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Live from pBullox'

Too busy

Ok then what an interesting week this has been (so far). If I go back to Saturday and jumping out of the plane first. What can I say about that, what an experience. The drop as you get out the plane is so intense, I thought it was going wrong, the fall feels amazing, the ground doesn't seem to get any closer. I was supposed to do a solo from about 3000 feet, the folks didn't have a course available though. So I did a tandem jump from 10000 feet. Took about twenty minutes to fly high enough and about six minutes to come down. What great fun, it's addictive though, I want to go up again... A bit on the expensive side though....
Monday I caught a plane to work instead of driving, was picked up by a cab, delivered to the airport and arrived at a Sofitel hotel in Warsaw, Poland three hours later. I didn't see too much of the city but did get out there to see a little and try out a Sphinx restaurant. Yum... Worked hard all week and am now on a plane as I write this to go hom…