Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Day One Entry: 9 Apr 2014

Waiting in the airport for our flight. We're very early, the car is returned and bags are checked. Goodbye Austria.
Had a great time with the family, seen lots and done enough to keep us happy. I think we'll have fond memories of Austria, the mountains and the places.
Hills are alive with the sound of music and all that.
Woke today feeling crook, my heart is not right and I'm not in a good place. When I get back to Berkshire it may be time to get to the Hospital.
Driving here I felt really strange, dizzy sick, chest palpitations, and a feeling of my heart bouncing. It's not right, it needs some attention fairly quickly I think. I asked God to get me home with the family, we, they don't need any hassle with me going down in another country.
Lord thank you for our holiday and time away. Thank you for my family, thank you for the food, the weather and great experience. In Jesus name.
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Fürstenweg, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

Day One Entry: 8 Apr 2014

Last full day spent chilling out with Joshua and Wifey. Took a short drive up the mountain then returned back to Imst. Had tea on our last night at a restaurant called Oilers. An American themed restaurant, you enter through a Winnebago into the bar area. This place is quite cool, there are propellers from planes and pistons as light fittings, cock pot controls and all sorts. It's American diner done well. Josh and I both had steak, very nice it was too .
Austria has been good to us during our visit. A peaceful place with lovely people. I hope to return to do some mountain biking at some point and a run down the Imst coaster.
Happy days, last day tomorrow and home, I feel the hospital calling.
47.2438° N, 10.7238° E

Day One Entry: 7 Apr 2014

A great day up here on the hill. JB found a stick and got told off by a German saying its for his dog :-) derr its a stick! That aside though I've enjoyed a the day with Wifey and Joshua, saw some of the zoo and a lot of the mountain. Great time in Austria … Very chilled with no pressure added by any of us …
47.2437° N, 10.7238° E

Day One Entry: 7 Apr 2014

Innsbruck. Trip up the mountain on the cable car. Some good views from here, I'll post a few ..
47.3022° N, 11.3791° E

Day One Entry: 6 Apr 2014

Let me introduce Dave .. My Alpine specimen. He'll grow to be a big lad I'm sure :-)
15° Mostly Cloudy
Hoch-Imst 16, Hochimst, Tyrol, Austria

Day One Entry: 6 Apr 2014

Sunday.. Swimming at Austria water park, JB had a try of the only double loop water slide in the world. I didn't have a go on it though, shame really. My heart rate is way too high, needs some attention when I get back to Britain. The slightest amount of exercise makes my heart beat rapid and gives me a feeling of real fatigue. Great day though, a lazy start then the drive to the pool, time for a beer now I'm back at the apartment. Chill time whilst overlooking the mountains …

Day One Entry: 5 Apr 2014

Walk after tea down the mountain to the ravine … JB worried I'd throw him in, can't think why that would be :-)
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Pfadfinderhütte, Imst, Stadt, Tyrol, Austria

Day One Entry: 5 Apr 2014

Salzberg old town and Market area. Think the word would be cosmopolitan, rich foods and coffee shops. Red Bull shop, gives you wings, or at least your money seems to fly if you shop in there. The towns clean and very beautiful, the architecture is well thought out and the the place is maintained to the highest standard.
Apart from all that, the food.. The food, cheeses and smoked meat. Nice :-)
Saw the Cathedral and what an amazing place that is, I always end up asking myself questions though.
Jesus was a man who had nothing and travelled with nothing because he knew his father would provide for him. When he healed the sick and took care of the poor did he envision these buildings built in his memory filled with splendour that cost so much in time and money to maintain? Or did he see the good news as not needing any of this?
There was an effigy hanging today of the crucified Jesus inside the Cathedral. If you imagine the tomb he lay in when dead, a cave carved from the rock. That place couldn't be further from this, should an image of the dead Jesus be within? Or the risen Jesus ascending to Heaven. Or… Are these places of splendour what Gods house is where Jesus reserves a seat for us. Oh the wonder of faith… Austria is Catholic and faith here is practiced and shared by all. Water in the street usually unsure a statue of a saint. Great :-) God Bless
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Universitätsplatz 9–17, Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Day One Entry: 5 Apr 2014

Stopped in Salzburg last night in a very, we'll err old looking seventies place. Had Chinese food for tea and visited the shopping centre. JBs happy he got his headphones for his XBox. Enjoying seeing Austria. Today is the day to go see the old city and get a souvenir Photo… Hotel Lilien…
7° Mostly Sunny
Einödweg 9, Kaprun, Salzburg, Austria

Day One Entry: 4 Apr 2014

Alpine Coaster Done! Kaprun mountain coaster. Maisflitzer, think Joshua is addicted. Quite easy though it's great fun ..
47.2742° N, 12.7569° E

Friday, April 04, 2014

Happy Birthday: 4 Apr 2014

Happy Birthday Joshua. He woke up thirteen years old, he's having a shower for his Birthday. There's a first for everything I suppose. I'm off to Kaprun today near Salzberg, going to find the mountain coaster.
Happy days .
7° Mostly Cloudy
Hoch-Imst 22–24, Hochimst, Tyrol, Austria

Down the mountain 3 Apr 2014

A short walk down the mountain. Found this stream taking the water from the glacier. Tried a taste and must say it's very nice.
One problem on having is my heart, it's really good. Too fast, palpitations, breathless you name it, my symptoms are as always, fatigue with all of the above.
Time to go cook tea. Bratwurst and Pasta followed by Orange Chocolate cake.
16° Mostly Cloudy
Pfadfinderhütte, Imst, Stadt, Tyrol, Austria

Day Two - Lazy Day: 3 Apr 2014

Day 2. Lazy day, breakfast and chillin watching you tube. Of course TV is in German.
Visit to town under way ..
Found a small cafe for a cheap lunch, told JB we're not going McDonald's.. Just burger but finding the language barrier a little annoying. Not the locals but my own ignorance. Feel disappointed in myself that I know no German. Got a couple of translators on my phone so will use them to help eh!
I'm gonna learn a language I think. When I'm home, may learn some German.
Spot more shopping done too. It's still legal to smoke pretty much everywhere in Austria. There are smoking shops to buy your cigarettes and you can have a smoke whilst in there too. Nice little village we've just been too, it's very quiet down there. You can buy those traditional shorts the wood choppers wear. I was thinking I may buy some, leather shorts may be a good look for me. JB is in an almighty mood with me again. He's always got some sort of problem with me lately. Doesn't like being told what to do, then plays the victim. Never mind it'll go one of two ways ..
17° Mostly Sunny
Hoch-Imst 16, Hochimst, Tyrol, Austria

Day One Entry: 2 Apr 2014

So day one. Sat had a beer and had some sleep. Woke up briefly to watch home alone with Joshua, he can't get any proper TV. Out and about tomorrow, go and see where we are, a town called Imst. The coaster we came for is closed, but we've found one in Salzberg to try later in the week. Looking forward to that, there's swimming and touring to do too.
Saw a restaurant called oilers on the way here on the B171, some American themed place. Will give that a try too :-) Toll roads on the journey I avoided with TomTom. Will use those I think for a faster journey tomorrow. First impressions though, very nice. I like Austria, it's a beautiful country. Let's if my thoughts change through the week. God is here too, you can see him in the landscape and can hear him in the silence … It's dark now, so very dark and quiet, not had silence like this for such long time .
Feeling happy, God Bless.
47.2206° N, 11.1154° E

Apartment 2 Apr 2014

Arrived at the Apartment, very nice I must say. Just cooking a pizza and having some bread and cooked meat. All foreign of course…
The view from the apartment is in the picture, as you'll see very nice.
The drive up the mountain was very cool couldn't get out of second gear. Gotta say though, I don't like or enjoy driving on the wrong side, it's just not what I'm used to. Time to sit now with a beer and enjoy the view.
Some sleep to catch up on now!
47.2992° N, 10.1119° E

We're here. Austria! 2 Apr 2014

 Passport control then get the car.
47.2577° N, 11.3502° E

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Day One Entry: 1 Apr 2014

Arrived at the Travel Lodge, nearly ready for sleeps then the trip to Austria tomorrow. Just learned that data is 45p per meg. Wow expensive :-/.. Wine o clock, JB about to sleep, early start tomorrow then flight. First time abroad with the wife and kiddy in over 10 years … I'll try to check in but no promises … Looking forward to the the drive on the wrong side of the road, not!
10° Mostly Clear
Perimeter Road North, Horley, England, United Kingdom

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