Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sitting here

Will this work?
If it does things will be better from now on.
Err, this is just a test

Isle of Wight Seven Hills Killer

It's here again: the time of year where I go on a jolly to the Island to take in the sites and do the Hills Killer challenge. For the past two years I have taken part with my mate Terry and we cycled three hills. This year however we're going to do the seven hills. I promised myself after cycling the South Downs I would do a bit of training and get ready for the event. "Ha!" fat chance of that... I've hardly cycled at all in the past few weeks, too busy at work or getting called out or going to festivals and having flu...
It should be good though, 26 miles up and of course back down the big boy hills on the Island. I just need to take my time and go easy. I hope Terry will be happy with that. Over the years we have cycled quite a bit together and he always ends up waiting around for me, the rest should do him good so why break a habit of a lifetime. Last year I snapped my chain on one of the hills so I'll be making sure I've got the joining thingies just in case. I'm sure it will be great fun- seeing the Island from the country side is always ace. This year Saturday will have a 26 mile pub crawl to drop off the car.
I'm looking forward to it. Should be a good weekend... I'll get some pics ..

Friday, September 05, 2008

Hills Killers

Are booked...

South Downs Times

Look... My South Downs times... The heart foundation setup a page to get your results.
I've got to beat these next year and beat the sponsorship amount too...

Time Results for "Bullock, Paul"
Checkpoint Name
Devils Dyke
28/06/2008 17:23:43
28/06/2008 15:59:40
28/06/2008 12:43:24
28/06/2008 10:54:14
28/06/2008 08:34:18
Winchester Start
28/06/2008 06:07:50

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