Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top of Streatly

Wow, that hill is huge. Just stopped off for a banana . I'm sitting in a field of yellow stuff. Smells quite nice. Oh well must plod on.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Gone fishing...

It starts by casting in your line then sitting back and waiting....
And Waiting....... and waiting...
and waiting...
Until finally... We catch a fish... Not a very big fish, but as the sun begins to go down it's a fish worth catching... All 20grams of him.. Happy Days. Only took 3 Hours..
There were more... These didn't take an age to catch though! A guy came and asked us who's water it was that we were fishing. I said I'm not sure so he warned me about how strict the fishing association is about their water... Hmmm, their water and fish. I'll let God be the judge of who's fish they are..
The big one
The wriggly one..
Finally... The Good Looking one... I caught...

Thatcham to Tipton - Err Redditch

From Thatcham to the Midlands. A small diversion into Redditch instead of Tipton. I think the ride still needs to be called the Thatcham to Tipton though. Or if it was named after reality the can't sit on the saddle because hit hurts ride. Great ride though, painful at times and really tiring but some great sites and experiences. We did the whole thing following the GPS without maps to back us up. A few detours along the way but overall we found our way. I've tried uploading the route to Google but it just won't work.... I'll look into that some more. Over two days around 65 miles a day, lots of water, bananas, serial bars and egg sandwiches.. All is good, the country side in Britain is ace. Didn't see a single fox though until we got into urban Redditch. You see you ban the hunt you the foxes aren't needed so they're eliminated from the country side.. Never mind I'm sure it will come good. Looking ahead to the rest of the year there are still some rides to do. The South Downs, Killers and I've volunteered to arrange a ride in Thatcham for the community and church. This year should be a good cycling year if I can make the time to get out there. I may need a new addition to the family though, I feel number 4 will soon be here. Some pics from the ride... I'm gonna be on the look out for a phone to blog with so I can send things from the ride...
Day 1 Lunch stop
Bridge near the Pillbox past GORING. Prince of Wales fishing waters just beyond.
Slipway at GORING
Somewhere on Cycle Route 5
Puncture Ally. First Terry then Me- What are the odds?
Nothing but English Country, oh yes and the Oxford Canal. 10 miles to Banbury
Day 1 - Egg Mayo for Lunch. RAF Benson up the road from here.

Day 1 Thames Footpath... Foot not bike :-)

Grand National 2019