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Bert Panorama

Insider. At IOW festival.
Bert the VW camper.

Big Top Panorama

Band playing Black Cherries or something like that. Very loud and quite cool...

1st annual for in two years

What did I do with my first day of Annual leave ? Painted and prepped a van, worked hard all day then shopping. Not much of an holiday eh. Michelle's been giving me a hard time for not doing owt in the house. I started the day with the best of intentions but didn't get anywhere. I'm now knackered and aching but that doesn't make up for it - crap person. Shes in one of them 'I hate you, we need to divorce moods' now, I've seen it before many times. I'm just waiting now and biding my time for it all to begin, it won't be for a while. Maybe a few weeks but it's coming, I suppose I should do more to make up for being so poor and distracted.
Yeh, that's it I'll do more not sure what yet but more,,, all will be good.
Iow festival tomorrow in Bert the T3... He's ready I think, only time will tell just how ready... I'm off,, night night..... D is for Donnies. Translation - Hands.