Sunday, August 24, 2008

Up to here, it's all been great

The first entry for a long old time. Sooo much happening in such a short space of time. I've been cycling but not as much as I would like. I need to be getting ready for the Hills Killer challenge on the Isle of Wight next month. Whilst out and about trying to find some hills to train on I have found a castle near by. I got pictures and all that with kids and I might put them up on here when I get chance. I recently went to the V-Festival in Stafford; I was a festival Angel representing the company and getting around the punters with the name of Virgin Mobile. It was cool, I gave away hundreds of Sim cards with free credit and free beer. I met so many really cool folks. Going there in an official role and being able to help folks really got you in their face. I'm pleased to say the majority really liked us and had a right laugh with us.
It's hard work getting up at six after a night on the Strongbow and getting in so late. There was a small Church set up on the site which was cool, I didn't go inside but did say Hi to all the guys from there. It was good that they were there to try and influence some of the folks into not getting too hammered and doing stuff they might regret,,, when they wake the next day.

I got home to a miserable wife. She had been left on her own for nearly a week and was feeling like I'd left her to it. So I've got to try and make it better for her now and be nice. I suppose she has put up with a lot this year with me doing all the things I've been upto. It's gotta be said though... this year has been ace......  That's it for now I'm off....

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