Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday.

What a strange week this has been, with work taking me back into engineering and away from home. 
I attended a service on Tuesday listening to the stations of the cross, the Lords journey to the cross. Thursdays mourn day service was very special, there really was something happening in that room. I can't explain it, but I felt so close to God, really was a great service, communion, singing, worship... 
Today the churches together met up on the Broadway, I arrived late so missed the hot cross buns.. doh! Never mind, this meant more to be shared with guys in the Parish. Sounds like they were hungry too, 200 buns gone in 30 minutes. Great! This afternoon before the final hour service, I got the big issue and found out the guy who normally sells the Issue was this sellers brother. That makes brothers both selling the Issue. I never realized, but families are affected by homelessness not just individuals. 
Makes me think.. Dominik has made himself homeless. He's not been home for over a week... Don't get me wrong, he can come home as soon as he wants, so he's not homeless as in needs to sell the Issue. (If you know what I mean) This time he's away for reasons unknown to us, we think he thinks he'll be grounded for staying out with friends with no permission. Hmmm, "why make it this bad though"? I ask. Never mind, I don't pretend to know everything about the teenage mind, although I can remember being a teenager. I had a lot to deal with, just like him. Except my parents were simply not there to run away from. I had no controls but was more in control of my own life, if that makes sense. 
Anyways, back to today. Before the service I spent half hour in the Broadway having a sandwich with Colin. We just sat and talked, was great. I said I talk more than a woman. Well, except a woman on a phone, this I can't compete. Colin said, there's a lot to be said for talking.... You don't say eh! ;-)
Well I've checked into my blog. another token gesture. I really should write more - it may help with my punctuation.. Hope to see you over the Easter weekend celebrating and worshipping the Lord.

For Sunday - "He Has Risen Indeed"


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