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Cafe Latte

Hi me dear, The Lord has spoken! Cafe Latte is going to be sold. Not yet - they are dealing with paper work. However, this means I can't take the place on. Brenda has signed it over to her daughter and she will be selling up... A mortgage was never part of the plan - it may be in the future but not yet. The search will continue... The cake stand will find a home. Will the Island be part of them... I don't know. I'd like to think so. Chin up.. (I'm talking to myself now can you tell?) See you soon... Love, Paul

Hi, I'm home

What a welcome! Back from a week working away waiting for 'er in doors to get back. The door opens, in runs the boy... "hello daddy, how are you?" and gives me a big hug. Behind him I hear " hello, WHERE ARE THE DOGS". "Outside" I say. I put them outside because they're suffering with stinking mut sindrome. When I walked in today the hall was the first room stinking, then I open the kitchen door and 'oh Boy' minging! What else can you do to get shut of the stink. I put the dogs out with their carpets to run in the fresh air, then mopped the floor and cleaned up with some nice smelling stuff.
Now, I don't know what I did wrong. I go in the kitchen and there she is loving the dogs... I should know where I stand eh! What a great home coming, I had such big ideas of happiness and all that soppy stuff, I thought I had got my head clear after some time away. Maybe I have. I've not kicked off even though I've been treated with such co…


Trying to plan the next steps is proving somewhat difficult. I made the leap to leave the cable company – the only thing I really know. Now, I am faced with decisions for the future that are the right ones for the plan. The life plan that is. I suppose I'm writing this to do the usual and empty my head of thoughts. Thing is, this is really a prayer. I'm looking for help with some decisions because I'm really struggling. It's all very exciting but scary at the same time. I have these moments of clarity within the mess that is my brain but, straight away these fill with doubts and worries. 
Father, put me right? I know I shouldn't worry, you have got my back. I know I should walk through this with you and listen to what you tell me. It's all so hard though. I need my mind to quiet and to have some real direction. I know you'll help me make the right decisions for us all. CafĂ© Latte has been on the phone, I reckon she was thinking on her feet to ma…

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Getting on with the year...

Well that's my first week of unemployment over and done with. Woke up this morning wanting to go out to town - with no buses and only having a motorbike or broken push bike to choose from, I felt quite stuck.
The car has gone back to the fleet people and the job has just, well, gone. What to do? How do folks get on with unemployment? I'm bored. Have just cleared the snow on the drive, the neighbours drive, the footpaths and the road. It gave me something to do for an hour. I've been waiting to hear from some guys about doing some contract work down in Reading. This has been delayed, whilst that's delayed I have been offered more work to get me going. I took it whilst the chance was there. So, unemployment has ended. I've now got the work to keep me going whilst I sort the plans for the cafe. I'm still undecided on where, what and when. It should come clear this week after a steering group meeting. The venture will either fit my ideals or will fit and not be in my…

British Heart Foundation - View Event

British Heart Foundation - View Event:
"65 miles off-road demanding rideKnown to many as the toughest off-road bike ride in the UK, the South Downs Way RandonnĂ©e is not to be missed in 2010!What’s the route?
The 65 miles starts at Winchester and finishes at Devil's Dyke Brighton. On finishing all bikers will receive a medal and a free t-shirt.Anybody that loves off-road biking and wants to push themselves and achieve that feeling of triumph, has to apply for this year’s ride! Perhaps you’ve done the 65 miles before and want to beat your personal challenge or you did the 35 miles in 2009 and want to step up in 2010, whatever your reasons don’t miss out on this superb tough ride.Anything else I need to know?
• This ride is only suitable for experienced off-road bikers.
• There will be opportunities on route to fill water bottles and to buy food and drink.
• Numbers are restricted so we strongly recommend you pre-register before the event to save disappointment.
• Minimum age 18.
• We …