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Lent is nearly upon us

Time to focus on God. I've written before lent is really about more than giving up something. For me it's about doing or not doing something that each time my mind and attention drifts toward that thing I can focus on God and draw from his strength to see me through. Lent really is about building relationships that bring us closer to God. Me especially, my mind is such a mess, I realised today after watching a video I'm not alone in having a wondering mind I can never silence. I should try to strengthen my life with God, I know though he loves me no matter. If I treated my friends the same way I treat the Lord, not talking or communicating with them, they wouldn't be friends for long. Sorry God for the times I never speak and don't listen.
Ash Wednesday can be the start of me talking your head off...

Of course, pancakes first.... With Chocolate.... Wilderness can wait

Amen :-)

Weekend rescue

Out cycling Saturday, from the west of Ink Pen to Sydmonton. The route was meant to be a twenty five miler to get me back home. I didn't quite make it though, only after about three hundred yards from my drop off I realised I couldn't get the bike to move through all the mud, it was awful. Mud caked so thick it stopped the wheels, when I did get going it was like I was ploughing up a field. I did ten miles of it across Wayfarer Walk, a bridle way running through Wiltshire and Hampshire. I really chose the wrong time for it, it's a great ride when the conditions are good. After about 15 miles and 2400 calories I decided I'll never make it home before night fall. I did the right thing and called in Michelle to get me home. She collected me in Eccinswell and got me home.
I was so cold and tired, it was probably one of the worst times out on the bike I've ever had. The mud sapped all my energy, a lesson has been learned though, when these conditions are here try more fa…