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At V

V Festival was cool. I had VIP passes from work, what that actually means is I got to go in a fenced off area away from the festival to use a cash bar. That's it! Nothing more nothing less. The VIP was a bit of a let down but the rest of the fest was ace. Really good day out in the Mids. It was sunny and I got my top off. Spending time with Michelle away from the kids was a treat, we usually do things seperate- correction! I usually do. Cycling, weekenders, Island, and Church takes me out of the way all the time and Michelle puts up with it... I can't think why; maybe she loves me... No maybe, I know she does :-) Bless her.. x.x.

At V
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South Downs done

South Downs done for another year, didn't raise as much cash this year but did finish in a faster time. The day was really good- started early, up at five and started the ride at 6:30ish. It was a really warm day, even at that time of the morning. Moving along the course it all seemed quite new. Last year a couple of guys helped me do the course, they gave me drinks and food and the encouragement I needed:-) This year it was my turn to help, about 2 miles in a guy snapped his chain; that was it his ride was over because he had no way of sorting it. As I went passed I asked if he was OK to which he said yes. About 100 metres on I looked back and he was still looking lost. I went back and fixed his chain and gave him a lazy link. Saw him through out and beat him to the finish. Happy Days. One accident during the day... I was going down THE big fast hill into Queen Elizabeth park, I cycled wide of a walker straight into the path of a second. It happened really quickly. It was him or t…