Saturday, December 01, 2007

At the Races.

Cycling today at Greenham with Ben. It's my first time out since the Chainbreaker in October. I tell ya, my ass is killing. I'm just not used to riding. Too much time off the bike I think. That's all about to change though, I've got annual leave from Thursday so I'm going over to The Lookout at Bracknell Forest. From there I should be able to get onto the Queens land to put some miles down. Sounds glam, doesn't it? I suppose it is, it's not everyday you're in the Her Maj's back yard. There are a few pictures on this entry of the ride. Right:Ben after trying to jump the stream. It was wet, muddy and windy today, this played its part on making you knackered. We did 16 miles today, from Thatcham up to to Greenham, around the woods for a while then a visit to Newbury Races. Today was the Hennesay Gold Cup. We got to the gates at the end of the course and there was steward over seeing access. I stopped in front of him and he asked in non too good English if I need to get in, get in? I asked, well of course, I said. So, in we go. We cycled up to the stands where the crowds were and watched the Gold Cup race live for free. Today was jump races, it was quite exciting and we had the best view, track side! Right: Ben standing next to the track by the start with the stands in the background. We were going to venture into Newbury for a while but decided to go back. On the way we crossed the driving range from Newbury Golf Club. Collected a few golf balls for free and had to play avoid the pissed off golfer as he tried to hit us with his balls, golf balls that is. Good day though, blagged our way into the races on mountain bikes and cycled our way across the millionaires golf course. After all this it was time for a drink so we finished the ride in a great way.... At the pub with a pint.. Pictures of the day...

Ouch! Hows that happen...

Banjo, showing off walking over the Lock. I got to the middle and had to climb down to the walk board. It was really really dangerous you know, I could have got wet!

Hi Mom, I'm on the telly.. at least I will be when I get on the right side of the camera

That's a hill you know, and look no sweat....

The Gold Cup Race

And there you go, the perfect way to end a ride.

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