Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Times are a changing

Today I said goodbye to one of my managers, he took the redundancy option. Everyone thought he was a dead cert for staying. That was six guys I know personally that have gone. This time changes at work are real and are going to be painful. An obvious temporary state until all disciplines merge and possible outsource comes.
I'll be staying a little while longer whilst I get things sorted for Sublime. The boss has asked to stay on - but doing the new role will be a second choice. I can see it being rock solid, even through an outsource maneuver. Thing is - if all it's goals are met quickly as planned, governance can always be removed without cost to operations.
We shall see... The meeting is Monday at the council to discuss support for the venture. If it's positive I'll begin to involve the community pillars - the guys who are doing good stuff already that is. Fortunately I know some of these guys and hope I can get them on side and give them an additional point to connect back to the community within my venture. If this is meant to happen like I truly believe it is, it will be great for all folks who make contact.
I upset one of the engineers today - finally said I thought a little more commitment would have helped his situation. He thinks I am getting personal so I've handed him over to discuss it with others above me. Never mind - hope it all works out for him.
He's at his Nans, things have got worse. The defiance of common sense rules that the rest of us live by has got out of hand. I'm not sure he's aware what he's doing. The ball is in his court now - he needs to make that call and ask to return. I'm not sure he will though, I'm not sure it's right sending him away from the issues either. Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's your vision?

'Where there is no vision, the people perish.' Proverbs 29:18
When problems arise, our vision is often the first thing to hit the chopping block. That's because we don't see life the way it is, we see life the way we are. The Bible says: 'Where there is no vision the people perish' [live unharnessed and undirected]. When God gives you a vision for your life, you begin to see things as He sees them. Moses 'saw' the Promised Land when everybody around him saw only wilderness, wanted to give up and return to Egypt (See Hebrews 11:27). And He understood that he'd get there on God's schedule, according to God's plan, one step at a time. Many tasks seem overwhelming when you look only at their size. But when you break them down into small steps and visualise yourself taking the first step, you're amazed at your progress. You can do something for a day you wouldn't commit to doing for a month; ask any recovering addict! One Christian leader says: 'Vision, like courage and discipline, is a trait that can be developed by anyone willing to work hard at making it part of their every day life.' The poet wrote: 'Two men looked through prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars.' What do you 'see' in your future? Do you think God's just going to drop success into your lap? No, you must energise your vision through faith and give it momentum through hard work! The Scripture, 'We have the mind of Christ' (1 Corinthians 2:16), suggests that God thinks His thoughts through us. What an advantage! Jesus told His disciples, 'Launch out into the deep' (Luke 5:4); as God's child, the world's limitations don't control your supply! So, what's your vision?"

I nearly cried

After looking around at suitable locations for Sublime I thought I had found the one. That was until Friday when the council boys said no to a change of use. That was it - it was over for Thatcham, time to look on the Island. Something wasn't right about that though, it's just not time yet, that will come soon enough. The idea is playing on mind all the time and on Sunday it was making me feel really low. I suppose I was feeling sorry for myself, I have learned you get nowhere by worrying though, the birds of air do not go without. I decided to not give up and to talk to the local town Vision guys.
All day on Monday I was putting off calling them through fear they would tell me to go away. I've not told anyone about some of the conversations I have had with people, when I've told folks what I want to do, it's welcomed as a good idea and then I'm reminded how someone else had that idea and it didn't get anywhere. I've found sharing the thought is usually greeted with a smile and a look of someone just smiling to humour me. It's beginning to make me close down and not share where this is going. For me it really is life changing. I've been there before! The highs and the lows.
Back to it... Monday I was putting off calling the council all day, a colleague called me to change some resource for him. Instead of logging on at home I drove to Reading to fill up my time avoiding the call. After changing the spread sheet(about 20 seconds) I made a coffee for all the guys and spent some time chatting. I finally decided to make the call. I made some notes before I called to outline exactly what Sublime is. Instead of saying the usual stuff (that gets the looks) I changed it slightly. Prepared the way by asking if I could run an idea that needs supporting through planning at West Berks.
An ethical business - A coffee shop, modern and comfortable, a place to meet. Has comfy chairs with large screen TV and consoles, four or five computer systems to be an Internet cafe. Retail section of Fair Trade goods, food and other items. In the daytime it will operate as a business supplying gourmet coffee to the residents and business's in and around town, food too. It will be a cool coffee shop for all. Food, drink and retail to make it's living... Evenings - a place, a venue for people to meet... young people, give them somewhere to use away from the streets. I'm not talking youth club but coffee shop. Internet - free, TV' and consoles - free, a place to be - free.
That was it! Sold. They're really behind it. I nearly cried. Really...
... I was so pleased, finally the enthusiasm I've been looking for. I have a meet arranged to go over the idea in a week and from there, planning! It's still a long way off but I no longer feel I'm the only human outside my family that thinks it will work. I keep this in my prayers, hope I don't drive God mad it's usually at the beginning, the end and in the middle.

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