Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 The End

Another year gone, we're away in the Midlands at Tres's for New Year celebrations this year. 80s party to finish it off.

Pleased it's ended to be honest not been a very good year. Way too much work for me to do through the year. Hope the new year brings more peace and quiet so I can get back to a varied life, not just a life of toil.

Lots planned, all sorts doing, brewery visit, trip to Bath, Bens wedding and moped trip. All my time off is going to be to do stuff for me this year.

Thats it I'm out .. not much to say about 2016.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Wifey

Happy Birthday Wifey

Love you loads, hope you enjoy the Swan. Room is cool, view even better..

16° Mostly Sunny
Reading, England, United Kingdom

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Omid Djalili at Arlington Arts

So Omid Djalili tonight at Arlington Arts, what a great set that was. Very funny, pretty much everything covered, from equality, race, terrorism all wrapped up with some great humour. Katie Price copped it too…
Will defiantly go see him again on his next visit. Can recommend his show, find him on @omid9

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Saturday to chill out not work

Lots done today, men's breakfast first, listening to Rev Mark speak of his weight loss and sabbatical. Quite a journey he took himself on with the time he spent walking and trying to lose extra weight.
Followed up with planning meeting for the new Kitchen at Church. Lots of work to be done there, not sure it will go as they want but let's see. My time now to contribute a bit and help where possible.
Bicester village with Dominik and Layla and Chloe. Got them all a gift and enjoyed the day in the sunshine. Followed by Carvery at Toby and a pint. Good day today, settling into the evening with a slice of Pizza and some TV. Babysitting Layla tonight. And of course hot tub will come later … All is good.

Pic of James and Caroline taken this week

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Happy Birthday Joshua

Happy Birthday Joshua. 15 today..

Go Karts for starters, prezzo for lunch then new iPad for the lucky boy… Nelsons diner with the family and Charlotte.. Followed by Chocolate cake and fireworks. Happy days :-)

Nice hair, need a comb me thinks...

Friday, April 08, 2016

Charlottes London Trip

Trip to London with young Charlotte today. Great day out walking around my favourite city. Lunch at China town, m&m world visit, look at Buckingham palace and Big Ben… Although he's a bell. Seen some street entertainers too…

All in all its good to not be at work having time with the family

14° Mostly Sunny
Constitution Hill, London, England, United Kingdom

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who needs to Wash?

The ongoing saga with Joshua about personal hygiene came to a point tonight where realisation that no matter how much Michelle and I coax him into washing that we're never going to change his mindset.

Tonight we discussed a visit to Dudley and Michelle asked that we don't stay at the Station Hotel. An old establishment that's had better days. When Joshua exclaimed "There's nothing wrong with the hotel, the bathrooms at bit scabby but you don't really need that, do you?"

Well Josh, we like to wash and be clean, so yes we do need a bathroom. Never mind matey one day you'll learn that it's an option in life not a chore forced by mummy and daddy to be clean :-)

Maybe a girl friend could help you....


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waltham Forest visit today

Waltham Forest visit today
Early start and drive down the m25 to see the site.
Tons of work left to do, just hope the team can do it. Got some concerns with work, the individual having problems with deliveries and the sheer fact they can't or won't stop blaming. She falls short on so many counts but is strong in so many others. She's giving me a real dilemma that I need to think on and possibly something I should be praying in to. Lord I need some help in dealing there, I'll do the bet I can but please give me a nudge if I don't consult the right way.
So it's Wednesday and to moors I'm finally getting the day working from home. I missed cycling tonight withd I have so much  the boy, truth is I was in a lazy ass mood and didn't prioritise for him. Need to get that in check and not let him down, his young years are flying by anto do with him.
He's a good boy and I'll help him along with his mum and brother to make something of himself.. I'll drop by again later but for now I'm out. Tracking toward my Midlands trip in a week, youth club first then the weekend at the auction to make some dough for a on the side business or perhaps a future for us all..
Been good blogging, not done it for a while.

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