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Night 2 Quarr retreat

Not sleeping well, that's not this place that's just me right now. Up every hour then struggling to get back. Have had an easy day though. It's been really quite cool spending time with Kay. She's been paranoid that this retreat isn't what I wanted or that I'll even like it. Yes, the services I can't follow, the meal times are different but it's all about experiencing this.
The monks are welcoming and very cool, set in there ways but they have to be. I've enjoyed the day it's been easy with no pressure or time constraints to anything. Met some nice guys from the continent and sat down to eat with them. All this hospitality freely given. Life at the Abbey is certainly different to life outside, quiet contemplation is the order of the day, or just chatting small talk. Pigs in the field are cool too... All named now, porky, KVE, Pork Crunch and Bacon. You see the pattern right?
So, will I come back. Probably not, will I retreat again? Don't know…

Night 1 Quarr retreat...

I lay in the silence, fireworks in the distance I can hear, must be celebrating the holidays. How do I feel? A little low, not sure why. I think I'm missing out on life being hear in the monastery. Fear of the unknown I suppose. Breakfast tomorrow at 7:30, no talking, what should I do, where should I go. I really don't know what to say.
Got room yuk, that's that feeling that once you're in bed you don't wanna move. It smells slightly of hair Greece and sweat. The sheets are clean though. The room is clean and quite big with it. Very basic, no internet! Grr.

Don't know about this retreat thing, just wanna go out or go home. Not feeling it, been asked to wear trousers at the next service. Don't know why these dress codes still exist. The service was sung in Latin, I could follow using the book in English. There was all sorts of bowing, sitting, standing and all that. I know when the Gospel is proclaimed we stand, that's before Jesus' words. We stand be…

Time Off - Day One Entry

Monday, this is the last week of being off work. I feel very positive that the operation has gone well. Need to exercise now in order to become that bit fitter. You know it makes sense to be fit and healthy. If my life is to be short then I'm not going to sit back and miss out. My boy JB needs me right now.
I'm pondering what to do with myself for the next stage of my life. Continue to do the job I do now only better? Also improve my skill-set and what I can offer the job market and employer.. There are also thoughts returning that I need to setup in business. A little place I call Fanny Bullocks is in mind, Pork sandwiches and great coffee :-)Let's see where these thoughts take me … In Jesus name I pray he guides me and gives me the opportunity to fulfil my life vision and do what's right in his eyes. Amen New Hair Doo ;-)

The Hypermobility Syndrome Association :: View topic - cardio ablation

An old Draft I found, thought I'd publish it

The Hypermobility Syndrome Association :: View topic - Cardio Ablation: "I am on a waiting list to get a cardio ablation because of my palpitations, arhythmias and svt's.
Palpitations are when you can feel your heart beat but at unexpected times (you would expect to feel it after excersising but not while resting)
Arhythmias are often descibed as 'whomps' and 'flutters' I would say that the whomps kinda feel like your heart has just hiccuped, and the flutters are in usually situated above the heart in the middle, slightly below that collar bones.
SVT's is when your heart beats extremely fast and hard, (mine usually averages at 216bpm)
The believed cause of this is that because of the HMS, I have an area with extra heart muscle fibres which confuses the pacemaker of the heart causing all of the above problems.
The surgery involves going into the heart via an angioplasty thing (through a vein in the groin up to…


Been off work a week now. Had a Cardio Ablation last Wednesday, 2 July at the Wellington in St Johns, London. Usual recovery time is a week or so of rest, but to really take the opportunity to rest up properly and get well I've took a further couple of weeks off. Today I've started by doing a few chores, fixed the kitchen draw and rebuilt my computer. That's where I'm writing this from; my new shiny HP.

Over the next few days I intend to rest up some more and do some of the tasks on Caroline. I've nearly got the curtains finished and first cupboard built. I'll have that installed and covered by tonight ready to build the bed tomorrow. Wednesday I'll try get the bedding done and the electrics ready before Thursday doing the cab. Friday I'll try get the Fridge and Cooker installed. This way we'll be ready for an adventure if I dare Next week..

That'll do for now I'm off to sit for a while and contemplate getting better. I've been talking m…