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2013 The End

The end of another year, and it's time for the mandatory entry to see it out before going out for the annual New Year drinks and food. 

To be honest, (aha, not that I'm not or lie or anything. That's one of those figure of speech things I need to lose) this year has had its ups and downs and quite frankly I'll be happy to see the back of it. Roll on next year, a year I've gotta make changes in what I'm doing and find a balance. Going from a year of nothing to a year of, well, everything. I'm fast becoming jack of all trades master of none. Cop this list, Youth Leader, Scout Leader, Trustee, Church Warden, Father, Manager, Sunday School Teacher and Food bank General assistant. Forget home, I'm never there, the place is falling apart and I'm way to busy to give it the attention it deserves. I counted the Calendar appointments for the year, over 7000! Get a grip Bullock, how can you sustain that! (Stats are more of a feeling than fact:-)

That's why t…

Hello No6

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"Hello No6! Not much off roading on this one... Just looking Good!"