Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hand is back

Trip to the West Berks Hospital today to get the hand checked. As requested the bones were healed in three weeks not six. I believe the power of prayer and the Lord was at work there. Three X Rays bones back as they should be in record time. My wrist however still has a sprain, this I didn't know was going on under the cast. I've bought a weight lifter strap so I can give it some support now the cast is off. I'm desperate to get back on the bikes so I need it strong.
Got the Wolves marathon cycle then the the Hills Killer all followed by the Tipton to Thatcham ride. I gotta get back to it. I'm off up North to Newcastle for a couple of days now so will be without the bike, will have to step up the miles on my return to get ready, or my mate Mr T will be pushing me... With his boot!

That be the fixed hand... We'll not talk about the sprained wrist. In Jesus name it's days are numbered. Anyways, out. Good to be back at the blog.

Note to self. Thank God always. Remember you have a place for emptied thoughts. Amen ;-)

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