Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 The End.

Where did it go? 2006 that is!
The year started pretty cold with plenty of visits to Cannock Chase with the bike. Started on No1 the Haro, and ended on No2 the Giant, the Giant came along the end of May before my birthday. After its arrival cycling took off big time, July did a sponsored ride around Staffordshire for the Diabetes foundation; later in the year did the Wolverhampton Marathon and the Three hills killer on the Isle of Wight. Countless visits to Baggeridge and Himley when I was practicing for the events. Through out the year have been to Cannock Chase, Wyre Forest, Clent Hills, local and loads of other places. Me and me mate Terry have clocked up a ruck of miles when maybe we could have been doing other really important things. This summer I visited my sister on the Island and guess what… cycled some more. Visited the cool café at the top of Culver Cliff, bacon sarnie and a cup of tea with a fast downhill to finish… Happy days.
The Three Hills Killer in September was Ace, travelled to the Island with Terry and stayed at my sisters place, before the event had a few beers and a look around Sandown, visited the Culver Café, need I say more it was a cool weekend. The event was quite good, there were a few killer hills to climb though :-). If all works out I will definitely be going back next year, it was good. Wolverhampton marathon I did on my own on No2, at the start of it I manged to keep up with the front runners for about 300m then realised the pace will kill me so had to slow down. Was good though, I enjoyed it, was good being cheered on by strangers around the course…. Looking back at the cycling this year I have been to so many places and seen so many things, I have had some laughs and good times; a little pain too, you know I do fall off quite regular. I think that’s enough about the cycling now, will be continued I'm sure.
Work this year has been quite strange the year started with all sorts of speculation about the future. Will we have a job or won’t we? Will the company merge or won’t it? Ade left to join the Cops, he’s now a Police Constable for the local force, well done dude. That left me, Mark and Terry at Wolverhampton, we carried on as normal until the merger when we were put at risk of redundancy. Mark as the senior kept his position and gained some more sites, Terry and I were made safe and kept our jobs but I left anyway. Took the job as senior in the Thames Valley and will be moving there early next year. This year work has changed quite a lot and will be changing more, our lot are going through a second round of redundancy right now, when I go back after my leave maybe I’ll be back at risk. Never mind change is good I suppose.
I have sold my house first to see will buy. Wehey, I had spent a few quid recently to finish off things around here and I made some of it back with the sale, at least that’s what I tell myself. We have found a house to move to in Thatcham, Berkshire; it needs a lot of work and some cleaning doing so that'll keep me busy for a while. When it’s finished it will be good, it has a garage for a motorbike..... Michelle! ;-)

Christmas this year was different with family staying here. My sister and her boys stayed over for a few days, we visited family and did the usual Christmas thing, eating too much and talking shite. Santa bought me new cycling gloves and trousers and a new Polar Buff, I like presents. Oh well that’s it for Christmas in the Midlands, next year we’ll be living in the South in our new home. Hopefully by then the house will be finished so I don’t spend Christmas painting. I think that’s it, new job, new house, new bike, cool.... 2006 has been great the weather has been brilliant and I have spent my time doing what I like with folks I like.
Dominik started secondary school and immediately pissed off his new year head, Ben moved up a year and had to get used to having his little brother running around school. Joshua finished nursery and moved into infants. They are all doing really well at school with grades and tests etc, hope it stays that way after the move. There is lots more it was a good a year and I had a good time but I'm stopping there. Hope 2007 is even betterer and things turn out ok.

Happy New Year, I'm off to the pub...

Just for Ha Ha's

Well I wrote it, so Michelle why waste it....
You Racist.
Oh yes maybe but in whose opinion? You bigoted bastard.
Here goes, tonight I have been deemed to be a racist, being called a racist is to me well who gives a shit? The statement made by me was this, ‘ In the south shop keepers are quite pleasant in comparison to those shop keepers in the north’. In the north some shop keepers fail to give you the old please and thank you’s. So far my experience of shopkeepers in the south is a hell of a lot different. Please and thank you are a plenty. You may find that shopkeepers are predominantly of Asian origin in the UK, I do, and it seems that wherever I go shopkeepers are Asian.
Let me make it quite clear now, I don’t give a flying shit but, state that fact to certain cluster fucks and they will try to stamp you down and call you a racist. By saying shopkeepers are mostly Asian and that in the South of England the same shopkeepers are more pleasant than the shopkeepers in the north, I am a racist. I was lead to believe that being racist was a crime, so why not just call me a crook, dumb fuck!
Let it be known that from this day forward, you point out a fact about our society then you are racist… here is an example. OK, a guy born in London says wabbit not rabbit; a guy born in Bangladesh says bindow not window. There you go this is racist, I cannot point out these differences because that would be racist toward the guy from Bangladesh and prejudice toward the guy from London in our integrated harmonious society. This allegedly is what’s right, I just don’t know, after three pints of beer and having a smile on your face you must be drunk and unable to hold a conversation, especially if you are right, you must be pissed. That’s what I’ve been told, I will talk to you tomorrow when you are not drunk, arrgh, arrogant bastard! It took two hours, I explained my view from every angle and explained how in my opinion I’m not racist and that they are just misguided. To say that Indian restaurants are mainly owned by Indians and Chinese by Chinese and Greek by Greeks is racist well what the fuck? That is being racist, did you know that being racist is in the eye of those that in their opinion feel that your comments could be construed and interpreted as racist, yes that’s right those that assume you are racist. If it’s that easy maybe I should assume that they did some crime, maybe the next one on crime watch, yeh it must be them because I assumed it.
The whole thing arose today from a simple observation I have made, because I can see this I am racist, I am told that the politically correct way is not to observe difference and only observe the integration of society, you know what I mean, you want to buy Indian sweets then go to Thornton’s, I don’t think so, do you? You buy Indian sweets from an Indian sweet shop.
I don’t know what to say now, I talk all the while to folks about differences between cultures in the UK, I know folks from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds but if I mention that they are different to me, a white british man then I am racist, because we all know Chinese curry tastes better than Indian. Don’t we?
Here in the Midlands I have a list of shops I call my Boycott list, If I visit the shop and the shopkeeper is not pleasant, by this I mean says hello or thank you then they get a place on the list and I won’t use them again. My list at home is quite long now because I know some ignorant shops. The shops in the South have so far managed to stay off the boycott list; I may even start a new list called the Wow that’s a good shop list. Because the shops here at home are mainly owned by folks of Asian origin and I have this boycott list of ignorant shopkeepers and I have noticed that the shops are mainly owned by folks of Asian origin I am by default a racist. So there you go… I’m out of here……
I understand this could be a can of worms in the right forum..... Whatever!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Some pictures of Baggeridge and Himley, cycled a route around the parks this Sunday. It was freezing. True to form I fell off..... twice.... no pain, just covered in mud. A guy asked if I was Ok, I thought no one had seen me, DOH! Took the pics today for the blog, so I can look back when I'm in the south. I have a lot of memories of the countless treks around here this year.

Baggeridge Country Park. Visitors Centre view from the football fields.

Bridge over the stream feeding Wishing Lake The Great Pool, Himley Park
Himley Hall, Front Entrance

Visitors centre. Nice bacon sandwich on a cold December morning.

Stream on the Left, and the Dare you to go down them steps on the right.

Entrance to Bag jumps. Shhhh it's a secret.

Pointless fence to make you get off your bike.

Bag Jumps. Don't know what that shadow is.

Grand National 2019