Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is the Black Country ?

The Black Country is the industrial region to the west of, and separate from, Birmingham in the Midlands of England. It gained its name in the mid nineteenth century due to the smoke from the many thousands of ironworking foundries and forges and the nature of the countryside which had been covered by dark spoil from the working of shallow and relatively thick (30ft) coal seams.
The region was described as 'Black by day and red by night' by Elihu Burritt, the American Consul to Birmingham in 1862 and other authors, from Dickens to Shenstone, refer to the intensity of manufacturing in the Black Country and its effect on the landscape and its people. Today the Black Country is made up of most of the four Metropolitan District Council areas of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton and the collections and displays are derived from throughout these areas.

The industries included:-
coal & coke iron & steel locks & keys nails chains ships anchors glassware beer & stout

Monday, June 25, 2007

Theory Test. Picsh!

Did the theory test this morning ready to attempt the bike test. I looked for the official DSA books and CD's the other week and soon realised they cost a few quid. Even on ebay each item gets about £10. Instead, I borrowed the books from the library and soon realised the only book you need to do any of these tests is the Highway Code. The Highway Code costs £2.00 and is free online. I got 34 from 35 on the questions and 49 from 75 on Hazard perception. The Hazard Perception part is pants, it asks you to click when you see a hazard begin and click some more as it develops, thing is you spot the hazards but there is no guide as to how many clicks to do through out its development. I reckon this is why a lot of folks fail on the hazard perception part. That aside I passed the test. It was easy, I suppose after 15 years of driving it should be. One flick through the highway code and you're away.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Keep off the tracks

I thought the new Tyres deserved a mention, Bloody £60.00 they cost.... They are good though.


That's it, he's off. I told him there are animals on the common so off he goes to find em..

Look Dad, a Cow..

And another one..

Non there... no toilet either!

Bucklebury Common

Took the bike out today, managed to have a day off so put some miles down. My new Garmin is quite cool, a present from Michelle. I fixed my speedo as well. Going through the settings today I noticed I've done just under 500 miles on Number 2. Cool!.. I took some pics when I was out and about.

Woods, it's been yonks since I cycled in the woods. This is Bucklebury Copse it is restricted to the public... or at least the signs say that. The Map says its part of the common and the maps don't lie. ay?..

Hmmmm Mud. I took this picture after getting all excited about the mud... It is possible to have too much mud you know, further down the track it changed from bridleway to swamp. Time to push.

So which way now, good job I've got a map. That's it for today..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

What! No Pants?

Got caught out at the Hospital today. You need to remove all metal objects when you have the MRi scan, this includes buttons on your trousers. The doctor asked me to put on one of those gowns that fasten at the back. You know, the ones with the cloth ties to fasten them. She said "put that on, so the opening is at the front. You can leave on your underwear". What underwear I thought, I wasn't wearing any... After my embarrassment had passed I had a cunning plan to wear two gowns in opposite directions. When I walked into the MRI room the technician asked me to take off the second gown, he said with a big grin... "You can keep on your underwear"...
They all knew I wasn't wearing any.

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