Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 The End

The end of another year, and it's time for the mandatory entry to see it out before going out for the annual New Year drinks and food. 

To be honest, (aha, not that I'm not or lie or anything. That's one of those figure of speech things I need to lose) this year has had its ups and downs and quite frankly I'll be happy to see the back of it. Roll on next year, a year I've gotta make changes in what I'm doing and find a balance. Going from a year of nothing to a year of, well, everything. I'm fast becoming jack of all trades master of none. Cop this list, Youth Leader, Scout Leader, Trustee, Church Warden, Father, Manager, Sunday School Teacher and Food bank General assistant. Forget home, I'm never there, the place is falling apart and I'm way to busy to give it the attention it deserves. I counted the Calendar appointments for the year, over 7000! Get a grip Bullock, how can you sustain that! (Stats are more of a feeling than fact:-)

That's why this year end entry is different, I've been back in hospital and had my heart re-sync'd so time to get on and use it with a healthy balance of when and where. Most things I'm committed to for the next few months and then, well then I'm gonna give some of it up to get back to living. Get back to my family and back to God!

Caroline is still all shiny and new but has no interior, Mine is built and looking awesome but has no lekky and no interior. My Garage is stacked with projects that need doing in order to have some fun. Surf boards on wheels, power kites, skates and loads of bikes.. Bikes, boy how I've missed them this year. I've done a massive 40ish miles all year. Went out on Sunday and nearly passed out, only did four miles. Get fit dude! Notice all these notes to self coming through. Will 2014 bring back some of the fun and good stuff I used to know and love? With Gods help it will. Paul B is learning to say No! Less for them more for me until it all balances. The BeAt youth group will be better than ever, I've already reduced time into that and made it manageable in my life. So that's one box ticked. 
Scouts, Scouts, where do I begin? I enjoy this immensely, some good times to be had. There's a negative though that's currently out weighing the positives. Time, it's always there demanding from me. The new year looks packed already and I've not planned our own stuff yet. I need more help if this is going to stay in my life, that's a project for the next couple months. More sharing of the load, I have a great allie in my Scout troop. Just need to get a couple more and share the load. But still there's a word. (No!)

Church is still a big part of me, except some thing is missing. That's my commitment, I'm always doing something else or my mind is somewhere else, work, home, Scouts. It's not right. Need to balance this too. I'm going to step down as Warden in the new year, I'm really not cut out to be effective on that. I can best apply myself to serve God through young people. So that's what I'll do until he tells me other wise. 

The year bought the new job, Deployment Manager. I hope when we return after the break this continues with it's challenges and opens up into the role I want. Right now it's a bit of everything and is very Challenging. Ha, you were looking for a challenge! I certainly got one. A lot different to what I'm used to, the learning curve is a biggun (Big One). Looking forward to getting near the top of that one, learning curve that is. Keeps me occupied and right now meeting so many new folks.. This was a step in the right direction. After 10 odd years in the Headend it was time for a change and change is good. That's what a new year brings... Change.

Now I'm coming to the end of this, mainly because I'm hungry and need to go out, I've got lots more to write but I'm not going to. I'm going to leave it there and note here and now. I need to manage my life and time better. I only have one life and I'm eating up the years so best not waste em. Not that I have, I have an awesome life, great family and some cool stuff to boot.. If anyone other than me has read to this point. This is where I thank God for what I have, the good and the bad. The good is my reward the bad is my lesson. 

I've never done this before, but want to dedicate this entry to my Wife. My only Fan who I love very much and is reminding me of the time! (She Looks very Sexy Though)

I don't care if you've lost your red lip stick! Go find it somewhere else.. I'm writing.... (The original beginning)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Grand National 2019