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Mountain Bike Return

Back on the bike after Saturdays Disaster on the South Downs ride for the BHF. Went quite well, didn't get too tired, I suppose the 35 miles on Saturday set me up quite well, I just need to stay on top and get some bigger distances under my belt. I'll try to do the Goring run on Thursday, that's a huge hill in the middle and roughly 20 miles.
I need do something, my miles have been so low this year and Saturday saw my second fail on the Mountain bike this year. I was unable to complete Wayfarer and then South Downs. Last time I did the downs I felt fine after some sleep, I handled it really well. My fitness is suffering, I reckon it's down to not doing the training I need, I'll have to watch less Discovery Channel:= :-)
Well tonight's ride was Good, Buckleberry then a different way back through the Black Woods by St Mathews. All is good, I'll keep on keeping on. I'm doing the 14 Hills Killer this year as a punishment for being such a sop and not complet…

Forgotten how to fit the Wheel!

Well really, took the nut off pulled out the pin then removed all the small fiddly bits, took the wheel to get a new tyre then forget how to put it back on. What a doof. A few washers some brakes and a chain. Simples. Only if you remember the order they came off in :-)
The wheel will go back on, that I'm sure of. Knuckles took a beating, the slider hold the calliper on type thing wouldn't go back in, I finally pushed the bar through and the washers fell out. All this just to change a tyre. Push bikes are soo much easier than motorbikes. Oh well, that's it. New tyre fitted, suppose I'll have to sell it now. Don't really want to but it's in the way and costing money and never being used. Boys toys... They come and they go :-)

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 13 Jul 2012 20:31:12

Finished Mountain Bike: 13 Jul 2012 21:19:06
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Ride Time: 44:16
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 8.23 miles
Average: 11.15 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.98 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 4:29
Ascent: 360 feet
Descent: 325 feet
Calories: 744

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 9 Jul 2012 21:00:07

Finished Mountain Bike: 9 Jul 2012 21:46:59
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 45:39
Stopped Time: 1:03
Distance: 8.26 miles
Average: 10.86 mph
Fastest Speed: 31.28 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 3:06
Ascent: 411 feet
Descent: 408 feet
Calories: 700

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 4 Jul 2012 20:33:06

Finished Mountain Bike: 4 Jul 2012 21:21:28
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 48:15
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 8.26 miles
Average: 10.27 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.34 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 3:13
Ascent: 224 feet
Descent: 190 feet
Calories: 693

Late to begin training

I have the BHF South Downs ride coming up in July. I've done nothing to get ready for the ride, I did a token gesture of eight miles tonight. Not sure it's enough to get me ready for the sixty five miler on the downs. Let this be the beginning of some extensive cycling to come over the next few weeks. I'll be doing none tomorrow but will try the same route faster on Wednesday. Then Friday do a twenty miler to Goring. This is a vain attempt to get ready for the big ride, I hope to keep up with the cycling after this, keeps you fit you know.

I couldn't believe tonight though, I got the bike out the garage and leaned it on the wall whilst I locked up. The back tyre blew out while it was sitting there. Like the bike was telling me he didn't want to go out. Come on number 4, get a grip! happy times in the mud this year. The rain just never stops falling. Here's to many miles in readiness for the downs. :-)

Cyclemeter Cycle (Mountain) 2 Jul 2012 20:40:25

Finished Mountain Bike: 2 Jul 2012 22:39:07
Route: Weekday
Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 48:45
Stopped Time: 1:45
Distance: 8.28 miles
Average: 10.20 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.73 mph
Ahead of Median Ride: 2:44
Ascent: 573 feet
Descent: 586 feet
Calories: 778

RIP Bert. VW Camper

Leave is short.. Just too short

The first annual leave for a long time and it's over. I don't really want to return to work after having such a great and varied time. All has been good the past two weeks, I've not been cycling which is a downer but that will change in the weeks ahead. Last week I fixed up Bert the camper van for the festival. We travelled to the Isle of Wight on the Thursday. Arrived in Cowes at 8pm. It took some eight hours to get the festival grounds due to the traffic chaos the weather had caused. We were parked up out side the entrance to go sleep in the van, we woke to police, tractors amd hundreds of revellers walking around the festival grounds. It was a good atmosphere, the mud making it that much more fun watching folks wheel spin around the fields covering everything in mud. The festival was great, probably the best one yet. No fading about driving and travelling in and and out, we lived on site and got to experience the whole thing for a change. We even chose different place…