put that on, so the opening is at the front. You can leave on your underwear". What underwear I thought, I wasn't wearing any... After my embarrassment had passed I had a cunning plan to wear two gowns in opposite directions. When I walked into the MRI room the technician asked me to take off the second gown, he said with a big grin... "You can keep on your underwear"...
They all knew I wasn't wearing any.


Wednesday after I cycled around Greenham common I started to feel a bit rough. I was sweating, had palpation's, fast heart rate, dizziness and light headed. Oh shit it's back. Through Thursday I was at work fitting some kit, every time I stood up I felt dizzy. I booked myself in to see the consultant on Friday night. He confirmed my fears, the AF has come back. That's it I've been told to start more medication and take it easy and de-stress. I've another appointment Wednesday to see a new cardiologist about my problem. I've asked for a permanent fix, it comes in the guise of Catheter Ablation. The treatment is to burn away the problem areas in the heart using a Catheter inserted from the groin. There are risks that the wrong parts can be damaged meaning you may need to have a pace maker fitter. I didn't realise but this was already on the cards for me. The doc said after my heart was fixed my heart rate was at 44bpm, caused by the being enlarged. All sounds …

Kennet Canal

12 Miles. Took this picture when I remembered I had my phone. This is where the canal splits, one side goes to the house boats the other through to Thatcham. The canal works a lot different down here in comparison to back home. There are two rivers that run in and out of the canal. The tow paths are shite, you really do need a mountain bike. It's very rural though.

Bike Delivered

After the problems the shop finally come good and gave me a bike. I collected on Saturday afternoon. It's not too bad, will do for me to practice for my bike licence. This weekend I have a speed awareness course after being photographed doing 35 in a 30 zone. It was offered as an alternative to points on my licence. I need to keep my licence clean now to keep the insurance charges down, I know I should have kept it clean anyway... To do my bike test I've got to take a few lessons and pass a hazard perception test, happy days. A picture of the new bike, a proper old mans bike... it's only temporary, I hope!

Tales of the CBT

Did the CBT today. Completed it with no problems. I bought a motorbike a couple of weeks ago in readiness for the training but all that fell through. I paid the man £500 for the bike and he promised to get it delivered to the training ground. He sent a message apologising for not delivering, so I did the CBT on a bike belonging to the school. After I finished the CBT, being keen as mustard I got hold of the bike guy and asked what happened to the bike. He told me it had been stolen so could I make my way to his shop to sort it all out. The guy told me the bike was stolen from the driveway of his partner who was going to be delivering it, he apologised and said he will try to make it right. This is were the plot started to thicken.... I asked if it had been reported to the cops and if so what was the crime number so I could claim on the insurance. This was me playing the situation a bit cool. I can't really find all the words to explain the whole thing but, these guys are trying it…


Training miles on No2...
Kennet and Avon Canal Thatcham to Newbury Park.

27th April - 6.5 Miles
25th April - 6.5 Miles
24th April - 8.5 Miles
23rd April - 5.5 Miles
18th April - 6.5 Miles

It's Back

End of Day one. Heart rythem is good. I think its fixed. Got home from the hospital yesterday and slept for a while but thought I'll give the whole thing a day before making up my mind. That's it, I feel loads better. My heart rate seems steady, so tomorrow I'll give it a test and take my bike out. Happy Days....

Cardioversion second time Lucky

Off to the Hospital tomorrow to get my heart fixed. I had a cardioversion or electric shock around four years ago, it worked a treat and set me on my way. When my symptoms returned around Christmas time my life was pretty much put on hold so I'm hoping this one works so I can get back to it. I stopped cycling and going to the gym, I just feel like crap when I do anything. I am putting an entry down in my blog to mark the last day of illness and the first day back to it. I've got an event at the end of June, a cycle from Eastbourne to Brighton. I can't wait. It's a 35 mile cycle across the South Downs, if all goes well with the cardioversion I'll be on my way. I added the picture in to show what it looks like when they shock you. I don't have the same man boobs though. I was told the heart stops for a short time and then the shock sets it's new rythem. We'll see. Well that's it hopfully all will go well. I'll be able to start training for the even…

I recommend BT

Here is a funny one to look back on.

BT have just connected my new phone line, it took 12hrs from ordering to be active. Cool.
The cable co have told me that they have checked on two occasions and my house cannot and will not be connected. Well from this point forward they will be known as shite, poo, pants, crap whatever.

You work for these tossers, your concession for all services and set top boxes will cost 40 per month. BT costs 11. Walk away Bullock and do what you do... Leave it alone...

That's it, a point in History... There will be no going back...

Thursday of week Two

Oh well have spent some time now building the bathroom. Have just stopped and had a Jack and coke. Me and Dominik knocked out walls and rebuilt new ones to get the bathroom to come together. The new toilet is fitted and the bath works but still needs some fixing doing. We took our first bath for two days as soon as it was working. I tell ya I was mingin. As the week as gone on I have got slower and slower, I am so tired. It's nine o clock now and I'm off to bed. Got an early start tomorrow, got to go to Warfarin clinic in the Midlands. Might call Terry for a brekky.

New shed delivered, skip nearly full, bath and toilet fitted, plastering to do the weekend...
Happy days............. Outa here

The family are back tomorrow......

I'm Back

After what seems like forever I'm finally reconnected. So much has happened. I asked the cable company for a move but they gave me a disconnect, Wankers.... that's that I won't mention it again. I have moved house from the Midlands to Thatcham. Still not sure if it is the right thing, will have to give it a go to find out. The house is a complete shit hole, so far this past week I have rewired it, moved radiators, stripped 25 years of nicotine and removed all traces of old stuff.
It's now a shell, tomorrow I am knocking down walls to enlarge the bathroom straight after that I've got to fit the new bathroom suite. Then plaster the bathroom and hallway. I'm betting it'll be a long day..... The new shed arrives tomorrow, I'll have to put that up the weekend after I've cleared the garden. Sounds like fun... I'm just writing crap now because I'm tired and need sleep.
Note to Self: Try to keep the Blog up to date so when the house is done and you ar…

Moving Day Arranged.

New posts have dried up of late, I have done some just not published them.
Note to self, Publish the posts...
Moving date is here, 14th February 2007. I signed the documents at the solicitors today so, that's it. Contracts complete, new life and decorating starts in one week. I travelled from Reading to Oxford to Sedgley today it took four hours in the snow. As soon as this publishes I have to go back. that's eight hours driving in one day. Roll on
14th February 2007