Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hills Killer

The results are in, 4:56:14. 2010 Hills Killer Challenge. It was windy up on them there hills this year. A great ride out and a great weekend once again with my mate Terry. The fifth year of the doing the ride. The sun always shines.
We tried Zorbing.. I feel sick thinking of it. Great fun even though you feel sick whilst doing it. I was sick! apparently the first and only to be sick since they had began. I doubt that though. Nothing to do with drinking a few pints the night before either. The game of scrabble is still a bone of contention between me and my sister. We play once a year on the 23rd December on a Gin night. Called Gin night because of the copious amounts of the stuff we drink in one night. Usually I never touch the stuff. Anyways, Scrabble! We thought we would give it a go with Terry playing too, I was way out there in the lead... :-) At least I was until Kay won with a sneaky score I helped her get. Doh! Why did I open my mouth. Next year on Killers weekend we shall not be playing scrabble, Terry id simply no help in making me beat Kay.
Yet another great weekend though, avoided the sea and everything... That water was cold...

Results from the Killers of yesteryear...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unconditional Love

That's what the 'Hebron Dragon Slayer' gave us all. A hole has been left by our Sher Pei, Charlie. Rest in peace Charlie Boy. He died from lymphoma, cancer this morning. Eight years old, he would have been on 29th September - a great friend. Snored like a trooper and always sneezed boogers at me. He will be sadly missed by us all...
He had a difficult life, setting records for pet insurance claims at his first vets. He had breathing problems, eye problems, ear problems and all sorts of allergies. After we had got him we found out that the Sher Pei bread have had recommendations from vets to be out bred. They are born deformed, some more than others but all a man made batch of animal cruelty. Don't get me wrong, Charlie was a great dog. It was such a shame for him - his ears were sewn up, two face lifts and his eye lids were removed. Made him snore, snort you with snot and cover you in slobber, lovely. Enough of the bad things about his breed. There are lots of good things too - it's probably less cruel to let these dogs die out naturally though, most Sher Pei breeders I've met wouldn't agree. There is a lot of money involved after all. We have so many good memories of him... Every year our little boy made us buy him a birthday cake and candles, then sing happy birthday... He liked cake :-) Our neighbour would cook him joints and all sorts of food. The dog ate better than us, quales, pidgeon, veal, beef, the list goes on.
Rest now boy, the suffering is over. x

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