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Guess where I've been?

London today with the family. Great place lots to see and absolutely no English (Jokin) so can't be bad. It's probabley the most multicultural place I have ever been, I now know why the word in government is that Britain has embraced being multicultural. All they need to do now is sort out the rest of country outside the 10 mile zone around Westminster. I visited London about ten years back and was given the impression that it was unsafe. To be honest it's quite cool.
Lots of taxis and buses if that's what you need, the Underground is great, the longest I waited today was 30 seconds. Did the tour thing on one of the tour buses, although I wouldn't go on one again. It's so much better on foot and using the tube. We saw brief glimpses of most places on the tour bus but saw loads more up close on foot.
I'd go back and most probably will, it took 45 mins on the train to get to Paddington, from there jumped on the tube, it's quite busy but if you're not in…


I couldn't wait any longer.. After passing my bike test the other week, the 125 just isn't cutting it. It's too small and lacks any real power for overtaking. So, I went out Saturday and got me a Suzuki GSF 600 S Bandit... don't worry about the letters and that, I can never remember them anyway. It's a bigger bike, I couldn't afford a new one so this will do the deed for a while whilst I get used to riding regular. Should be ready for collection Saturday hopefully.
This isn't the actual bike.... but it's as close as...

Catch Up!

Michelle told me to update my Blog cos sooo much has happened and I've not got it down.
June 18th I went into hospital for treatment for my heart problem. The irregular heart beat returned and I started feeling shit, I went back to the doc who recommended some medication but that didn't really appeal to me. In hospital I had a Cardio Ablation, this is were areas within the heart are isolated by using a catheter to burn certain areas and isolate cells causing the random electrical pulses causing the irregular heart beat. phew come up for air!...
The op was successful, I was left with bruises, aches and pains for a few days that I was told was normal. The ablation should have fixed the problem alone but the doc did another Cardio Version to sort the AF. Then the twat put me on the drug Amiodorone, the one I didn't want. There are side affects with it, you can't go in direct sun shine, liver and gland problems and they affect blood clotting. I should be taken off these in O…